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Hola my fellow readers! Welcome to my little profile of wonders!

My name is Karimi but you can call me Rimi since people can't pronounce my real name. I'm 18 years old and in college. Yeah. I live in the US. I write Kingdom Hearts stories. I do accept One-shot requests. Most, if not all, of my stories involve my OC character, Talia. I'm not a romantic person. I'm a very picky person. I review stories I feel needs to be reviewed. The Diary of Namine, Hard to Get, and Barely Legal are currently my favorite stories! I'm a huge Kairi and Namine fan. That is all.

Authors Note

(Updated Dec 30, 2014)

BE PROUD OF ME!! I have updated Sky of Tears! Finally! After a year, right? It's kind of rought since I'm getting back into writing it but I'm overall impressed with the chapter. Thank you to those who have stuck with me throughout this year of non-updates! Please expect more updates in 2015! I love you guys -Rimi

Stories Corner

Sky of Tears (Sequel to An Unwilling Love) Chapter 9 - Released on 12/30/14

A Day in the Life of Kairi (Chapter 5) To be honest I wrote the next chapter to this already I just don't like it. So technically 50% completed

.:.Main Character(s).:.

(Please Note that if you'd like to borrow Talia for one of your stories, let me know and give credit where needed.)

Name: Talia Arisa Kisargi

Birthday: June 8th

Age: 15-22 (Depends on Story)

Alias: Tally, Tal, Tally-Chan (Sora's privilege only), Tally Mark

Home Town: Born and raised in Destiny Islands. At age 12 moved to Twilight Town

Hobbies: Shopping, singing, reading, hanging out with friends, surfing (when she lived in Destiny Islands), and swimming.

Likes: Trying new things, fairytales, and sleeping late

Dislikes: Ghost, Haunted Houses, the Dark, Injustice, Liars

Looks: Long dark blue hair, greenish blue eyes. She is the same height as Kairi.

Clothing: Usually a white short sleeved blouse with a black sleeveless vest with a black and white tie hung loosely, and a black mini skirt.

Personality: Outgoing, Unlucky, Smart, Brave, Loving, and a little hyper sometimes.

Strengths: Sharp Senses. Very Smart.

Flaws: Clumsy, can be fooled easily

Occupation: She's a babysitter, heroine, and works part time at a small library

Theme Song: Final Distance by Utada Hikaru

Love Interest(s): Mainly Sora and Roxas. Riku has SOME exceptions.

Best Friend(s): Olette, Kairi, and Roxas.

Ethincy: 50% Japanese, 50% Atlantian [Her mom is from Atlantica, will be explained in An Unwilling Love and it's sequel.]

Stories She appears in: An Unwilling Love, Sky of Tears, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you update frequently?

I'm in college. That says it all. Plus, unlike most writers, I don't plan chapters before I write. I just write whatever comes to my mind and so that often leads to a lot of Writer's Block. I'll write and update when I have the time.

What's your real age?


Is Talia based off you?

Talia is a girl I made up one day while riding the school bus in 7th grade and she just happened to stick to my mind and I wrote about her in my journal when I got home. She's not based on me or anyone I know. She's just some random person.

Are you a girl?

I believe so.

What inspired you to write An Unwilling Love?

Not a thing. I thought of it while riding the school bus in 7th grade.

Who does Talia love more? Sora or Roxas?

Speaking out of AUL terms, Talia doesn't love neither less than the other. It really depends on the story she appears in. To fully answer the question though, Talia was basically made for Sora. It was meant for them to be together. Roxas will always be just the "childhood crush."

Do you hate Kairi?

Kairi is life. I do not hate Kairi.

If Sora loves Talia, why did he get engaged in Sky of Tears?

Will be explained in the story.

In AUL, you didn't mention what chapter Talia developed feelings for Sora, only when she realized them herself. When did she develop them though?

The day Sora told her in the cafeteria that Seifer was using her was when she took notice of him. The night he helped her with her father situation, she actually started to fall for him when he gave her advice. Talia maybe smart, but since she doesn't have a lot of experience in the relationship department, she doesn't catch on to her own feelings sometimes even if it's obvious.

Does Kairi still hate Talia in Sky of Tears?

Will be explained in story.

Does Talia hate Kairi?

Nope. She just strongly dislikes her.

Does Riku dislike Talia?

Not at all. In fact, Riku is kind of jealous Sora got to Talia before he did. Riku just found it annoying that Talia couldn't realize she was in love with Sora.

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