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Author has written 2 stories for Tekken, X-overs, and Wrestling.

Name: Hernan Ortiz (I'm Mexican)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

I just going to warn you im going to write a lot of wierd crossovers that no one would ever try to write (I'm serious...just warning you). You'll see what stories I'm going to write as you read through this.

Favorite Video Game Series:

Sonic The Hedgehog

Legend of Zelda

Kingdom Hearts


Gears of War

House of the Dead

Phoenix Wright Series

Resident Evil

Marvel VS Capcom

Tatsunoko VS Capcom

Mortal Kombat

Devil May Cry

NiGHTS Series

Megaman (Mostly Zero, Battle Network, ZX, and Starforce)

King of Fighters

Super Smash Bros.

Star Fox

Madworld/Anarchy Reigns

No More Heroes

King of Fighters

Fatal Fury

Metal Slug


Dead or Alive

Sengoku Basara


Favorite Anime/Manga:


Fullmetal Alchimest



Deadman Wonderland

Casshern Sins

Cowboy Bebop

Sonic X


Dragonball Z

Dragonball GT

Devil May Cry (Anime)

Rosario Vampire

Strawberry Panic!

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Pokemon (After Misty left)


Samurai Champloo


Yu-Gi-Oh GX

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D

Megaman NT Warrior

Eureka 7

Favorite TV shows:

Family Guy

The Cleavland Show

American Dad

Power Rangers

Kamen Rider

Super Sentai


The Big Bang Theory

Monty Python

Fear Factor

Robot Chicken


Favorite sport teams:

L.A Lakers

Oakland Raiders

L.A Dodgers

L.A Galaxy

Favorite Comics:


Green Lantern





Challenges: (PM me if you want to do them)

Challenge 1: Kingdom Hearts/Kamen Rider Decade

During the year when he's sleeping, Sora regains memories of his past life as Tsukasa Kadoya. Now, once more armed with the Decadriver, he fight Heartless, Nobodies, and other past monsters as Kamen Rider Decade

1) Must be Sora/Kairi, however, I also want to see if someone can give Sora a harem.

2) For Kamen Rider Diend, it must either be Riku or Roxas (how Roxas is still out of Sora is up to you)

3) Sora must visit Kamen Rider worlds as well (If you combine Disney/Kamen Rider worlds together, no Disney characters as Kamen Riders, OC's or Final Fantasy characters only, or if you want, you can use the canon KR series or you can use your favorite video game or anime as well)

4) If you want, you can have someone be the Narutaki of the fic where he tells the other Kamen Riders that Sora is evil

5) Kairi must be Kamen Rider Kiva-la (It would make sense because she'e going to be paired with Sora)

Challenge 2: Sonic the Hedgehog/Bleach

Sonic dies after a battle with Metal Sonic, but his spirit lives on in the the Soul Society. After a few years, Sonic comes back to stop Eggman, defeat Hollows, and finally stop a rampaging Metal Sonic

1) Sonic's Zanpakuto must be in the form of a katana. It's Shikai must be "Howl! Fenrir!" which gives Sonic a different form where he has wolf like armor, his hair gets longer, and a mask to cover his face

2) The Bankai must be called "Savage Fenrir", which has him look like his Werehog form, but without the stretchy arms, he grows fangs, the Zanpakuto splits in two, and he acts wild

3) Sonic must hook up with a girl from Bleach

4) Has to be friends/rivals with Ichigo, Renji, and Toshiro

5) Sonic also must have incredible skill with Kido and Bakudo

(Optional) 6) Metal Sonic can be found be Aizen and turned into the ultimate killing machine with his own Arrancar powers

Challenge 3: Naruto/Kamen Rider Kuuga

At age six, Naruto is being beaten by an angry mob, when a mysterious figure stops them. The figure reveals himself to be an old Yusuke Godai. He tells Naruto to never give up and gives him the Arcle Belt to become the new Kamen Rider Kuuga. Years later, in the Wave Mission, Naruto uses this power to protect those he cherishes.

