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Hey there

I'll just like everyone to know that this is the Angel half of the J'Oublie M'appelle duo. And I thought I might as well make a seperate one because I felt bad for crowding Birdie's inbox. Hehe.

And by the way DelightfulSmiles was choosen because I love smiles especially smiles that make me feel...delightful..?


My name: Find a nickname
Age: One legal down one more to go!
Country: Australia
I am a filopino born australian - FBA
I am a girl
I do have a life
Am a very slow updater, but it gets done...eventually

Loves: too many to mention
Hates: a great deal as well
Hopes: they keep me going
Dreams: What makes the future a little less scary
Life: Family, friends, fanfic

Warning: I have a very sarcastic personality but I'm generally nice

14/04/10 - Hey all...I haven't updated my stories simply because of the chaos that is my life at the moment, being in my final year of high school is mind boggling for me with all the school work that needs to be put in. With that life has become complicated because of various reasons, I'm soooooo sorry!!

Links for Melting Point

Cars: Rosalie's Car . Alice's Car . McCarty-Swan SUV

Supported/Loved Pairings


NejiXTenten - Yes I do realise that her character isn't really indept but still she's so kawaii with him. Che and if you don't believe me bite me okay
NarutoXHinata - Psh duh!
SasukeXSakura - I really do hate Sasuke but then again I really do believe they should be together!
AsumaXKurenai - nuu they're so awesome..why'd you have to go and die Asuma?! WHY?!
ShikamaruXIno - I just believe alright!

Card Captors

SayaronXSakura - The classic of ALL classics..Gosh I love them so much!

La Corda D'Oro

HinoXAny of the guys - I mean honestly each and every guy in there you have to love, and the music they all make together is breathtaking! Don't think I'm crazy for if you've watched the anime/read the manga you would understand!


KagomeXSesshomaru - Yes I'm one of THOSE supporters...I don't know how I grew to love this couple but I did!
KagomeXInuyasha - I support BOTH!

Spoilers Ahoy~

Yes, yes I know I'm one of those people who love Twilight, so sue me. But let me tell you right now; in my school I was one of the first people to actually read the book and I spazzed all over it; but when it got popular I got pissed " ahaha. But still I love it in all it's cliche-ness, but who cares most books are cliche these days so no one can really say anything about it can they?

I only support canon pairings within Twilight; all the characters are built to suit their specific other as Stephenie Meyer made it to be! Bella and Edward are meant to be, Alice and Jasper, Rose and Emmett, Carlise and Esme. Breaking Dawn made me feel of fluffy inside at points; but I must say it only started to get really good when it entered Jacob's point of view; and Nessie is really cute - I love her power, I would love that type of power! Bella's is pretty damn awesome as well if I do say so myself. But it's really odd because the idea of her I dislike, if she was just another vampire it would be alri - wait no it wouldn't...because werewolves and vampires are enemies. This ending for Jake and Bella made it too good to be true don't you reckon?

I hate human Bella with a passion, she is the most annoying character in the entire freaking series - which is funny because she's human for three and half books - anyhoo vampire Bella however is a different story, she is awesome! I like how she's not as self-aware of herself, she's comfortable in herself, and she isn't clinging to Edward to save her ass everytime - she can save HERSELF!!

I seriously love Edward! However, Jacob has a special place in my heart and everyone who bitches about them are idiots! I swear...he's only acting that way because he cares about Bella!! So if you hate Jacob...BLAH YOU!! He is a more relateable character compared to Edward don't you think? Because you know you can meet a person like him; Edward however is a tad too perfect - and just sets a standard that most guys just can't reach. And by the way if you ever say something bad about Jacob I will hurt you/seriously flame your ass.

I would also like to add about Twilight fanfiction, and I'm sorry - actually I'm not sorry I hate this - that I'm sadden with the amount of fanfiction stories that have made Charlie appear to be abusive; it's not right, after the amount of crap he's gone through already even BEFORE the series even started he doesn't deserve that. He's been described as a caring, protective and loving father. He would NOT abuse Renee or Bella.

Quil and Claire are the cutest imprint EVER! Oh well...Rachel and Paul is pretty funny if I do say so myself.

I love Vampires. I love Werewolves/shap shifters. I hate human Bella. I love that Charlie can still be in Bella's life even if she's a vampire.

- Add on -

By the way for everyone out there who thinks Quil and Claire's relationship is pedo...lemme point out that IT'S STATED THAT HE HAS A FATHERLY/BROTHERLY AFFECTION YOU JACKASSES!! :) and if you thought that about their relationship you would probably think that about Jacob's and Nessie's relationship yeah? And if you don't then you're a bloody hypocrite! And the only time it would involve into a romantic relationship is when Claire is ready and Quil will most likely deem her ready to be, and he definately would NOT take advantage of the person who is supposedly his perfect other half yes? Damn right yes.


02/05/09 - It is now offical. I am a Team Werewolf girl. Btw that is Aussie dating system ;D

Story ideas

Disease - Tragedy/Romance
Getting married, fell in love with someone else - Romance/Drama
Music School - General/Romance

What type of fanfic these shall be are still up to thought
but they're either going to be Naruto or Twilight - yup I'm goanna take a stab at it..if I ever become bothered

Achievements :) lol these may just be my very own achievements...

Ice and Sugar - Reached over 100 reviews !!
Ice and Sugar - First ever completed multi-chaptered story

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