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I am a very normal ((Hah yeah right)) highschool kid. I do the usual things teenagers my age should do. Anyway...hmm what should I tell you first.

I am a rabid yaoi fan...if there's no yaoi in manga or slash in my favorite T.V show or movie then I will make a couple. I'm not entirely into Yuri, but I will read it whenever I get a chance. Yes I am a girl and I'm bi, so nothing really bugs me out. For crying out loud, I like Itachi Uchiha paired up with his own brother or with Kisame. Yes you've heard me right...I am far from normal. My life usually consists with sleeping, eating, writing, reading, or hanging out with friends: Unfortunately school has to be put in there somewhere too. Yep...that's about all I do. I really need a better life. Sigh...ah well.

Name: ReiGenx13
Nickname: Rei-kun, crazy bitch, Yaoi nut

Birthday: One day, once a month, once a year, every year...
Height: 5’9”
Hair Color: Dark brown, but i dyed it so it's now redish brown
Eye Color: hazel
Likes: Writing, yaoi, videogames((Especially Resident Evil...or Final Fantasy. Just got into the whole Left 4 Dead game due to a certain boy I know)), movies((Lot of action...blood and gore is good too)), books((Vampire and mystical creatures are totally my thing)), music, anime((Yaoi Hehe)), manga

Are your parents married or divorced?
They are married

Are you a vegetarian?
No...Being a vegetarian is ok for some people but not for me. You don't get much protein when you don't eat meat.((Haha Vegetarians aren't that smart. No offense to anyone who is a Vegetarian: To each their own))

Do you believe in Heaven?
I believe that I will find out who is right what is out there after I die. In the mean time, I honestly don't care...people should not live their lives for the sole intent of getting into somewhere/fear of not getting there in the afterlife.

Have you ever come close to dying?
Nope...not that I can remember though.

What jewelry do you wear 24/7?
a ring that I got from my mother.

Are you eating?
Not at the moment...I did have cake awhile ago though

Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
I love broccoli so I eat it whole: Of course I do chew before I swallow

Do you wear makeup?
Natural beauty not bullshit beauty.

Would you ever have plastic surgery?
Hell no. Forget plastic surgery

What do you wear to bed?
Usually what I wear during the day...or just my boxer briefs and a long shirt that I took from my favorite cousin((Who's like an Uncle cause he's way older then me))

Have you ever done anything illegal?
I use to be a shoplifter...but not any more. Nope now I'm clean

Can you roll your tongue?

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Yes I do have a boyfriend. Not that it really is anyone's business but mine and my friends. shrugs Oh well.

Do you believe in abortions?
I don't like this subject because I can get very defensive if someone thinks differently. If you want to get an abortion then go ahead and get one. It's your body and if you can get over the fact that you're killing something not techinically in this world then so be it.

Would I personally have one? I don't know, I have never been put in that position. But I will respect and support anyone who feels that it is right for them.

What is your hair color?
brown dyed to redish brown

Future child's name, boy and girl?
Wesker((I told you earlier that I love Resident Evil XD. Hell I'll settle for Albert because it's normal)) and Marie

Do you smoke?

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
Paris: The place of love XD

Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
not since I was a little kid.

If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
Buy all the yaoi I can find, then put it to some use with my bills if there's any left that is XD

Gold or silver?

Hamburger or hot dog?
hamburgers, hot dogs are disgusting((I'll eat them if I really have to but I do not like to))

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Pizza. Not good for you but so what.((Or maybe Smarties...I swear they are my crack. Don't get around me after I have my Smarties: I'm just warning you))

City, beach or country?
Lived in a city my whole life not that grand. Beaches suck, so I'd have to say the country.

What was the last thing you touched?
My mouse and keyboard

Where did you eat last?

When's the last time you cried?
I don't know.

Do you read blogs?

Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex?
Of course. I'm a tomboy do it a lot.

Trouble with the police?
Yes, use to be a thief, and I've run away countless times so duh. I've changed though: still ditch school once in awhile though.

What's your favorite shampoo/conditioner and soap?
Ocean Breeze, get it all the time. Dove for soap, don't like any other type of soap to touch my body.

Do you talk in your sleep?
I've been told that I have done it a few times: I still need to see if I do.

Ocean or pool?
Pool. I will never swim in the ocean: I've seen too many Shark Attacks on T.V

What's your favorite song at the moment?
Carry On my Wayward Son and As cold as Ice

Have you ever had a cavity?
Yes. Lots of them. I have a sweet tooth

Window seat or aisle seats?
window seat so I can lean against the plane and look outside. It's also a better place to sleep at then an aisle seat.

Ever met anyone famous?
Not face-to-face. I've seen the Chiefs at practice. Met the cheerleaders but then again they aren't exactly famous. ((In my eyes I mean because I really don't like cheerleaders))

Do you feel that you've had a truly successful life?
Well my life is just beginning so not yet.

Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?
twirl. Having it cut up makes me feel like a little kid again.

What is your favorite sport to play?
Video games sports. Lol...Personally I don't know. I use to love playing tennis then I moved from Vegas to Lansing and it all changed.

