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Hello guys and/or girls. My name is Alexander the Indiscriminate, (for those of you not catching on right about now,) and this is my opening page for my account. Huh? You want a bio? I'm sorry, but I don't feel like I deserve to show someone my bio right about now. If I get better known around these parts, I'll consider it.

My reason for posting here on Fan is because I wish to improve my skills as a writer so that one day I can be a fiction novelist. For this reason, I would be happy if you would please leave some constructive criticism every once in a while. This way, not only will I know if I am doing a good job or not, but I will also be able to improve on my overall writing skill so that you all can enjoy higher quality work from me. I'm not going to have a Beta Reader for now, but once I am able to gain your, all the readers out there, respect; I'll accept one if they ask.

Few things about my update schedule:
1: I'm still in school at the moment so I can't update that frequently though. When school's out... my updates are still going to be late. :D (see reason 3 for more info.)
2: My ideas need time to flow out naturally and more time in order to shape them to meet my standard. Please give me time to let my creative juices flow, so that I can present a better story to you guys.
3: As much as I would hate to admit it, I am a very disorganized person, so if I haven't updated in a while don't be afraid to tell me that I'm slacking off.
4: I am very prone to changing my writing as I look back and think, "Damn it, I could have worded that better." Don't be surprised if there are changes half-way through my work. I'll leave a small summary of all the changes I've done to what I had origionally written at the bottom of the page so as to clarify what's different without having you rummage though my story like a panicked bug. I'll try not to do this though.

Current Project:
I only have one fic right now that I am focusing on intently, Tsumi. To clarify what I mean; by AU, I mean the "not in the Naruto-verse at all" kind of AU. By Crossover I mean the "replacing characters" kind of Crossover. I should warn you though; most of the characters are going to have varying levels of OOC here. Some will be close to their original counterparts, most will be different from their canological counterparts and others are going to be far off the mark here (Naruto is an unfortunate example here.) The reason for this is because if I tried to keep the entire cast IC it would disrupt the flow of the story and take away from the experience somewhat. That and I would totally screw it up. :P I would rather not do this but, it cannot be helped. However, despite all that I still intend to make this fic as high quality as possible (first impressions and all that jazz.)
Tsumi: 0 (Let me recover and hear what you want. I need your opinions here.)

Future Prodjects:
As of now, all I have planned for the future is one backup fic incase I need serious down time in working on Tsumi. That backup is also going to help me see if people would be interested in me working further into that series and help me build confidence in my ability to shape the characters correctly. Stay Tuned! (... for several months.) :P

I've rambled on enough though, on with the show(s)!

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