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Pet peeves:

- Writers using character names without any respect for original character definition

- WankOff fiction which does not clearly Warn that's what it is.

- Writers notes which spoil reading the story; if you must explain Why you wrote it That Way, have it be an end note; separate it from the story by a row of underlines or symbols. And DON'T use Writer's Notes for foreshawowing, that is lazy and insulting to readers and the Muses, whose sisters are the Furies and whose boyfriends include Deadpool and Lucifer Morningstar...

Added Note: what is a "spoiler"?

-.- Describing the plot before you present it.

-.- Explaining the limits of the chapter before you present it.

-.- Naming /describing the characters or their presentation before you present it.

-.- a plunderer or robber; an insecure author or critic who offers commentary on a chapter before the chapter itself, disclosing details which ruin readers' naive experience of the writing itself.

Spoiler prefaces (or endnotes which spoil subsequent chapters) are like having to watch a movie with overlaided nonstop commentary, as first experience of a film. Maybe 1% of viewers would enjoy it.

Don't do it. No prefaces except very simple minimally worded Content Warnings. Use astericks or other formatting to sepaeate your chapter from any end notes you cannot resist including AFTER chapters.

Particular interests: character development; story arcs; advanced descriptive composition and world building.

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1. Lily Evans Potters eyes are memorable and special; why or how?

2. "Oh mama dear, we're not the fortunate ones / and goblins, they wanna have fun / oh goblins just wanna have fun"

3 Pepper Potts is *really* smart, smarter than anyone around her.

Please DM if you post challenge response. Any posted reviews will be appreciative and encouraging. Challenges will be intermitently added or annotated.

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