Basketball or football?
Both. I love the Chiefs even though they are having a bad year in 2008. And I love the Lakers.

When was the last time you went to the bathroom?
Whenever it was I had to pee last...

Do you drive a stick?

Cake or ice cream?
Ice cream!! Cake I'll eat if the topping isn't too strong tasting, leaving that after taste behind.

Are you self-conscious?

Do you like any of your close friends?
Of course I do. I wouldn't be friends with them if I didn't like them ((What kind of question is that?))

Have you ever given money to a bum?
No. I need the money. Sure he needs it, but I need it to stay living so I don't become a bum like them. I know mean right? Well get over it.

Have you been in love?

Where do you wish you were?
Vegas with my friend Hope, and girlfriend Clarissa.

On MySpace why is the 1st person on your top 8 there?
I have counts fingers four rp accounts and 1 rl one. My first one is Dean Winchester and I have Bobby Singer as my number one because he's the only one I still have to send a starter too. On my second account is Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy and my number 1 is Uhura: why I do not remember. Third one is Dr. Daniel Jackson (Stargate rules people!!) and my friends list is on random so it depends on my page who is my number 1 and my reason why they are number one. Fourth would be Kato from Angel Sanctuary and Kira is my first (because he is so cool) Now for my rl one my number one is my girlfriend Clarissa

Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

Can you tango?
Nope. I would like to learn though.

Last gift you received?
My Heath Ledger "Joker" shirt

What occasion did you receive your gift?

Last thing you spent lots of money on?
April 4th...My birthday

Where do you live?

Last wedding attended?
My Uncle Charlie's

Favorite restaurant?

What is your favorite kind of car?
Mustang GT 500 baby

Most hated food(s)?
olives that aren't on a pizza, mushrooms not cooked, hot dogs.

Most loved food(s)?
Pizza, anything other then the foods I hate.

Can you sing?
Absolutely, but not as well as I want to.

Person on your mind?
An old friend.

What's your least favorite chore?
Anything around the house. I do it because it has to be done.

Favorite drink?
Mt. Dew...or Dr. Pepper

Currently have a crush?
Anyone with an accent, Michael Weatherly as Senior Field Agent Anthony Dinozzo, Mark Harmon as Senior Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and Adam Baldwin as Jayne from Firefly or Casey from Chuck. Nathan Fillion as Mal. Ooooh Johnny Depp, Dwayne Johnson, Jeff Hardy and Karl Urban as Bones McCoy (God! I love him in Doom also!)

How long was your longest drive in a car?
From Cincinate OH to Las Vegas NV

Why do you do Myspace/Livejournal surveys?
Because I want to: and I'm bored

Do you know who Nick Tyo is?
Not a clue, and I don't care.

1. Brief introduction of yourself.
I am a high school student. I act dumber then I actually am, and I say things that I know will make someone laugh. I love being crazy and nothing will ever change that.
2. What got you into fanfiction?
My friend in sixth grade. She told me about it and everytime I finished an anime series I had to find some fanfiction about my favorite couple((or couples))
3. What kind of fanfiction do you like?
Any kind as long as it’s written well. I like hurt/comfort a lot.
4. Do you write the same kind of pairings?
Yes I do. I write a lot of stories just never put them all on, and sometimes I don’t even finish one before starting another one. Maybe I should stop doing that.
5. Most popular fanfiction and why?
I have too many. I can not choice just one. But there’s this one called “Joker's Playmate" It's a JokerxBatman fic
6. Which fanfiction are you most proud of?
Hmm…I don't know
7. Do you find writing easy or hard?
It all depends on my mood that day
8. What is the most difficult aspect of writing you struggle with?
Fight scenes. Coming up with names that don’t sound retarded if I bring in an OC character.
9. Write a few sentences about a favorite pairing of yours.
Kakuzu was slowly losing his patience which wasn’t that hard when you had a partner like Hidan. The day was suppose to go along smoothly, they were suppose to grab a monk with a bounty on his head, but Hidan decided he was going to screw up a perfectly thought plan on Kakuzu’s part. But unfortunately…..and stupid of him not to think that this was going to happen….Hidan had killed the damn monk, pissing Kakuzu off where he threatened Hidan with more pain then he’d ever feel.(Yes I like Kakuzu and Hidan together…Got a problem with that?)
10. Detestable fanfiction trends?
rape…..unless someone comforts the one that gets raped.
11. Are you guilty of your having these trends in your stories?
No. Well in one of them…but like I said the partner comforted him afterwards.
12. The first type of fanfiction you wrote?
Het stories of Fruitsbasket. Between an OC of mine and Akito
13. Writing style?
Perverted, humor, and some slight violence. Sex…lots and lots of sex.
14. Do you read other fanfictions and what types?
Yes I read loads of other fanfictions. My taste gravitates towards angst, hurt/comfort and the occasional OC. There will be yaoi or hentai included in most of them.
15. Anything you are scared to write?
Intense fight scenes
16. Do you react negatively to criticism or are you overconfident with your writing?
Bad criticism can make me moody, but I get over it with time.
17. What helps you write?
Watching Anime, tv, listening to teachers teach.
18. What inspires you?
Anything and everything.
19. Overall fanfiction experience?
I love every moment of it and would not take it back.

