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Author has written 4 stories for Final Fantasy X, Pokémon, and Wrestling.

Name -- bradj4eva

Age -- 16

Home -- England

Check out my deviantart page -

What My Fic's are about:

Final Fantasy X

Best game ever. Most of my stories will be set in Spira, featuring the main characters, as well as a few OC's and maybe a few crossovers...

Kingdom Hearts

Second best game ever. Will use some of the characters in this in my FFX stories, as well as a few soley set in the KH world.


Was A Big Fan when I was younger, and to be honest I still like it now lol.


Massive Fan of WWE, got lots of favourites, scroll down to see them!

The Keys To Discovery

This is my first story and I plan to make it my longest. It is mainly about Rikku and Tidus who are brother and sister and start to find these mysterious keys which have been scatered allover Spira. Finding many of these keys they decide to try and figure out what there meaning is. Though a evil leader is in their way Shiva. Shiva is the most mesmerising woman theyhave ever seen and she is an easy distraction. Her sister has been known to try and destroy Spira in the past and both Tidus and Rikku are sure she is behind the mysterious keys and they still believe her sister is alive and their plotting together to attempt to destroy Spira once again. Full of secrets, suspense and surprises along the way. This story will embrace you from chapter 1 til the last chapter (once it is finished), will any of them succeed, or will any of them fail and not live to tell the tale.


My second story, based on pokemon. One shot story. Ash and Misty decide to search for a unidentified pokemon which had taken one of their good friend, Jakes parents. Soon though they dicover that this isn't just any old pokemon, this is one special pokemon who's main aim is to kill. Can they beat this pokemon with just pikachu and togepi, read the story to find out!

WWE Champion Candice

I wanted to make this story totally different from others. So I thought of a scenerio that a Diva captures the WWE Championship. Candice wants revenge on her husband John Cena who has just had an affair, so she decides to have his title shot againsts Triple H to really piss him off. Though can Candice have the strenght to beat 'The Game' or will events unfold that be shocking. Read it and Review.

Return of Lita!

Lita is making her return to WWE after three years! Though her ex lovers brother, Jeff Hardy and herself have fallen in love and Matt is furious. What will Matt do? Can Matt win his girl back or will there have to be a match to determine who get's Lita!

Favourite Movies

I am the type pf person to watch all movies aslong as they're watchable lol!!


X - Men

X - Men 2

X - Men 3

Disney (Yea, i know, but you still have to act like a child)

Fantastic Four


Favourite Artists

I love all kind of music!!

Kelly Clarkson is awesome. I think her albums, Breakaway and My December were brill and I bet her new album will be just as good.

Atm quite liking Miley Cyrus she has had some great songs like See You Again, great song.

Pink is great, never get bored of her

Kings of Leon is also fantastic and really want their album

Favourite Books

Northern Lights - Phillip Pullman

Harry Potter Series - JK Rowling

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl (Once again can't grow out of that)

Favourite Characters


Lulu - She is just cool and I think she should of been able to control in FFX - 2

Tidus - The main charcter and I think he's awesome.

Rikku - Love her personality and she is just so wacky.

Kingdom Heart 1/2

Sora - Imagine if you saw someone with hair like his.

Kairi - She looks great in KH2 and glad her and Sora are reunited at the end.

Mickey - I think he is awesome.

Axel - He is like the best organization member.

Favourite Wrestlers


Jeff Hardy

Triple H

CM Punk

Rey Mysterio

Favourite Divas

Kelly Kelly


Michelle McCool


Mickie James

Review my storys and tell me what you think!!

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