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Hi peeps! I would like to say that this account is run by no more than three twilight/ maximum ride fanatics! BUAHAHA! Anyway! Tori the sped is in normal print in the bio, I, Ellie, am the bold and Sydney, you can have the underlined.

Name: hmm that is a hard question well my name is Tori yes that is my name im freaklisely tall terrible speller grammer and computer challenged you betcha and then there is Ellie the spaztic one - don't give her energy drinks this is my wraning you mean warning, dipstick.- and Sydney the medical dictionary - she read the WHOLE beeb.in medical dictionary in 3 grade - she is also like super smart and good at grammer... we all use the same account so yea and i like putting these - things around me words so u will be able to tell who wrote what :)

Hmm wat else should i talk about...: lets see where all freaklishly in love with the smexy Edward from twilight and Fang AWWW Smexy!! yes we spell it like that and say it like that. That is the new way to say sexy and me and Ellie are two on the few people that can swear at the top of there lungs and not care who heard us. Oh Yea!!

Oh yeah! We rock! We also sing shitty songs at the top of our lungs on the bus w/ the volume so high we can't hear ourselves! Needless to say, people on our bus kinda hate us. I wonder why sometimes! LOL!

What kind of things we can do?: well i can make a Awesome guitar solo from into the night by chad crogger and Santana with sonds from my mouth of ya. Sid is Smart and it is impossible for her to swear or lie its so weird. then there is Ellies i have nothing really to say about her u can't really explane she is just werid like meh. uh i think im going to let either Ellie or sid take over and fix everything so Bye my peeps :)

Her guitar solo actually sux! Believe me hey sorry but my guitar solo Rules!!, I should know. I have to endure it on the bus every single day! Feel for me!

What do we look like?: - its me again Tori! :) - well im TALL standing at 5 foot 9. i have dark midnight hair strait - im getting dark PURPLE highlights - i have tan skin and i love black and dark purple nail polish!! and meh have brown-greenish eyes - i wish i had dark purple... do u think contacts would work? - Sid is a Blondy - definitely not a dumb one - i have no idea how tall she is but compared to me she is short - everyone is short compared to me tho - and i have no idea what color eyes she has but she is a skinny binny. then there is Ellies she has brownish hair that look totally like i wig does not!!- does too - she is tall - cough short cough I'm average (5' 5") not jolly green giant sized like some! (cough Tori cough) im am not a giant!! i just seem like it- she has green eyes i know that oh yea and me and Ellies despise girls clothes - sometimes for me not her u will never her see her in girls clothes see i wear skinny jeans and tight black shirts or T-shirts tied in the back this a rubber band that are black - ( oh yea im kinda goth kinda and JOE IM NOT EMO!! ) Hey i'm actually not very goth anymore i'm kind of prepy it's weird i mean like all the hot guys in this school have like asked me out and stuff :D

LOL! Tori and Joe sittin in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!! First comes love. Then comes marriage, then comes Sydney in the baby carriage!! ... Ellie i am going to hurt u now... Notice how she doesn't deny it! LOL! -.- Joe, if you're reading this ASK TORI OUT and of course videotape the response! i actually woudn't mind that but u might need to fight Chris and Jermey... alot of guys like me.

What do we like?: well im totally underly in love with the color black and dark purple and i like Edward and Phil Collins and Paramore and Metro station and Santana and the Beatles. Sydney likes Swimming- no joke- and reading and doing Homework - i think( i'm not so sure about the homework part) - and Ellie is in love with house the TV show HouseMD i think its called yea she will fix that um and we all love reading yup reading reading reading reading reading reading reading reading reading - copy paste thing button is coolio - reading reading reading reading reading ok im done well they have more to fix yea fixing time!

P.S. Maximum Ride rox!! Luv u Iggy, Fang and Max!!And yes, I do worship House MD!! Season's over till September 16!! WAAAAHHHHH! I agree!