Pick 10 characters and answer the questions below. You can pick any characters you like, both boys and girls!!

1. John Myers (Hellboy 1)

2. Hidan (Naruto)

3. Kakuzu (Naruto)

4. Itachi (Naruto)

5. Kisame (Naruto)

6. Deidara (Naruto)

7. Sasori (Naruto)

8. Gaara (Naruto)

9. Lee (Naruto)

10. Kanda (D-gray man)

1 woke you up in the middle of the night?
"John…Whatever Hellboy did I am not going to clean his mess up this time."
Number 2 asked you to go out with him?
Hidan. I’d love to go out with him. I know…I’m weird. ((He'd never ask though))
Number 3 walked into the bathroom while you're showering?
Kakuzu wouldn’t be interested. He’d stare at me bored, and then I will scream causing him to leave.
4 announced he's going to marry 9 tomorrow?
Poor Lee. I love Itachi to death but I just wonder what Itachi did to get Lee to marry him.
5 cooked you dinner?
"No…I want Sushi." blushes lightly "Never mind...sorry Kisame"
6 was lying next to you on the beach, sleeping?
Play with his clay, throwing it at random things that you see. ((Sorry Deidara))
7 suddenly confessed to be part of your family?
Sasori…Now that is weird.
8 got into the hospital somehow?
Damn it Gaara…..Who did he kill this time?
9 made fun of your friends?
Lee? He'd never do that...If he did then I’d stick Gaara on his ass.
10 ignored you all the time?
Kanda is the type of person who ignores everyone...I wouldn't feel neglected
Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will 1 do?
Get Hellboy, and help him in any way that he could

You're on a vacation with number 2 and manage to break your leg. What does 2 do?
Complain until Kakuzu tells him to shut up and pick me up.
It's your birthday. What will 3 give you?
Nothing. He’s a stingy basterd, that thinks money shouldn't be used for stupid shit. ((Sometimes I hate Kakuzu))
You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does 4 do?
Reluctantly save me, only because he knows that Pein will have a fit. ((Sometimes Itachi can be real cold-hearted))

You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will 5 do?
Wonder what it is so he can make fun of me for the rest of my life. ((Then I'd stick Itachi on his ass...Serves you right Kisame sticks tongue out))
You're about to marry number 10. What's 6's reaction?
Deidara would pout, wondering why I like Kanda since he's so cold. Then he'd be happy that I found someone even if it is Kanda.
You got dumped by someone. How will 7 cheer you up?
Sasori? He’s not good with cheering me up. Just being around him, will do it. We can talk about puppets.
You're angry about it afterwards, how does 8 calm you down?
Gaara would only make me mad. I love Gaara but he defiantly doesn’t have the right personality or atmosphere to him.
You compete in some tournament. How does 9 support you?
Lee? Oh he'd be a wierd one. He'd root for me on the sideline, telling me that I can win if I believe in Youth.
You can't stop laughing. What will 10 do?
He’d get pissed, threatening me with Mugen. ((Kanda doesn't do too well with emotional outbursts))
Number 1 is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?
I’d be slightly freaked. John is too much of a good guy ((Boy)) for me.
2 tells you about his deeply hidden love for number 9. Your reaction?
"Wow Hidan…Pedophile much?" And poor Lee.
You're dating number 3 and introduce him to your parents. Will they get along?
Why would I be dating Kakuzu in the first place? Kakuzu will not get along with my parents at all.

Number 4 loves number 9 as well. What does that mean?
"Damn it Itachi. When did you start caring? Especially for someone like Lee?"
Will number 5 and 6 ever kiss?
Maybe if they were drunk or Kisame was trying to shut Deidara up.
6 appears to be a player, he breaks many hearts. What do you do?
"Deidara!! Bad Deidara!!" smacks him upside the head
you had a haircut and 7 can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?
'Quit looking at me you damn puppet.'
Number 8 thinks he'll never get a girlfriend. What will you tell him?
"Oh you’ll get one…and when you do that will be the day." sarcasm
Number 9 is too shy to face you and confesses you his love by sending an e-mail. Now what?
Lee’s not shy to tell someone he loves them. ((Just ask that annoying bitch Sakura))
You spot 10 kissing number 1. How do you react?
Whoa when did John and Kanda meet? Better question how is Kanda real?