1) Naruto must not be an idiot

2) Naruto must have Rising Ultimate Form as well

3) The only time he will have the black eyes will be when the Kyuubi is in control

4) He must be paired with Sakura, Tenten, or both (Harem as well if you want)

5) There must be Sasuke, Hinata, Kiba, and Civilian Council bashing

6) No Sakura or Kakashi bashing, at all

(Optional) 7) If you want, you can have someone be Kamen Rider Agito

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To the people who hate the "Hinata Cheats on Naruto" fic writers... SHUT THE FUCK UP HYPOCRITES! I know for a fact that most of you do the same thing with Sakura cheating on Naruto with Sasuke. If you hate people who do that, copy and paste into your profile

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Reasons why I don't support NaruHina

1. Extremely overused pairing. Filter it into the criteria and you get 430 pages with 25 stories per page, that's 10,750 stories with that pairing (not even counting those in crossovers). Compare that to my favourite pairing of Naruto x Female Kyuubi, only has 60 pages with 25 stories per page that is only 1500 stories (which of that, not all are female Kyuubi and not all are pairing stories). And people have the nerve to review saying that Fem!Kyuubi is overdone...

2. Ridiculous settings. Hinata loves Naruto because she admired him throughout the academy as a source of inspiration and courage, correct? Then please tell me why the fuck that a Naruto who had been trained away from the village during his childhood, still has Hinata falling for him when he comes back to take the Genin Exams?! That's the same as saying she is a shallow fangirl attracted to looks and 'coolness'...

3. Ridiculous OOCness. Naruto influenced by Kyuubi to leave the village, develops a deep set hatred for Konoha, falls for Hinata?! WTF did I just read? Naruto banished by the village, joins another village...ends up marry Hinata?! What the fuck? Naruto banished for failing the Sasuke retrieval mission, Hinata just go ups and decides to abandon her family, friends and village to follow him?! The same Hinata who couldn't form a coherent sentence within his presence?!

4. Naruto himself. Many NaruHina fans fail to see Naruto as an actual living character, choosing to blindly look at Hinata only. Naruto has his own feelings and preferences, which has been shown in canon. It's quite obvious that Naruto's personality quirks are a mixture of his parents, his expressive, out-spoken and brash attitude from Kushina. His learning curve, battle instincts, ramen obsession and taste in women from Minato. Name a redhead in Konoha... none right? Name the closest person with reddish hair... Sakura right? Minato loves Kushina's red hair and Naruto has a crush/love on Sakura, whose hair is the closest thing to red in their village.

5. Naruto's feelings. Due to his lack of a proper upbringing in canon, Naruto is basically ill-informed and dense like a rock. Despite that, he clearly expresses his feelings for Sakura. What NaruHina fans are doing is taking a one-sided relationship and declaring that it is mutual, which is not the case at all! When has Naruto ever shown any form of attraction to Hinata, better yet, HOW many times have they actually interacted with each other?! He obviously is not attracted to Hinata so please stop the 'a beautiful girl with midnight blue hair in a hime-styled cut and lavender eyes, he knew it was love at first sight'... Naruto has seen Hinata multiple times... none of which has EVER left him googly-eyed...

6. Hinata's confession. Naruto completely ignored it... not even bothering to confront her about it after the defeat of Nagato. Hell, he didn't even bother to check up on her condition... (I know Nagato had revived everyone but if he cared, he would have shown at least some form of concern).

7. Hinata's feelings. Her love stemmed from admiration, she admired him for his persistent attitude and courage. She claims that watching him improve makes her want to better herself, using him as a source of inspiration. Now does that sound like lovers love or sisterly love hmm? Very much like how a younger sister idolises her 'amazing' elder brother and trying to improve so as to impress him and gain his approval hmm? Her feelings are easy to write-off as sisterly...

8. Younger years. Where the fucking hell was this so called 'true love' of hers when Naruto was down from the constant abuse, not to mention physical mind but being treated as if you weren't even human qualifies as abuse, or in need of a friend? Hiding behind some tree or stalking him, never where she could help him.

Go ahead and bitch if you want but it's the truth, so get out now if you like Hinata.

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