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Hi, I'm Moyabomb. I like to write. Follow me on Twitter (the 'M' on Moyabomb must be capital or else you'll be following some other Moyabomb)

Ahem...forgive me. I forgot to say 'please.' Thanks!

Update as of September 26: School has just started up for me, and let's just say that all my classes practically require me to write novels for each of them. No, they aren't literal novels, but the amount of writing for each class is about that much. This means that I may not be able to have a new chapter up until possibly next year.

"But Moyabomb, what were you doing all summer? Why didn't you put up a chapter, or even work on it? You had all summer to work on it!" Well, I did work on it, but every time I tried to write the scene I'm stuck on, I would find myself rewriting it over and over and over again, and I've pretty much used all my energy on it. I've also started to work on another project, so I don't get too tired of writing "Red," but even that's not going so well.

But, that doesn't mean that I have abandoned "Red" at all. I'm just making sure that I'm telling Souji and Yukiko's story the best way possible, while also trying to improve my writing style. As for the random one-shots I said I was trying to work on, well, I couldn't really think of any good ideas for them.

Well, that's what's going on so far. School's resumed, and I unfortunately have more writing and reading to do than I had hoped. But, who knows? Maybe I'll want a break from writing school stuff and could get inspired to write for "Red" again. How else do you think I even got this fic started in the first place?

Update as of July 12: Hey, all! You've probably noticed that I've had a few one-shots popping up here and there, but don't worry! I'm still working on "All He Sees is Red." I've come up with a number of ideas for future chapters, and writing one-shots is helping me to hone some of my writing skills while helping me to not stress out over "Red." Aside from just bettering myself, some of the one-shots, mainly the ones revolving around Yukiko, are just a few little add-ons to "Red" as little explanation fun things to show how she came to start liking Souji, or what she dreamt about back in chapter 17. If I think of more ideas that could serve as little add-ons, I'll gladly write them and post them.

I like studying storylines and characters, so I pretty much read anything, so long as it has a good story. A GOOD story. I also like to study plots and characters. Ironic, because I hate studying.

I enjoy anime because for most of them, they actually have good stories, unlike a number of animated series here in the US. There are a few good shows (Avatar was one of the rare ones) but let's face it--animated shows here mean slap-stick cartoons.

Now, let's talk about my current piece of work, All He Sees Is Red for Persona 4. Before playing it, I had gotten into a little show called House and was inspired by Dr. House's sarcasm and wit, and whenever I played P4, I would have all these little thoughts running through my head whenever there was something worth making fun of (to me, at least). Therefore, Souji is my little, comical, inner jack-ass me, put up on the internet for everyone to see.

And yes, the nicknames I've given so far (Yukiko = Girlfriend, Yosuke = Puppy, etc) are really called that in my head. There are still a few more I'm willing to let you see, but you'll just have to wait.

Before you think I'm a complete jerk, I actually tend to be nicer to people than I should be. At least, that's what I've been told. I'm just a jerk in writing. And in comedy. But I mean no harm. Just ask LePapillonRouge. Though, Pappy might end up saying otherwise. Hmm...

If you haven't noticed, I do support SoujixYukiko and ChiexYosuke. I feel like Yukiko is the only girl that Souji should be with (just my opinion, okay?) and was disappointed when I only saw a small handful of SoujixYukiko fanfics.

Yukiko is my obvious favorite, but my second favorite is a tie between Nanako and Chie. Wait, Kanji's up there, too. Okay, so it's a three-way tie. Who doesn't want Nanako as their little sister, anyway? And Chie is just adorable all around, and Mr. Fabulous is just too cuddly to not hug.

As for Yukiko, she's my favorite because... well, lots of reasons, actually. I like that at first glance, she looks all delicate and weak, but then you get to know her, and she's got that hidden side that's up for adventure and won't take crap from anyone. And, she can be clumsy and spacey, so I thought she was pretty awesome.

What else... before I forget, I'm going to be slowing down on chapters for awhile due to school and needing a break from writing. Writing battle sequences take awhile to describe, even though they flow easily through my brain. Dramatic (well, at least what's supposed to be dramatic) parts are mentally and emotionally exhausting, since I try to link with the characters and try to feel what they feel at the time. It works really well, but then I just get a bit upset and need to stay off of writing for awhile.

Still, I enjoy writing, and when I look back to some of my old work that I used to do, I realize, "Wow, these are crap!" but think, "Well, it's a start."

I hope you're enjoying All He Sees Is Red as much as I am. This is by far the longest thing I've ever written, and I never thought that I would actually make a behemoth like it, so I'm glad to see just how many people are reading it and reviewing. Thank you guys so much for your support (reading, favoriting, alerting) and your reviews--without them, I probably would've kept it as a cheap, over-fluffy one-shot.

Okay, I found something out--the whole asshole thing that I do actually came to me earlier in my life, probably as early as the age of ten. I stumbled across an old TV show I used to watch--Disney's Zorro--and found that Diego actually has a few charmingly asshole-ish remarks of his own. So, there you have it--the origins of my love of Dr. Gregory House.

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