Friendship part
could 1 and 6 be soul mates?
John and Deidara? They’re both sweet….but I don’t think so. Not enough balance in the relationship. ((That and Deidara is technically a murderer))
Would number 2 trust number 5?
Hidan and Kisame?They work for the same person but I don’t think they’d trust each other too much, just enough to not betray each other.
Number 3 wants to go shopping, will 7 come along?
Kakuzu hates spending money for stupid shit...and Sasori never joins anyone unless he has to.
Number 4 is bored and pokes number 10. What happens after that?
Why the hell would Itachi poke Kanda? If he did poke Kanda then they’d end up having a glaring contest. Hmm...Who would win I wonder?
5 and 1 are forced to go back to school together. What study will they pick?
Kisame: Wood shop. Can create some pretty mean things.
John: History.
If 6 and 3 cooked dinner, what would they make?
Deidara and Kakuzu? Well it wouldn’t be anything expensive. Damn Kakuzu.
7 and 9 apply for a job. What job?
Sasori would be a Ventriloquist. ((Sorry Sasori))
Lee would be an effective PE teacher.
8 gives 5 a haircut. Is that okay?
Gaara gives Kisame a haircut?
Wow...thought I'd never see something like that in my lifetime.
9 sketches what 6's perfect girlfriend should look like? Will 6 be happy?
Lee sketching for Deidara? That will be the day. Deidara would probably criticize his sketch.
10 and 8 are blushing while they talk. What is their conversation about?
Kanda and Gaara do not blush. Unless someone confessed their love to them...probably not even then either

What would happen if...
1 accidentally kicked 10?
Kanda would threaten John with his sword Mugen...then John runs to Hellboy and I would love to see that fight.
2 sent 9 an e-mail that was meant for his girlfriend?
Lee would be wierded out...especially since it was sent from Hidan who lets face it...would suck in a relationship.
4 and 7 discovered they made love while being drunk?
Itachi and Sasori? Oh that would be hilarious to watch them both freak out and then swear to never repeat what happened ever.
5 and 6 did a work-out together?
Kisame and Deidara hmm? They’d be tired as hell after their fight.
6 noticed he wasn't invited for your birthday?
Deidara would pout and tell his Sasori-Danna.
7 won the lottery?
Sasori would buy more parts for his dolls.
8 had quite a big secret?
Gaara? Oh it would be hilarious if he actually liked Sakura. Oh I’d die of laughter.
9 became a singer?
Lee singing? "Oh god everybody run away now."
10 got a daughter?
Kanda would wonder what the hell happened to land him with a kid of all things.

Last part!

What would 1 think of 2?
John would see Hidan as a murderous psychopath. ((Well that's what Hidan is John))
What would 2 find weird about 3?
Hidan knows a lot of things about his partner. I don’t think anything would freak him out.
How would 3 greet 4?
Kakuzu: You better not have spent more money then was necessary.

Itachi: glares
what would 4 envy about 5?
Itachi envy Kisame…that would be the day.
What dream would 5 have about 6?
Kisame would dream about slicing Deidara up. ((Oh Sasori would either be pissed off badly or happy as hell))
What do 6 and 7 have in common?
Deidara and Sasori have the fact that they both enjoy art. ((Of course they argue and say that the other's thought of art is wrong.))
What would make 7 angry at 8?
Gaara would destroy one of Sasori's favorite puppet.
Where would 8 meet 9?
Gaara and Lee would meet before a meeting between the Kazekage and Hokage.
What would 9 never dare to tell 10?
Lee would never tell Kanda that he loves him dearly. ((snickers))
What would make 10 scared of 1?
If John actually had the nerve to hit on Kanda. That would be funny.

1. What sex are you and/or prefer to be?
I'm a girl, and I rather like being a girl, thank-you-very-much.

2. How old are you?
old enough to know what to do.

3. Where do you live?
In a state, in a country, in a continent, in the world, in the universe...I could keep going...

4. What kind of music do you listen to?
J-rock, j-pop, rock, alternative, adult rock, classic rock, dance, 90's, 80's, 70's, and party favorities.

5. Foods and Such
I. Like. CHOCOLATE. >:3 Oh, and Pizza.

6. What do you do outside the internet?
write roleplays, watch tv, study once in awhile, sleep and eat.

7. So, When it comes to yaoi what kind of kinks float your boat?
bondage, S&M, breathplay ((only lately))

8.What fandoms sparks your interest?
Moon Child, Phantom of the Opera, Final Fantasy V VII VIII X X-2 XII , Kingdom Hearts, and yaoi oneshot originals.

9. What attracted you to yaoi?
My best friend Clarissa

10. How gay are you for reals?
-flails- This Information Is Classified

Number your twelve favorite Naruto characters (in no particular order) and answer the following questions:

1. Kakuzu

2. Pein

3. Deidara

4. Kisame

5. Sasori

6. Hidan

7. Itachi

8. Orochimaru

9. Kakashi

10. Kabuto

11. Iruka-sensei

12. Gaara.

1. Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fan-fic before?
Hidan and Iruka-sensei? No. But I think I like the idea that popped into my head after figuring out who my 6 and 11 were.

2. Do you think four is hot? How hot?
Kisame? Hot. I know I’m weird.

3. What would happen if twelve got eight pregnant?
I’d be thinking, ‘Why the hell did Orochimaru have sex with Gaara in the first place?’

