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Hi Peoplez!! You have no entered my evil lair, NOW FEEL THE WARTH OF MY GIANT CUPCAKE!!

About Me!!:


Your heritage: Malaysia - Canadian

The shoes you wore today: Meh, Nothing.
Your weakness: Wolves
Your fears: Worms
One thing you'd like to achieve: Getting straight A's three times in a row.

Your thoughts first waking up: Ugh, What day is it today...?
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: I'm not sure, I tend to avoid people but I guess it's their faces.
Your best physical feature: I dunno, I don't care really.
Your bedtime: Weekends: Whatever. School Days : 8:30 but I just lay there and be bored until 10 or so.
Your greatest accomplishment: Wow...Um, finally being able to draw people nicely.
Your most missed memory: There...is a lot...

Pepsi or coke: Coke
McDonald's or Burger King: Mcdonalds
Single or group dates: Dates? I'd rather say ' Meetings...'
Adidas or Nike: Nike, cuz it's more comfy and firmer.
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee, with lots of sugar
Bras or Panties: What the hell is this for?!

Smoke: No, too young and besides, I love life...half the time
Cuss: I Cuss as if I was saying please. I cuss a LOT, but not around adults.
Take a shower everyday: Yes
Have a crush(es): Yeah, rarely but yeah
Do you think you've been in love: Childish crushes count?
Want to go to college: Yes
Like high school: Haven't been there yet.
Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: No WAY!
Believe in yourself: Sometimes...
Get motion sickness: NO!
Think you're attractive: What I think, No, My ego isn't big enough for that.

Think you're a health freak: Hell, who doesn't like sugar sucks.

Get along with your parents: I get pissed at them alot.
Like thunderstorms: Yeah, not the thunder though
Play an instrument:Yeah

Drank alcohol: No!
Smoke(d): No!
Done a drug: No!!
Have Sex: HELL NO!!
Made Out: No!!
Go to the mall: Yes, and it was terrifying.
Eaten sushi: FREAK YEAH! Sashimi to be exact.
Been on stage: ...Not planning to...
Gone skating: No
Made homemade cookies: I wish! WHY MOM WHY?!
Been in love: No...
Dyed your hair: NO WAY !!
Stolen anything: Sounds kewl, I've got an idea to dodge the scanner thing but I don't want to get in touch with the police.

Flown on a plane: Freak, YEAH
Missed school because it was raining: YEP!

Told a guy/girl that you liked them: NO!
Cried during a Movie: Unless it involves dying wolves...No
Ever thought an animated character was hot: WHO HASNT?!
Had an imaginary friend: Yes!!
Been on stage: Yes, and it sucked.
Cut your hair: Rarely but yeah.
Had crush on a teacher: The teachers ARE FREAKING 30 YEAR OLDS!
Played a game that required removal of clothing: Why would I want to play that game?!

Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Nope!
Been caught "doing something": Doing what?
Been called a tease: NO!
Gotten beaten up: HELL NO!
Been in a fight: Yes, with my brother.
Shoplifted: NoPe

Do you hope to be married: Well...It depends on the person. Otheriwise, NO.
Numbers and Names of Children: 1, and I'm going in for adoption!!
Descibe your Dream Wedding: Nothing special I guess. I would like it to be near lots and lots and lots of animals and nature though! :D
How do you want to die: Doing something ironic.
What do you want to be when you grow up: Paleontologist, Paleonthropologist, Anime Producer, House Designer.
What country would you most like to visit: Japan, Paris, Antartica!!

-O-P-P-O-S-I-T-E- SEX:

Best eye/hair color: Doesn't really matter, so long it's not like red or something. O.O
Short or long hair: Boys aren't capable or long hair, that would be weird.
Best height: I dunno, so long their not shorter.
Best weight: No Potbellies and I'm fine.
Best first date location: The ZOO!! XD
Best first kiss location: I don't care.

Number of girl/boyfriends you've had: why the hell would I want one NOW?!
Number of kisses you've given: Do the ones you give your parents count?
Number of drugs taken illegally: Nope
Number of people I could trust with my life: Trust with my LIFE? No...
Number of CDs that I own: I have about 5? And an MP3
Number of piercings: 2.
Number of tattoos: Those temperory ones...
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Not name but picutre!
Number of scars on my body: One...Two...
Number of things in my past that I regret: 1000000000000000!!

