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April 25, 2015

Popped out of hiatus long enough to respond to some messages. Apparently I am compelled to attempt writing when I have reached my maximum stress level. To be honest, it's a form of procrastination, and I do so engage in dirty, sordid, naughty procrastination. I've never had any clean-cut, motive-less, innocent procrastination sans guilt, shame, and self-deprecation. Have you?

As always, I am forever grateful to hear from my readers. THANK YOU!

For my anonymous guests...

"Stasis" Guest: So sorry about the cliffhanger! I will... one day endeavor to finish this story. D: I hate to say it, but "Stasis" is a little like pulling teeth.

DarkBlaziken: I'm happy to hear from a fellow chemistry-inspired fan. :)

Pikachu: You're so sweet. Now if only someone in this fandom could extend on that desk scene. :P

"Sword Innuendos" Guest: Only 42 times? Not as bad as I thought. ;)

If you have an account, I PM'd you.

Insert hearts here. Less Than 3-3-3. ;P

December 19, 2014

Unexpected drabble! For lovely artist moeouji.

Work(s) In Progress

11/23/14: Hiatus? Hiatus.

Author Info

Hello everyone. Call me Swords. Thank you for reading and visiting my profile. Feel free to contact me through reviewing or PMing. Ask me questions, submit requests, share headcanons, etc. I absolutely love hearing from readers.

This account is strictly limited to Ike/Marth (IkeMarth, IkexMarth, Aimaru, Mike, etc.) yaoi fanfiction. Be forewarned of my extremely experimental and unbeta'd writing rife with homosexuality, cursing, and adult themes. I work in alternate universes (AUs) and focus on realism smothered in either fluffy whipped cream or melted 80% dark chocolate.

I tend to write in character-specific third-person point-of-view (POV). In other words, "he," "his," or "him" will refer to only one character 99% of the time.

POV Guide

Ike-specific: Stasis, SI: Residual, SI: Knight, Used To Be, SI: Covet, SI: Vices, Fermata

Marth-specific: Deviation, Less Than 0.05, SI: Transfer, SI: Iota-24, Cycles, Ambient, SI: Senescence, SI: Trump Card

Roy-specific: Sword Innuendos

Generic or Alternating: Mechanism, SI: Wiped, Neighborhood Watch, Cheat Code, SI: Melody, Möbius Strip

Trivia (by completion date)


  • The first IkeMarth fic on FFnet in the Romance genre when Brawl was introduced in the U.S. in March 2008.
  • "Less Than 0.05"

  • "0.05" or "Five Percent" refers to the p-value of an experiment, which deals with statistical significance.
  • "Used To Be"

  • NOT a death!fic.
  • "Neighborhood Watch"

  • Contains every playable character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl with a cameo from Super Smash Bros. Melee's Roy.
  • "Cheat Code"

  • The only piece on this account set in canon and Winner of All Badfic Awards.
  • "Mobius Strip"

  • 16 AUs from June 10, 2008 to June 10, 2014 in the order of publication date
  • 1. Mechanism/Deviation; 2. Stasis; 3. Less Than 0.05; 4. Transfer; 5. Residual; 6. Iota-24; 7. Knight; 8. Wiped; 9. Cycles; 10. Sword Innuendos; 11. Used To Be; 12. Neighborhood Watch; 13. Ambient; 14. Melody; 15. Senescence; 16. Covet.
  • Then repeated with different POV.
  • "Stasis"

  • Originally titled "Momentum" before I realized I somehow developed Ike to have none in this fic. Oops.
  • "And lastly, no, I did not give him my virginity in exchange for groceries." (Chapter 5) is an allusion to "Mechanism" (Chapter 3).
  • "Ambient"

  • The only piece written in present-tense.
  • Chapter 1 was written with Ike in mind but after deliberation, Ike does not actually appear until Chapter 3.
  • "Speculative Impromptu"

  • Iota-24
  • πρινσ" are the Greek letters that sound out "Prince," which is a nod to Marth's Fire Emblem background, character type and personality, and Machiavellie's "The Prince."

    "πρινσ" also stands for Marth's tabula rasa code: Category-(ι), Sub-category-(a permutation of πρνσ), of which there are 24 possibilities.

  • Wiped
  • Bold-type formatting is Marth's original dialogue from his fight with Ike before his mind was re-written.

    In addition to depicting Ike's thoughts, italicized-type formatting infers the parameters Ike had set for Marth's altered brain map.

    The quotes preceding each section are matched so to demonstrate the efficacy of the thought-reform technology, which could bring about complete 180-degree changes in identity.

  • Trump Card
  • Roles: Marth (King of Swords), Zelda (Queen of Swords), Roy (Jack of Swords), Link (Ace of Swords), Peach (Queen of Coins), Ike (ex-Joker, ex-Ace of Clubs), and Pit is an archer of Swords.

    Related Fanart (for which I will forever be grateful because I cannot draw. At all. THANK YOU.)


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  • mechanism (ike x marth) by moeouji
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  • neighbourhood watch by hassoutobi
  • "SI: Covet"

  • protect (ike x marth) by moeouji
  • "SI: Trump Card"

  • Request: Trump Card by WingsoftheNightSky
  • "SI: Vices"

  • Vices by moeouji
  • Miscellaneous

  • request - ssbbswords by moeouji
  • this happens every morning by StarlitHorizons

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    SSBBSwords on deviantART

  • Sans personal art, unless I accidentally get knocked in the head, get a touch of amnesia, and forget I can't draw.
  • IkeMarth artists, contact me if convenient. If inconvenient, contact me anyway. ;P
  • "Canon in E Major" 01 - Prelude
  • "Canon in E Major" 02 - Six
  • "Canon in E Major" 03 - Up Tilt
  • "Canon in E Major" 04 - Dreams
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