4. Do you recall any fan-fics about nine?
Kakashi fanfics? Tons especially with Iruka-sensei or Sasuke.

5. Would two and six make a good couple?
Considering that Hidan never shows respect to Pein it would be interesting to say the least.

6. Five/Nine or Five/Ten?
Sasori/Kakashi or Sasori/Kabuto? 5/10 it’d be more fun to read I think.

7. What would happen if seven walked in on Two and Twelve having sex?
Itachi would calmly stare at the leader then at Gaara, and then walk away like nothing happened. Might tell Konan to see how she’d react.

8. Make up a summary for a three/ten fanfic.
Orochimaru steals Deidara as a ransom, but when the others make no move to come get him he gives Deidara to Kabuto to have fun with. XD

9. is there any such thing as One/Eight fluff?
No. I don’t think there’d be any fluff between Kakuzu and Orochimaru.

10. Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve Hurt/Comfort fic.
There is such a thing called love. Corny right?

11. What kind of plot would you use if you wanted Four to de-flower one?
Kisame would not de-flower Kakuzu. Kakuzu would use his tentacles and rape him instead. XD

12. Does anyone on your friends list read three het?
They could. I never asked them.

13. Does anyone on your friends list write or draw eleven?
No not Iruka-sensei. Kakashi-sensei yes, Iruka-sensei no.

14. Would anyone on your friends list write Two/Four/Five?
I would. I think it’d be an interesting story.

15. What might ten scream at a moment of great passion?
Orochimaru-sama” We all know Kabuto wants Orochimaru.

16. If you wrote a song-fic about eight, what song would you choose?
Poison” by Alice Cooper

17. if you wrote a one/six/twelve fic, what would the warning be?
Warning: Angst, blood, violence, one hell of a paring if I say so myself.

18. What might be a good pick-up line for ten to use on two?
I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be pounded into a bed by someone stronger then me”

19. How might eleven describe a relationship between Two and Eight?
Iruka-sensei: Why the hell am I here?

20. How emo is Seven?
Itachi. Oh he’s way over emo I swear.

Favorite Anime/Manga/TV shows/Movies:

League of extrodinary Gentlemen ((Dorian Gray makes me drool big time))

Pirates of the Carribean...all three of them especially the third one.

Harry Potter ((Draco Malfoy!!))

Love Mode ((best yaoi manga ever!!))

Naruto ((Itachi-san!!))

D- Gray man ((Kanda is so hot. Scary yet so hot))

Fullmetal Alchemist ((Mini skirt!!))

Bleach ((Byakuya-taichou. You are my hero))

Shin-chan ((Cracks me up))

Code Geass

House ((Just have to love House and Wilson.))

GH: Nightshift

General Hospital

Sorceress Hunters ((Marron is so cute. Milphy cracks me up with Carrot.))

Kyo Kara Maou ((Wolfie is so cute in his pink nightgown!!))

Zombie Powder

Our Kingdom

One Piece ((Ahha Sanji and Zoro))

Ghost Hunters


Vampire Game

Live Free or Die Hard ((John and Matt. That is all I have to say))

NCIS ((Have to love it. The whole family relationship they have with each other on-screen and off.))

NCIS: LA ((Callen is the best ever))

True blood ((Oh Eric))

Stargate SG-1 ((Michael Shanks is a great actor.))

Stargate Atlantis ((John Sheppard!!))

Star Trek ((The Original only))

Highlander ((Methos is adorable))

Batman/The Dark Knight

Supernatural ((Dean Winchester baby))

Favorite yaoi slash and Yuri couples:

Pirates of the Carribean- JackxWill and sometimes JackxNorrington, BarbossaxJack, Bootstrap Bill((not the ugly sea creature)xJackXWill

Harry Potter: DracoxHarry, SeverusxHarry, SiriusxRemus, FredxGeorge, PercyxOliver Wood, and DracoxHarryxRon sometimes if it's really good.

Love Mode- ReijixNaoya, TakamiyaxIzumi, ArashixIzumi, JinxKatsuki, IanxRin and KiichixHaroumi

Naruto- NarutoxSasuke. GaaraxLee, NejixNaruto/Kyuubi, SasorixDeidara. ItachixSasuke, KisamexItachi, OrochimaruxKabuto, KakashixIruka-sensei, InoxSakura, KyuubixShukaku, KakuzuxHidan, and ShinoxKiba.

D- Grey man- CrossxKomui, TykixLavi, and AllenxKanda

Fullmetal Alchemist- RoyxEd, MaesxRoy, GreedxEnvy, HavocxRoyxMaes, and sometimes Wrath(anime Wrath not manga Wrath)xEnvy.