Shampoo: So long that it's good, Head and Shoulders probably, my scalp looks cleaner.
Fav Color: Blacck, Blue, Purple
Day/Night: Dawn
Summer/Winter: Summer
Lace or Satin: What's Lace?
Fave Cartoon Character: GIR!!
Fave Food: Seafood...Raw stuff
Fave Movies: Comedy and Action
Fave sport: Badminton
Fave sports stars: Nada. Kosong. Zit.


Wearing: pants and a shirt.
Drinking: Honey mixed in water.
Thinking about: How cold my fingers are.
Listening to: Don't Wanna Think About You.


Cried: Yes, a little, cuz I didn't get to go to the Simple Plan concert.
Worn jeans: Yeah
Met someone: Yeah.
Done laundry: Yeah.
Drove a car: Not old enough dude!
Talked on the phone:Yep

Yourself: Seldom.
Your friends: No
Santa Claus: No, I know who the REAL Santa was.
Tooth Fairy: No, My parents does that job.
Destiny/Fate: Yeah.
Angels: Yes.
Ghosts: Yes.
UFO's: Yes.
God: Yes. Many in particualar, Buddha...Zeus...Jesus...God...YEah..

Do you ever wish you had another name: YES
Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: Check back on me a few years later.
Do you like anyone: Yeah
Which one of your friends acts the most like you: None
Who have you known the longest of your friends??: None
Are you close to any family member: My cuz
Who do you hang around the most: Myself...
When have you cried the most: Leaving my best friends forever and ever.
What's the best feeling in the world: FInding out that we're going to home country next year!
Worst Feeling: Guilt.

Updating Time!!

July 13th,08 - I'm gonna update The Phorphecy(sp?) now. Yay!!

July 14th,08 - I'm typing I'm typing!! Should be ready by sometime next week of earlier. :D

July 15th,08- posted up a new one-shot, When Legendaries go on FF

July 16th - posted another one-shot, Wishes Just Don't Come True.

July 17th - Updated The Prophecy.

July 18th - I'm workin' on The Prophecy, posted a one-shot, Darkrai's Top 10 Fears

Random Stuff!

First with legendaries...

List twelve of your favorite characters from your fandom, in no particular order.

1. Giratina

2. Arceus








10. Raikou

11. Entei


1. Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fic? Do you want to?

Cresselia and Entei... sounds interesting though I prefer to not.

2. Do you think Four is hot? How hot?

Kyogre's Cool not Hot...

3. What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant?

The world would end and it would all be YOUR fault You...You...unknown thingy ma bob!

Can you recall any fics about Nine?

Yep!! Suicune is AWESOME!! :D

5. Would Two and Six make a good couple?

Arceus and Cresselia. The world will end too and Darkrai would be sent into a world of misereble-ness! If he wasn't IN one already. :D

6. Five/Nine or Five/Ten? Why?

Darkrai and Suicune...maybe if Suicune hadn't killed him first. Darkrai and Raikou. Wow. WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!

7. What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve having sex?

LATIAS!! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! DON'T DIE!! Ok, here's what will happen. Arceus would probably scream and Entei would just scream too and Latias? Her eye balls will go on fire, pop out of her head and poor Latias would be blind and mentally scarred.

8. Make up a summary for a Three/Ten fic.

One way to destroy the world. Put A kind hearted but not so good tempered Groudon with a snobby and stuck up Raikou in one universe.

9. Is there any such thing as One/Eight fluff?

their both MALES!!

10. Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve hurt/comfort fic.

Till Death Do Us Part.

11. Does anyone on your friends list read Three het?

het? what's het?

12. Does anyone on your friends list write or draw Eleven?

Yep but it'll come out pretty sucky if I do say so myself, as in real life friends. I bet there are ten thousand people that will draw like a pro on FF. :D

13. Would anyone on your friends list write Two/Four/Five?

it's possible.

14. If you wrote a Song-fic about Eight, what song would you choose?

Pictures of You by...something I forgot.

15. If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fic, what would the warning be?

Total world destruction of a metal swan. BEWARE OF THE BLOODINESS!! If pokemon bleed...

