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Author has written 10 stories for Twilight, and Harry Potter.

"Acta deos numquam mortalia fallunt/Mortal Actions never deceive the Gods" - Latin Proverb

I'm sorry I haven't been here a while. My laptop with most of my work on my stories died, and I pretty much lost everything that I was working on... especially when it came to Bound By (I had like two chapters ready to be posted and were written up that only needed to be proof-read, altered, checked for holes in the narrative etcetc) and when I lost it, I lost my motivation... but I think about it every day, how I can rewrite it and how much youse probably want to read it, and so I'm slowly getting back at it, trying to remember (or failing that, going in a different direction) and hopefully by the New Year, I'll have some new material to post.

Lots of love, xo

Hi, I'm Becky. I'm 21 and from the UK.

I love: Harry Potter, Greek Mythology and writing and combining the three, haha. Smash, vintage movies stars and musicals are some of my other loves.

I think one day, I will be a writer.

Or something...

I add a verse from a poem before each chapter, hopefully setting the scene. I sometimes use a verse as inspiration for a chapter, or select a verse from a poem that summarises slightly the chapter, or a verse that reflects the mood.

Bright Star openers come from the works of Anne Sexton.

Bound By Garlands of Her Own openers come from the works of Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Other stories:

Almost Lover: As much as I have considered possibly writing a sequel - so many times, if I may add - because of the response I got from the ending, I have to conclude that, it was always going to happen and it is how it is. Sorry :(.

Edward Cullen and the iPod Shuffle Quiz: Staying a threeshot. It was a bit of fun to write to begin with, but I am not working on any other update so far.

I Pretend to Care, He Pretends He Loves Me: I am overwhelmed, daily, about the response this story got. I'm not planning a "sequel", but I'm drafting/planning/thinking of a story that takes the same sort of morals, ideas etc. This story was more 'John Tucker Must Die' than 'Hannah Montana', although it seemed that way. This story, I think taught me to write the way I, kind of, do now.

It Didn't Work: Oneshot for "The Perfect Girl?", inspired by the Manga.

Let Me Say Goodbye: I have always been annoyed at how Bella just... switched off, after Edward leaves, so I wanted a strong!Bella, that gets over Edward and takes control of her own life. Personally, this was also written at a time of my life where I had been with someone for a similar amount of time, so it was a personal closure to write it. It's probably one of the stories I have written on here that resonates with me, still, because it is so personal, so I'm glad people liked it.

Look! It's Hot Naked Guy: Inspired by FRIENDS' "ugly, naked guy". Also, I totally get the obsession with people who live across you, and wondering about them, so you know... why not write about it? Unfortunately, no sequel/updates, although it would be interesting how Bella/Edward would have a relationship from that point afterwards... but that isn't my story to tell.

The Perfect Girl: I remember walking up at 6am in the morning after sleeping at 1am to write this. So much effort. Such naivete. This is one of the stories I cannot read myself (how do people read this) and I don't know about where, where I actually get good at this writing malarkey. Based on the Manga "Perfect Girl Evolution", which was my favourite manga at the time, it basically consumed all my teenage years.

When Siri Reads Out Your Texts: About the perils of an iPhone. I have one, and there are probably 70 functions I haven't figured out yet, and I've had it for years. (I've had my laptop longer and it still manages to foil me sometimes). I realised I hadn't written something "funny" and, when I write serious stuff (at the time I was writing Hunted), I really needed a break, and I decided to write something funny/amusing. Although, not amusing for Edward, I suppose.

Fractured/Hunted: These two fanfics were my babies, I swear, and I really regretfully took them down, because the idea for Bright Star came into my head and I thought - why not incorporate these two stories together? Although, considering I'm covering CoS after an extended period of time, and it may be a while for HBP/DH-era for fluff and stuff, it will help. Plus, I quite disliked my writing style and the "holes" in my stories, so I decided to revamp - so people who liked these stories, please give Bright Star/Bound by Garlands of Her Own a try.

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