Bleach- AizenxGin, GinxKira, GrimmjowxIchigo, Hollow IchigoxIchigo, IchigoxIshida, RenjixByakuya, ShunsuixUkitake, IkkakuxYumichika, and GinxHitsugaya

Code Geass- LelouchxSuzaku

House- ForemanxChase, and HousexWilson

GH: Nightshift- KylexEric

General Hospital- NikolasxLucky, StavrosxStefan, JasonxSonny, SonnyxRic,and JasonxRicxSonny

Sorceross Hunters- MilpheyxCarrot, MilpheyxCarrotxMarron, GauteaxMarron, and sometime CarrotxMarron

Zombie Powder- GammaxElwood, and sometimes GammaxElwoodxC. T. Smith

Kyo Kara Maou- YuurixWolfram, GwendalxGunther, sometimes KonradxWolfram, Gwendalx(his cousin forgot his name) and ConradxYozak

One Piece- ZoloxSanji, AcexLuffy, SmokerxAce, CrocodilexSmoker and sometimes RobinxNami

Vampire Game- IllisadexHume, SharlenxJened, DuzellxPhelios, DarresxPhelios, DarresxYuujinn, AshleyxYuujinn, LaphijixSeiliez, and DuzellxRishad

Live Free or Die Hard- JohnxMatt

NCIS- GibbsxDinozzo, DuckyxPalmer, AbbyxKate, sometimes AbbyxZiva. DinozzoxMcGee is cute, VancexMcGee

NCIS: LA- SamxCallen, and NatexEric

True Blood- EricxBill, and PamxSookie

Stargate SG-1 - JackxDaniel, and Teal'cxDaniel

Stargate Atlantis- RononxZelenka, and RodneyxJohn

Star Trek- SpockxKirk, SpockxKirkxMcCoy, McCoyxChekov, SuluxChekov, and ScottyxChekov

Highlander- DuncanxMethos

Batman/The Dark Knight- BatmanxJoker, Two-facexRiddler, BatmanxRobin, and Poison IvyxHarley

Supernatural- BobbyxJohn, SamxDean and CalebxJoshua

I. Xemnas:

( ) You are the leader most of the time.
(X) You like black.
(X) You wished/wish you were someone else.
(X) You don't listen to others.
( ) You like doing research.

II. Xigbar:

(X) You have bad eyesight.
() You like throwing things at others when angry.
(X) You wish you were able to teleport.
(X) You wear your hair in a ponytail.
(X) You have/wish you had a gun
TOTAl: 4

III. Xaldin

(x) You like windy days.
() You have tried to steal something precious from someone.
(X) You like dragons.
() You have/like dreadlocks.
(X) You've tried to anger someone on purpose.

IV. Vexen

(X) You are disrespected by the young ones.
() Someone has already considered you a traitor.
() You are the oldest of your group.
(X) You like experiments.
() You like cold days.

V. Lexaeus

() You are not very talkative.
() You like brain games.
() People are afraid of you because of your appearance.
(X) You prefer heavy weapons rather than light ones.
() You are very strong, physically speaking.

VI. Zexion

(X) You love reading.
() You are not very sociable.
() You are one of the shortest of your group.
() You have a very sensible nose.
() You like to allude others.

VII. Saïx

() You have double-personality issues
(X) You are more active during night rather than day.
(X) You like werewolves.
() Your superior trusts you.
() You have a scar on your face.

VIII. Axel

(X) You are somewhat a pyromaniac.
(X) You care deeply for your best friends.
(X) You are a two-faced when you need to.
(X) You don't like when people don't remember your name.
(X) You have a very fiery personality.

IX. Demyx
(X) You like music.
() You know how to play a guitar.
(X) You like rainy days.
(X) You like swimming.
(X) You are usually a very happy person.

X. Luxord

(X) You like playing cards.
() You like to gamble.
() Your favorite color is gold.
(X) You have stolen money from others.
(X) You have/wished you could curse someone.

XI. Marluxia

() You like pink.
() You like flowers.
() You are plotting to overthrow your superior.
() You were betrayed by someone.
() You are a bit of a flamboyant person.

XII. Larxene

() You're the only female on your group.
(X) You like storms.
() You're pretty agile.
(X) You like to mock others.
(X) You think ninjas are cool.

XIII. Roxas

(X) You love ice cream.
() You are the youngest of your group.

(X) You think people are hiding something from you.

() You usually have strange dreams involving people you've never met.

() You prefer afternoons rather than nights and mornings.

Quotes between me and my friends, or I've heard somewhere else.

"Do you know...It hurts being electrocuted with a cops tagy thingy?" My friend Pero burnt his hair off while playing with one.

"holy mother of pearls batman" Me XD

"Big Kahoonas" my nickname from my friends.

"Hey It's Uncle Toto...ugh...that's not uncle Toto." My best friend Hope said this while we were driving to her father's workplace. The window was open and the poor guy heard her as we passed by him.

"Attack of the flying Muffin" me XD

"Flying Tacos" "No flying twinkies" Me and my friend Crystal in one of our wierd rants.

"Can I name it Tubie?" Me...I read it in a fanfiction and just had to say it to my friends.

"Thank you...thank you...thank you...thunka...thank you" It was in my friend's Pero's songs by Billy Talent.

"Mother of pearls" me...I stubbed my tone one day at school and this came out instead of fuck, which I am grateful for.

"Bite me" My cousin Cindy says it all the time to her mother, and her mother bites her to prove a point I guess.