16. When was the last time you read a fic about Five?

about 30 minutes ago. :D

17. "(1) and (7) are in a happy relationship until (9) runs off with (4). (1), brokenhearted, has a hot one-night stand with (11) and a brief unhappy affair with (12), then follows the wise advice of (5) and finds true love with (3).

Giratina and Latias are in a happy relationship until Suicune runs off with Kyogre. Giratina, brokenhearted, has a hot-one night stand with Entei and a brief, unhappy affair with Lugia, then follows the wise advice of Darkrai (DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!!) and finds true love with Groudon.

What title would you give this fic?

The world has REALLY come to an end.

18. How would you feel if Seven/Eight was canon?

They ARE siblings...

Future Ideas...

Impossible - Darkrai, Cresselia, Arceus, Giratina, Mew and Celebi are transported by Palkia, accidently to the world that we all live in, Earth, the human dimension. Great, they landed in my backyard, obviously, only me, a few friends and my dog, Ruster, can see them, talk to them and other stuff. Yes, when we talk to them, our parents think we're retarded. We have to find out how we're going to keep them from destroying the world which was not built to with stand 3 pairs of legendaries trying to kill each other, ESPIECIALLY with a chocolate obssesed Mew. We have to figure out how we're gonna get them back to their own world, and fast! Some bully kid has a mad scienctist as a father who by some unkwon fact created a machine which allows him to see creatures from other dimensions. They plan to capture the legendries and sell them for dough! And to make matters harder, one of my pals, Cathy, thinks that another one of our goals is to pair them up, lovey dovey mushy stuff. Argh! Date: Maybe after I'm nearly done with The Prophecy.

Conflict - Cresselia and Darkrai has started a war. Cresselia with all the females and Darkrai with all the males. Their gonna have a war worse than Dialga and Palkia's love quarel, it's going to complety destroy man-kind! Worse, Arceus and Giratina is dragged in to this and the only two that has NOT been pulled in into this mess is Celebi and Mew. The two, combined with a Lucario, Ralph, and a Flygon named Skai, they have to figure out how their going to end this war and save the world, the legendries and themselves! Date: Ooo...After Impossible. :D

Warriors: Legendary Style! - Ever read the book on Warriors? All our legendarys wake up to be cats, with their powers. Their enemy? Other legendaries of course! But from the world of Pasiura, power greedy and powerful. The problem? Surviving and getting back to their own world. ANd there's only ONE escape, on the top of Mt.Cloud is one being, Alwar, they have to learn how to live than make their way up the mountain and convince the mighty beast into teleporting them home. To make it harder, the beast will ONLY allow acess home to one clan only. Not to mention, cough, Palkia's medicine cat, cough, the most important job of all, healing others with herbs. Thier definately Doomed. Date: Lala...Soon... ( evil laughter)

Legendaries in Kindergarden! - The legendaries are going to kindergarden! Can Arceus handle being the mother and can Giratina ( bad choice) handle being the teacher, especially with a bunch of barely-talking counter parts ? What kind of chaos will ensue?? Date: In a long long time... :(

Miracle - Response to SilverUmbra's challenge. Manaphy is water, Jirachi is a wish maker. Manaphy's one wish, to fly, no matter how long, to feel the air rush past her, to be so much closer to the stars. What type of Miracle will Jirachi brew up? Manaphy (F) Jirachi (M) Song-fic Date: Soon. Soon. SOON!!

Legendary Idol! - Darkrai ( crap), Cresselia (Ok...), Groudon (Heh.) and Kyogre (RUN!!) are the judges. The rest of the legendaries or rare pokemon like Lucario who isn't really considered a legendary, are forced into Legendary Idol. They must pick a song and sing to the judges. Darkrai is really bored, Cresselia is easy to score, and so is Groudon but Kyogre? Kyogre's a second Simon except 10 times worse so WATCH OUT!!Date: Ohh...Before the end of the world I guess.

Stuck - What happens when you trust Mew. Trusting Mew + Arceu's Permission + Darkrai + Cresselia+ Indestructibe Closet = Total Chaos

My OC's


Age: 12 years old

Gender: Girl

Description: Chestnut hair tied into one pony tail. Has golden eyes. She wears simple deep beige colored T-shirt with dark brown capris.

