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Dragon Ball Z Fics are undergoing major changes

I have started doing One piece storys as well. With Tashigi and Zoro...or course they are romance...I'm definitely a die hard romance fan. I hope any of my fans of Dragon Ball Z may like One Piece and get a kick out of my new work ' Catch me if you can'

I rate almost all my storys with the highest rating M because I dont like being held back by boundaries. So even if the story isnt fully horrible it will still have a high rating...which will suit them all anyways because of the lemons in alot of the storys.

AIM screen name: ssjiceis33 (i love talking to people!)

Reason for not writing lately: Had a baby!!

Iceis Marie, Born: June 30th, 2008

~~~~~~~~~~~~~About me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mood: Excited

Anime/Manga i love:
1.) DBZ! (gt included)
2.) Case closed
3.) Trigun
4.) Witch Hunter Robin
5.) Lupin the 3rd
6.) Blue Gender
7.) Gundam Wing (The orginal with Heero, quatra, Wolfa, duo and trowa sigh hottie)
8.)Cowboy bebop
9.)His and her Circumstances
12.)Yu Yu hakusho
13.)Devil Hunter Yoko
14.) St. Tail
16.)Sailor Moon
19.)Fruits baskets.
20.)Paradise Kiss
21.) Kill Me Kiss Me
23.)Hunter x Hunter
26.) Real bout high school
28.) Angel Densetsu
30.) Full Metal Alchemest
31.)One Piece
32.)Cheeky Angel
34.)Minta na Bokura
35.)Juvenile Orion
36.)Fushigi Yugi
37.)Pet shop of horrors
38.)Hana Yuri Dango
39.)Hana Kimi
40.)Shou Tajima- Brothers
41.) Ayashi No Ceres

Bulma and Vegeta:

Ive been in love with them as a couple since 5th grade (11 years old and im now 19). Its kinda funny cause i used to hate Bulma but now i dont understand why...maybe becasue i wanted vegeta lol. Its insane how long ive loved them and still do. Maybe its the mysterie of how they got together. Or just becasue they have the oddist personallity match. I think we love it because the idea of a tormented hardened soul falling in love with a earthling girl like us. When ever i see a picture of them i go nuts! Forever and always they will be the inspiration for my writing! All my storys end up based off of them. Even my originals. Im happy they have become such a big thing to alot of us especially here at!

Favorite couples: (because alot of other people do this)
3.)Jimmy kudo and Rachel (Case closed)
4.)Arima and miya (His and Her Circumstances)
5.)Vash/Cant spell her name lol. meryll? (Trigun)
6.) wolfward/millie (Trigun)
7.)Kagome and Inuyasha
9.) Tohru/Yuki

Name: Angela St. Jean
Age: 21
Height: 5'5
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue(i feel like im filling out a add for dating lol )
Religon: Protestant. Though i do suffer from a sin called lust when reading and writing working on it...
Location: Ohio

Talents: Marching band Percussion (cymbols),twirling (batons,fire batons, streamers, flags, rifles),writing,Drawing(as good as i can,not really a talent)

Husband: Craig! (6 years together, 1 year married)

Dreams: To become a huge writer for God and write books that inspire people. Be a video game artist or programer (write story lines for video game RPGs) Be a voice actor for anime.

I've been using this site since my freshman year. Then I got a pen name in January 2002. Now im out of school so that was a long time ago to me lol. Im not sure when exactly i posted my first story (the story that couldent be explained (now called the unforgivin story))but it was maybe a few months after I made a screen name. Since then writing has became a HUGE part of my life and i wouldent give it up for the world!

From 2005:

"My pen name: Iceis is a name i made up when i was little and i used to have a imaginary friend names iceis. I realsied later there was a godess nameed Isis pronounced the same as iceis. As i got older i started using this as a name i always wanted to be called. Then i realised it kinda sounded saiyan like...without the whole vegetable thing lol. Now i know the name im going to used for my future as a writer is 'Iceis Kohut' (Look me up sometime in the future lol) Also i'm naming my first daughter 'Iceis Marie'"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Status things~~~~~~~~~~

How many people love me!(fav author thingy):60

People that have me on there author alert list:61

Story im working on right now:The linging Song

Status of story im working on: Under constuction

Chapters i get out weekly: sigh

Storys i read and review weekly: lately none...trying to get back into that.

Storys ive had deleted off my account or because said so: 4

'Whose line is it anyways? dbz style'(started getting tedious)

'Crytal tears'(stupid plot line)

'Reviews from fans' (FF.netmade me delete it cause it had a annoucement about the new dragon ball z movie in it.)

'Impossible Futures'(Everyone HATED it)

~~~~~~~~~~~~Ideas for new storys~~~~~~~~~~~~

K everyone the storys been chosen.

1.)Everlasting Forevers-(M)-Bulma is a Demi-Saiyan(Half Saiyan/half saiyan Dragon godess) on the sacred side of Vegeta-sei. Vegeta is a teenager waiting to become king. Bulma get banished from the sacred side because of her 'broken title' What could this mean for the Famous couple.
(Romance/Action Adventure)

2.)When underworlds freeze over-(M)- Bulma is a princess on earth and Vegeta is a saiyan slave brought to her as a gift from freiza. (Vegeta has a chip in his head that stops him from being stonger then human.) What could Freiza have planned from this. Will Bulma except the'gift'?

3.)Bad Boys-(M)- Goku and Vegeta are part of the swat team and partners on all cases. Bulma's married to a top producer of Kocaine (sp?), but shes completly oblivious to it.She becomes and pawn in the twisted little game.

4.) Roshi's Angels -(M)- Bulma, Chichi and 18 are Angels who save the world. (Like 'Charlies Angels')Vegeta is a bad guy that they have to take down and Bulma might have other plans since she always seems to fall for the bad guy. Goku is Baslie and Krillan is just a guy lol.

These are some stories im going to start when my others are done. To give people something to look forward you might not like these ideas.

~ Iceis ~

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Camouflage by Lady Rhapsody reviews
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Catch Me If You Can reviews
Zoros captured by Captain Smoker and forced away from his crew. While in jail he encounters Tashigi and has a interesting talk.Once Zoro escapes,using Tashigi as a hostage,must travel the grand line to find luffy before his passion for Tashigi finds him.
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Tha z-gang at....YOU GUESSED IT...HIGH SCHoOL! How will the z-gang cope with all the torment of high school life. and how will there feelings toward each other change?(there are ALOT of DBZ high school fics now! wow ive been gone a long time...)
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Screaming Silently reviews
This is a story about love and hate and what one person will do to finsih what he started and to find the person who gave him the only hope he knew. BV,au,MAJOR OOC for vegeta in the first chapter but it wll get better.
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