"Onwards march" I yell this almost everyday after school when me, my friend Crystal and John go to our eighth class.

" Hey." came a lilting Austrailian accent from above. House looked up, nodding in acceptance of Chase's prescence.
" Where's Wilson? Don't you normally have him buy you lunch?" Chase sat down, looking at Wilson's leftovers.
The sunlight trickling from outside made his blond hair produce a halo around his precious head.
" Nice scrubs." House commented, " They really bring out your eyes." Chase glared at him.
" Nice cane," Chase shot back, " Really brings out your limp." Chase really was turning into a
mini House ever since he stopped working on his team and became head surgeon." A roleplay with someone on Gaia.

"Ah missed me already" he said, smiling
" Mmm. It's that boyish charm." he teased
"Ah I was trying to change that" Wilson muttered, then chuckled lightly. He stepped fully outside, and closed his
balcony door behind him. "Hmm...what's so interesting...that has you looking out instead of at me?" Wilson asked,
making his way to House. He leaned against the wall and looked down. "Hmm...not much down there that you haven't
seen before." he said looking over at House. "Last time I checked you were crippled not blind" Wilson said, smiling
slightly. Roleplay with the same person as the one on top of it.

"Roses are red, violets are blue and now I am ready to stick it up into you." My character in Harry Potter, Kira Sakuya, vampire and DADA teacher, says this to Rita Skeeter during the first task.

"I know how we can finish this" "And what pray tell would that be?" "Me and you...add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and pray to god you don't multiply." Kira says this to Snape during the third season, when Remus was doing his job, while he was dealing with his vampiric powers.

"I hate you" "I love you" "I know...wait what!!" My character Saya Lestrange, talking to Neville.

"I shall kill you with a po-ta-to" me to my friend Crystal.

"Attack of the flying squirrel" A kid in my class said a squirrel attacked his neck. So I said this to my friend after school.

"This is the Captain speaking...We will be experiencing some turbulance and then explode" "We're going to explode...I don't want to explode." Jayne and Mal in the Serenity movie.

"Are we going to crash again Sir" "I don't know...ask your husband." "Jayne is that grenades? "Yeah...Captain doesn't want them though" Mal, Zoe and Jayne talking during the beginning of the Serenity movie.

"Damn it all to the seven layers of hell" My character Kato says this in my roleplay with a friend. He was in this room called the White room and you can't use your power in it. He forgets that as he tries using his telekenisis to save my friend's character Nate from her other character Talia.

"See what you two did" "Hey I'm innocent here" "Yeah and I'm the tooth fairy" "Oh really...Thief" My character's Kato, Omi, and Chiyo fighting over who was to blame for making Talia blush.

"What the fuck are fucking people doing in the fucking hall and standing in my fucking way. God fucking damn it, that fucking hurts" My character basically yells this after running into my friend's character.

"God damn it I just lost you" My character Kato to Nate after just escaping from him by jumping off the roof of the building.

"Don't people jump off the roof these days" "Not from three story buildings" Kato and Nate.

"Don't forget the condom" "And the lube" "Don't worry I'm not you Chiyo" Chiyo and Kato were teasing Talia and Nate as they walked off and Talia yelled back.

"Chiyo try casting a spell" "The white room negates any special powers and spells while you're in it" Omi and Chiyo talking about the white room.

"Are you you, or are you your father" "You know that didn't make any sense" "It wasn't suppose to. If it's really Kato then he will make fun at it. That's why I worded it that way" Nate and Talia whispering about my character Kato. Making sure he was the real Kato and not being controlled.

"First of all that didn't make sense and second of all...Is it bad that I actually understood you?" Kato after Talia asks the question from above.

"Kato do you think I'm Crazy" "Is that a trick question...Just kidding you are not crazy" Talia asking Kato if she was crazy since Chiyo told her she was.

"I take that back...You can be crazy sometimes" "Why am I the shield?" "Ah...I'm not crazy I promise" "Ok ok you aren't crazy" "Yeah're both crazy" "Chiyo I don't want to hurt you but I will if I have to" "Oh Nate save me from the crazy women" "To calm the lady kiss" Talia, Chiyo, Omi and Kato playing around.

"Well that was fun" Oh my Mal. ((Mal says this in a story of mine))

"Can't breathe can we?" Oh where would anyone be without Jayne being sarcastic and evil-like? Mal goes off on Jayne, telling him that he should have died not the others, and Jayne "leaves" he of course comes back with a plan but poor Mal gets hurt because Jayne can't jeapordize his plan and help Mal as the Commander of the Alliance is having his fun with Mal, making Jayne cut off Mal's oxygen.

"Well what can I say? I'm better off alone, so I don't have to hear any whining" Mal sick humor gets the best of him as he talks to the commander, after the man says that the only man Mal could count on was now against him.

"Gorram it all to the seven layers of Hell" My favorite quote that I wrote Jayne saying after his plan backfires. His plans tend to do that a lot if you ask me.

