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Author has written 7 stories for Caroline In The City, Ronin Warriors, Forgotten Realms, Warcraft, and Trinity Blood.

Author's Note:

Thanks to anyone who's made it here for reading my work; I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share my dabblings in these various fandoms with others who also appreciate them and the possibilities they contain. Happy writing to you all!

Other Locations: Deviant-Art (lots of fan-art right now, sorry); Live Journal (cuts and snippets from fics-in-progress... don't go if you want perfect prose! It ain't there. It's really not on my FF account either... but I've at least done some due diligence here!)

Story Statii:

Caroline and the Unfortunate Circumstance: My very first fanfiction published on this site, and complete! Hurrah! I started out with the story 3/4 of the way done, and through much smacking-around of self, I managed to finish it in a reasonable timeframe without discouraging any readers. It's a Caroline/Richard, of course. I hope I managed to keep a good balance of angst, romantic tension, sweetness and silliness throughout - it doesn't make me cringe when I go back to read through it, so I suppose that's something. :)

Revenance: My unfinished Ronin Warriors fanfiction, which I would SOMEday enjoy completing, but without the constant barrage of the anime showing up on television I'm just losing the feel for the characters. Heck, when I started this I was losing the feel for the characters (as the show had been off the air here for several months already). I have a couple of poor-quality episodes caught on tape, and it's just not enough to give me that feel. I see that there are DVDs more readily available now, however, so I may pick up a couple of the more inspirational episodes. Who knows, this could still get done! This is a Mia/Anubis fiction.

Machinations of a Goddess: This is a story based in the Forgotten Realms and originally written for backstory in my D&D group. Since we're long past that game, it's unlikely that anything more will happen here. I really did enjoy playing grumpy, sardonic, snarky Phinneas the gnome, however; even though crafting his Brooklyn accent for the game turned my throat into Jell-O (no trademark infringement intended!).

Confrontation: My first Warcraft story! Woohoo! Ahem... Due to "playing both sides of the fence" in World of Warcraft, plus reading some of the official novels (notably Cycle of Hatred by Keith R.A.Decandido) and some excellent fanfiction (most notably Ceasefire and Rules of Engagement by Guardian1), I found myself focusing on the "what-ifs" of the tentative friendship between Thrall, Warchief of the Horde and Jaina Proudmoore, ruler of Theramore. To take a soapbox moment - the one thing that truly bothers me about WoW is that you aren't at all encouraged to honor the truce those two made. Bugs me to no end. But I digress... Anyway, this is a one-shot, for now. I have a couple of additional ideas rattling around in my head but they don't really hitch up to this particular pony.

In the Name of Power: WINNER: Sakura-Con 2007 Fanfiction Contest - "Best Drama"; "Best Technical Skill". Set in the Trinity Blood animeverse, more than anything else, with liberal helpings of information skimmed from translations/interpretations of the novels, manga and anime on the 'Net and the few versions that have come out in English... Please note that I am NOT claiming to be a trustworthy source of information on the canon myself, although I do suspect that I have a fairly good handle on it. :) I'm mainly trying to keep the characters in-character, as what I've seen of them is what I'm truly intrigued by. I am fairly certain that my fic won't fit nicely into any "officially sanctioned" timeline - mainly because the different formats seem to kick the timeline around like a hackey sack (as long as it never stops moving, it's fair game...heh...) Anyway, for what it is, I hope it's enjoyed. Beta reading by Lael Adair on Chps 4 - 7 (although I entered 6 at S-C unbeta'd) - thank you so much for the supportive feedback! And now the longest story I've posted on, at nearly 30,000 words... and only 7 chapters. I'm not sure if this is good, or bad. Maybe I'm just getting wordier in my old age.

Snow Trouble (At All): WINNER: Sakura-Con 2007 Fanfiction Contest - "Best Illustrated Short Fic"; "Best Technical Skill". Oneshot Abel/Esther Christmas-inspired drabble, set in the Trinity Blood animeverse at some point when Sister Esther is still new to AX but after Noelle Bors has passed away. The plot is light but it's meant to be a pretty simple, feel-good piece and I think it succeeded in that aim... More than one reviewer has mentioned "fluffy and sweet" so far, so I'm thinking I should have added "please brush teeth after viewing" to its disclaimer section! ;) -- ADDED VALUE: You can find the picture this is derived from in my DeviantArt gallery (); although the story and picture grew from the same idea seed, the picture was finished first so it wins!!! (I don't know what it wins, it just does... so nyah. And... wow, I should definitely avoid writing profile info at 3 A.M. from now on...)--

Light My Way: Oneshot; excerpt from a larger piece which I started before 'In the Name of Power'... this little memory vignette stood alone well enough that I thought I might as well expand it and post. Set in the Trinity Blood animeverse during Caterina's childhood, after she met Abel (which theoretically protects me from rabid fans with more access than I do to the background information on some of these characters). ;) An exploration into Abel's character, and perhaps an idea of why he follows Caterina so readily.

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