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Author has written 6 stories for Advance Wars, Pokémon, Rival Schools, Digimon, Street Fighter, and League of Legends.

Guy from Texas that likes video games and anime, nothing more nothing less.

Now a College Student of the University of Texas in Arlington.

I personally like couples that deal with my favorite character that probably has no chance of happening because that just how the series is, For example:

Naruto: I'm kinda getting tired of this series and i hope the guy ends it soon.

Shino/Hinata: I've been actually reading this for a few years, probably since... 2004 but now people don't write them anymore; speaking of that...

Lee/Tenten: Yea, the most chinese looking ninjas. I enjoy reading this one, actually my favorite out of all, but my favorite character is the one above (I.E. Shino)

Iruka/Anko: Now actually I read FOUR good ones to make me like this couple EVEN THOUGH it will never happen because they have never met; which makes it fun to write and read i guess.

Naruto/Sakura: Yea i like it, don't blame me. I've the type of guy that believes the MAIN guy gets the girl he wants.

One Piece: I hope this one goes forever unlike Naruto.

Luffy/Nami: Now this is actually quite blurry, it's kinda showing hints, but meh. I support this one definitely.

Franky/Robin: Dunno, Franky is pure awesomeness and this couple takes the cake, there is two out there you SHOULD read, they're quite impressive. This is a change of pace of what i read before since most of the things i read are dealt with teenagers. Both are adults so it's an interesting interaction between them.

Zoro/Tashigi: This one is good. Speaking of Tashigi, I hope in the series i hope the guy does like some kinda twist where Tashigi is Kuina or some crap like that. Cause that would be hilarious and awesome cause i guessed right.

Digimon: The FIRST series i read fanfiction for.

Tai/Sora: THE FIRST couple i read for fanfiction, I felt cheated when Sora went for Matt. So that thing kinda spoiled reading the couple for me, but i'll read one every now and then.

Takato/Rika: Yea i like this one, the contrast of personalites makes it fun to read. I still read it too.

Takuya/Zoey: I just support it. I found a couple of good ones, but along with those good ones there's an interesting one shot AU fic in this category.


MALE REGION HERO/ FEMALE REGION HEROINE (includes ranger games): The thing about these couples is because you are technically making your own character. Because these characters do not have a personality, you can make your own (or borrowing the personality from the anime if your lazy (the girls and 'Jimmy'); you are just borrowing the looks and maybe names (some people don't use the "game" names) and maybe the plot of the story. In the first two games there were no female character but that changed cause of Crystal, but i didn't like the idea until Pearl and Diamond came out.

There's also certain Gym member couples that i like but i'm too lazy... wait...

Brawly/Roxanne: I blame the manga...

Roark/Gardina: I've read a couple of em and i like em, hands down.

Falkner/Janine: I blame the manga...

That's me and my thinking.

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