River tilted her head to the side just slightly, eyeing Mal who looked like he was eaten and spit out by a reaver and Jayne who just didn't know how to shut his mouth at the view of her. Alright...not a quote but I thought it was funny. River shows up and saves them after being dead.

"Captain you look great" Zoe and her sarcasm. Oh how I love her. She bails them out in a sticky situation

"Something got your panties in a twist?" Mal asking Jayne this when he notices Jayne's being silent. "I don't have any on" He turns to Kaylee "Want to see?" Kaylee rolls her eyes, "Sorry you're not Simon" Mal quickly says, "Keep that to yourself...I don't want to know what you two do in your free time."

"You just killed a helicopter with a car!"

"I ran out of bullets" Live Free or Die Hard. Matt and John after John destroys the helicopter with a flying car.

Ron- "Rei's a smartass"

Rei- lifts her shirt and checks her ass Hmm...I never knew it had a mind of its own...Hmm you learn new things everyday" My character Rei Malfoy being a smartass about being a smartass.

Ron- "People were bothering her"

Rei- "I got angry as hell"

Ron- "Then she jinxed them"

Rei- "Which was fun as hell...Oh my I'm in hell early" Rei just being herself and joking around.

Rei- "You know I saw that the muggles were selling chocolate flavored condoms...maybe you and Harry should try them Draco

Draco- "Shut up!!" Rei messing with her brother.

Rei- "Hmm maybe he's masturbating about you Harry" Rei talking about Malfoy's disappearances during the sixth year.

Snape- "Who knows who'll attack children like you Mr. Potter...Vampires perhaps?"

Harry- "Vampires don't exist.

Kira- appears behind Harry "Care to say that again?"

Ron- "Wow you're sneaky"

Kira- sighs

Rei- "Dumbass" About vampires kinda.

Rei- "Now when you see Malfoy what do you yell?"

1st years- "Stupify"

Rei- " remember point your wands at him before you yell stupify.

Couple of hours later, Rei's walking down the hallways and hears the yell of Stupify. She smiles then says, "Ah music to my ears"

Snape- Closes eyes "Voldermorts coming."

Kira- "Well that's a first" Kira and Snape waiting for Voldermort before the beginning of the 5th book.

Rei- "Now remember children. Use a condom and don't forget the lube" Rei to Harry and Ron.

Rei- "Wow if it ain't the boy wonder, his idiot sidekick, and the badger." Rei meeting Harry, Ron, and Hermione for the first time.

Kira- "Hey Snape where's Dumbledore?"

Snape- "How the hell should I know?"

Kira- Oh I could have swore you two were gay for each other.

Snape- glares

Kira messing with Snape...He does that a lot.

Rei- throws something at Snape when his back is turned

Snape- spins around "Who threw that?"

Rei- "Malfoy I know that you love Professor Snape but please reframe from flirting with him by throwing things"

Class- laughs

Malfoy and Snape- glares at Rei

Snape- goes to say something

Kira- suddenly appears out of the shadows, interrupting him

Class- goes quiet staring at him wondering how he did that

Kira- clears throat "Class I've come to borrow Professor Snape for some fun in the broom closet"

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Rei- snickering

A plan that Kira formed and got Harry and Company and Rei to involve themselves in.

Draco- "Where's Potter!?"

Rei- "Last time I saw him...he was waiting in your room for you.

Draco- "Rei I'm being serious"

Rei- "I know so am I" Rei and Malfoy talking during the third year.

Harry- "How did you know my dad?"

Kira- "He use to always come and visit under the cloak so we could have fun" smirks

Harry and Kira talking about how Kira knew James.

Rei- "Here kitty kitty'

Kira- "Rei is that..."

Rei- "Why yes its a mini Malfoy.

Kira- "Well have fun" leaves

Rei dangling Malfoy as a ferret for Crookshanks, and Kira walks in. Happens after Mad-Eye changed Malfoy in a ferret.

Rei- "You stroke the spine dumbass...and you call yourself my brother...How rude" Rei in Hagrid's class 3rd year

Harry- "Where's the git professor Snape?"

Rei- "With my dad. He won't be back for awhile." Rei and Harry in the library, after not seeing Snape at lunch that day.

Kira- "I know how we can settle this"

Snape- "How?"

Kira- "Me, you, the bed, and a box filled with toys to use.

Snape- speechless

Kira and Snape in the DADA room, after arguing about who'd be on top if they ever did have sex.

Kira- "Man someones PMSing"

Rei- yells "I knew he was a women" Kira and Rei talking about Snape, after he stomped off after telling them off for that joke in the class room with throwing objects and such.

Rei- "Man he needs a tictac...hell he needs a whole pack of them, along with a free facelift" Rei making fun of Voldermort as she's waiting for the old geezer to return with talking to her dad.

Kira- "They say that us Slytherins are cunning and sly, but some of us our cowardly too...Not that I'm pointing fingers Draco Malfoy" Kira talking to Draco about Slytherins.

Rei- "Do I have a Dark Mark? Why yes I do but you'll never see it." Rei talking about her Dark Mark that is on her left breast.

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