Personality: Stubborn and strong-willed. This young girl has learned to survive on her own for over 3 months now. Her spirit is young and fierce, she is strong for her age, not just mentally just physically. She is just a ferocious as Cresselia and Celebi combined when angry so beware. She has a killer puppy-face, and a deathly glare, deathlier than Giratina and Darkrai combined. With her mind set on finding her parents again, she is loyal and trustworthy, LOVES to annoy people just for the heck of it.

Pokemon: Riolu , Salamance and Empoleon.

Appears in: The Prophecy Coflict


Gender: Male

Pokemon: Lucario ( only got his name in Conflict, evolves after the Prophecy,)

Personality: Soft-hearted and confindent. He can also be extremely stubborn and sometimes a little egosocital(sp??). He is smart and brave, he loves to snooze when he can and eat sweet poffins. He is the pokemon of Nisha, how he got away from her, he doesn't know but determined to find her.

Appears in: The Prophecy, Conflict


Gender: Male

Personality: He has a Australian accent (I dunno why but it just grew on me after reading Exile..which is an awesome story by the way), he gets bored in 5 seconds if he doesn't do anything. He's not the bravest and appears to be quite dense but he comes up with good plans without knowing it. He's an very active one, can fly up to what seemed to Mew like 250 MILES per minute. He is a care-free and huggable one.

Appears in: Conflict

Random Quotes


"...Your talking to a piece of paper..."

"I don't care!! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!" - me when I got my test

-Dad farts in car-

"DAAADD!! EWW! When I grow up! I'm going to invent a machine called the Fart-A-Ma-Bob. You attach it in the middle of the car and whoever farts get's squirted with water multiple times and at the same time it srays air refresherner."

"You will be famous."

"Thank you thank you.It'll cost 250 please."




Me: Cookies?

Gir: But I Neeeeeed tacos! If I don't get them, I'll EXPLODE! Sometimes that happens...

Zim: why...was...there...BACON IN THE SOAP!?



Zim: How did you run out of fuel that quickly?!

Gir: I emptied it out!

Zim: WHY!!

Gir: -in a DUH voice- To make room for the tuna!

Gir: Gir! Reporting for duty!

Zim: Gir? What does the G stand for?

Gir: I...don't know!

Gir: I'M GONNA SING THE DOOM SONG NOW! Doom doom doom doom...



Gir: I wanna be a mongoose dog, can I be a mongoose dog?

Zim: Do you want to wake up the entire planet?!

Gir: ...I duuu...

Zim: Dib...prepare to face your-

Gir in background: moosey fate! MOOSEY FATE!

Zim: Moosey fate...



Gir: ... You got any taquitoes?

Fanfiction doesn't have enough Legendary stories to top the sappy human ones! If you agree copy and paste this in your profile.

Worlds End: December 21st, 2012. The governors are saving themselves only. Not Faaaaaaair!! -WHams those people in monkey suits over the head!-

I'm playing a RPG of Pokemon on the Forums. It's fun too! Here's my profile:

Name: Seltera Amber Silverstar (Amber for short)

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Description: Chestnut brown hair tied into one long pony tail, blonde tipped, has fairly tan skin. Fairly tall. Has golden eyes. Wears brown khakis, A black T-shirt with a glittering picture of Suicune on it and a white athlete jacket. Wears a pair of Nikes red and white striped sneakers. Has a camouflage pattern back pack. Complete with a pair of transition spectacles and a see through matierial bandana with baby blue swirls on it.

Status: Coordinator and Breeder.

Goals: To roam the entire world and meet all the pokemon and win at least one grand festival.

Personality: Hyperactive, Outgoing, Friendly, Sarcastic at times and doesn't have an all too good temper. Naive.

Pokemon: Piplup (Male, Name: Mist), Rapidash (Female, Name: Flare), Staraptor (Male Name: Skai) and Luxio (Very first pokemon. Female, Name: Spark)

Family/Friends: A mom, A dad and an annoying little brother.

Interesting Facts: Piplup was given by dad's friend. Rapidash was Mom's old friend, Staraptor, my dad gave to me and Luxio was the very first pokemon Amber caught with her father and baby brother.

1000 poke money. 2 Potions. 5 pokeballs. Pokedex and Poke'etch.

Yeah. YOu should try it. It's kewl. .

Captured! God and Ground! by Goldeneye101 reviews
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