P.P.S. I, Ellie, have my own account here on fanfiction. If you want to see it and read my other fanfics, copy and paste the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/~thaliastree13 My bio rocks! If you want to drop ME a line, go there. LUV YA!!

oh yea i read Maximum ride before her so i should be the one saying it rocks!! i told her to read it all me me MEEEEEEEEEEE and my guitar solo RULES rule rules!! and thats it bye bye my peoples!! Your. Guitar. Solo. Sucks. Ass. Tonedeaf much? LOL! JK! It's just that the volume is so loud she can't hear herself. Feel bad for me.

what should sydney talk about??: where going to get a swimming lesson YEAH!! - and don't u spell yea yea not yeah - Well hi! As I'm typing this we're about to go swimming in Tori's pool. I was the one who suggested it- (it goes to show my obsession) its Heated:) Nice, Tor-tor! I love to write- spelling is a different matterShe couldn''t spell her way out of a paper bag!, But Tori's waaaaaaay worse. She spelled fucking wrong! How the hell do you even do that?! , but I always fix Tori's grammer (Oh, gods). I am writing a book about Cici Athedon. And I'm her editor! Feel. Bad. For. Me. Hey, I'm not that bad! I have to edit Tori's stuff too! Just look at her story "The day i thought would never come". EVEN THE TITLE IS WRONG! CAPATALIZE YOUR FRIGGIN LETTERS WOMAN!! "i"? COME ON! She posted it before I could work my magic! Tisk tisk... hey I fixed thatshe is writing a beebing book y'all a BOOK a full felg book a BOOK with pages and words and more words in collaged ruled paper ( and dont ask her why she says "Oh, Gods" just don't ask ) I'll answer for you! My book is about the Greek Gods, so well, you get it! I think you meant full fledged Tori? Not full fleg. Smooth.

ok hi my peeps im REALLY tired but i kinda want to stay and write stuff and yat-t-yata so yea there is this button at the bottom of are story's that says "Go" and then there is a tab thing-a-magerger that will say "review" yea push that please because you know i can say anything like " good story tori - witch rhymes by the way -" or "write on" or "that was really bad you're terrible" -.- or "can i have a cookie?" or "Pink Plastic Rainbows!!" or "I'm really bored and tried so my writing stuff so me reviewers will write me a review at 9:50 PM" or "yea" ok im tried and Elton John Rocks!! I'm tried? I think you mean "tired" dur da dur! What ev i was tired!!

Elton John? Well... that was random!! BTW, Elvis SUX! Sorry. I just had to get that out. And also, on top of that, I HATE the song before he cheats!! Carrie. Underwood. SUCKS!! Even though Sydney made sing that in her evil fanfic. That's all. Ellie out. It's really fun to annoy Ellie.

don't give me Pretzels or cheeze even tho it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good...

Hey guys guess where i am CALI!! ya ok and Ellie is a camp feel bad for her but i finally found internet access i know I'm So good ok I'll ttyl my peeps Tori Out.

hah i just riped off Ellie...

Hey guy's i know we havn't Done anything in a awhile... Well i think Sydney and Ellie diserteded me :( yea so i might carry on Sydneys story oh and BTW MAX WOULD NOT SING THAT!? me and Ellie got PISSED at her yea... yea i'm back home Home sweet home. actually it smells like paint and paint is not sweet so nevermind! (my dad is repainting the bath room don't even GET me started on the smell it's like... it's just terrible there is so much of it too the ppl's that where here before like but on 20 layers of paint it's was EVILL!! oh yea peeps i'm writng a story and Ellie and everyone is helping me and all that jazz i might put it on fiction press IF i can find it. there is a big IF OMG i hate this italices thing It's EVIL!! Ah! i think Ellie diserteded me on AIM... this is bad... hmm well i gtg find her maybe i'll go knock on her door... HMMMMMM that would be a good knock knock joke... :) omg justice legde is on!! AH!! (jk) yea Tori OUTS!

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