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Fanfiction History

I write primarily Trunk/Vegeta father-son stories (often "sap"-filled) and published about 5 or 6 years ago under the name "Mikila", but was unable to log back into that account when I came back to fanfiction recently. Thus, I just created a new account and I'm publishing new stories here as "Mikila2". If these are the kind of stories you like, I highly recommend you look up "Mikila". Also, most of my "2002 stories" are on pages 10 and 11 if you filter stories by the characters Trunks and Vegeta. I know often people don't look on pages that deep in the search results, but if you like my current stories, you'll probably like some of the older ones too. The father/son stories I've done are "For the Love of a Child" (my personal favorite of all my stories ever written), "Trunks of All Ages" (unfortunately this one was never finished and it's illegal to post updates as a seperate story or to repost the same story, so I can't even finish it if I COULD remember how I was going to end it), "Vegeta's Promise", "Bulma's Last Picnic", "Trunks' Nightmare", "Trunks' Day Off", "Seperation of Sibblings", "Dog in The Park", and "To Make You Proud" (+ more to come).

I also write occasional humor stories. These include "Shut Up, I'm Making Cookies!", "Never eat Cheesecake Before Bed", and "Trunks Gets Even".

The stories random stories that don't necessarily fit in a category are "Piccolo's Punishment", "The Thoughts of Vegeta", and "Vegeta's Perspective" (which is actually my new version of "The Thoughts of Vegeta" since I couldn't make updates to it).

Finally, I have a few plans for some fictions that include the whole Briefs family, or that center more on the DBZ kids (Trunks, Goten, Marron, Pan, and Bulla--btw I call her Bulla instead of Bra; sorry if that annoys anyone). These aren't posted yet because I've promised myself not to publish anything I wont finish anymore, thus I'm requiring myself to finish what's already posted and get a little further along in these other stories before posting them.

Summary of What I Write:

1. In-character Vegeta/Trunks father/son fluff. Some long, some short, some in-between. The ones published under "Mikila" are a little less in-character than the newer ones (I've seen a lot more of the show now than I had then and take into consideration in most of my stuff the GT episodes).

2. Fictions centered on the entire Brief family or Trunks/Bulla relationship (not published yet, but ideas are in mind).

3. Occassional humor stories.

4. A few fictions (in mind) involving the DBZ kids (Trunks, Goten, Marron, Bulla, and Pan)

Status on Current Stories (published) In-Progress:

Vegeta's Perspective -- Expect updates at random, but probably rarely. I get ideas occassionally for this story, but because it's more like a journal or record that only plays Vegeta's narration of events, I don't think of it as a story that needs regular updates. Also because of that, it's a story that I'll never declare finished. I'll probably write a few chapters whenever ideas come to me and I'm not deeply involved in stories that need regularly updating.

A Father's Way -- Precedes "Daylight" and comes after "To Make You Proud" and "Like Father, Unlike Son". (Mainly it'll be a good one to read before "Daylight") There is a possibility that I'll write more chapters that carry on with the theme of Trunks teaching Bulla how to know that their father cares about them despite his lack of affection and verbal reassurance. I'm not really sure yet. If I do, they wont be for another couple of weeks.

Status on Upcoming Stories (not yet published):

Friend or Foe -- 9 yr old Trunks wants to be just like his new friend. Vegeta has a bad feeling about it and forbids any further contact. Are his fears warrented or is he jealous? How will Trunks react? Medium-length father/son story. I've written the middle of this (quite awhile ago, in fact), but no beginning or end. After I write at least two chapters of the beginning (I want to be sure I'll finish what I start) I'll post, but that probably wont be for two weeks or so since I have to finish the other stories I've started and the next two weeks will be very busy for me.

Daylight (title may change) -- Once again, follows the timeline of "To Make You Proud", might be considered a conclusion (in a way) to that "series". Trunks (23), Goten (22), Marron (18), Bulla (13), and Pan (11) are kidnapped. The boys must keep the girls calm while mixing schemes to escape with waiting for their fathers and Gohan to rescue them. This hasn't been started, but it's all outlined in my head and I've been dying to write it for quite awhile. It'll be a multi-chapter medium, possibly long, story. Once again, however, it'll probably be a few weeks before any of it gets published.

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A Father's Way reviews
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