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Kimina-san at you're service!

Well, I've done over my profile so many freakin' times I think it's high-time I do it right.

Name: Kimina-san!

Age: 17!

Sex: Yes thank you ;) (Male)

Windows Live:

So! This is Kimina and I am going to explain some things about myself. I am a dude as listed above who likes to write. I love Anime, mostly Bleach, and Video Games. I like to chill and watch TV almost constantly. Music is my muse, it determines everything I do! Don't be surprised if I have songs in a lot of my Fics, even if it ain't a SongFic. It helps me write and set the mood. And when I add a song in a story, it gives you (The reader) an idea of what I was listening to while writing.

I love IchiRuki! It's my favorite couple, mostly because there is a tension which can be twisted to so much. Not to mention it's down right funny and awesome! Ichigo is such a badass and Rukia is a fiesty little snack.

UlquiHime is like my second Fav. I don't particularly like Orihime, but I just see it with Ulquiorra and her. Ulquiorra is awesome! And I guess he fits well with her. Besides, who can resist those tits?!

Naruto use to be what I wrote about, but I think I deleted almost all of my Naruto stories (Other than Normay Day which I wrote for a friend and just put it here for the hell of it. DOn't hate me for it!) From that anime I like NaruHina mostly because: Hinata is so fucking HOT! I want to eat her alive, if ya catch my drift! Heheheheheheh!!

Anyway, as I was saying: I'm Kimina, and I'm an Fanfiction!

I have a second account, well this is the second account technically. My first account is more famous than this one, and it should be obvious who it is. But I ain't going to say it because I'm evil like that. But I can say you'll think I'm weird if you figured it out! Haha!

I will mostly write IchiRuki Fics. I too will write Hollow IchigoXHollow Rukia Fics when the time hits me right. Not many others do it other than myself. I know Theresa Crane does, and she does it WAAAAY better than me. So go check out her work! It kept my IchiRuki spirit strong while people on my other account encouraged me away from it! Thanks to her and DeviantHollow23 I am still using this account for IchiRuki and pretty much all Bleach! Thanks gals! Though neither of ya are probably reading! I don't care! Thanks!!

My stories on this account aren't as big as my other. So it doesn't matter how it works huh? But I'm so use to doing it this way on my bio that I'ma do it here for you none caring passer-bys:

My stories are mainly IchiRuki, we know this. But recently I have taken a liking to doing some rather Dark themes with this pairing. I have written What A Pleasure as of now which is only a peak of my own dark mind. Another story, Obsess, has most of my insanity placed within it. It was nice to let loose the darkness that lurks within me, and I plan to do it again and again when the time is right.

If you have read my earlier stories you'd see I had some MAJOR flaws to my writing. It's just unbelievable. I feel so ashamed, but at the same time I'm going to keep them up as a reminder of how far I have come from those times as a wannabe writer. I would at least say I am very skilled, not the best, nor would I boast to someone, just somewhat good right? You decide!

I hope to raise myself up as a great IchiRuki writer! Not just another name in the crowd! I don't want to be King or anything (Get it? Ha!) just ya know, known. Like Theresa or Ru'. My apparent heroes huh? LOL, naw, I like many. These two just happen to be my favorite.

So, anyway, I hope you guys enoy yerselves and keep reading my stuff!

Future Story Idea

Name: Modern Day Monsters

Concept: Ichigo, Ishida and Chad all are trying to live their lives in modern society as themselves: a Werewolf, a Vampire, and a Frankenstein.

Pairing(s): IchiRuki. IshiHime.

Inspired by Being Human and The Monster Mash.

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Getting Away With Murder reviews
Ichigo and Rukia are insane. They can't help but do what they do. It's impossible to stop...but why would they? It's too much fun! But, is their obsession nothing more than a a defect of sanity? Or is there something more supernatural to it? IchiRuki!
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Obsession drives a person mad. They need this object of desire, or else they may do certain things they may, or may not regret. Ichigo has an obsession, a desire for the woman across the street. He must have her. IchiRuki. Dark Fic. Not for kids.
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What a pleasure it is to be yourself. Many have things locked inside, dark things. Pleasures which would shun them from society. Ichigo and his lover Rukia have one such pleasure, but they just love to act on it. IchiRuki. Dark Fic. You were warned.
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