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Author has written 6 stories for Digimon, and Harry Potter.

So it's easy going
Nineteen, Canadian, totally laid back except when stressed (because that made sense) in which case I clean.

Thought it wasn't all that pressing
Favourite anime series would have to be Fruits Basket and with Gundam Wing A/C and Escaflowne in a tie for close second. Serial Experiments: Lain was pretty intreguing, and Saber Marionette 'J' was definitely wonderful. As for my growing list of Manga, I'm in the process of reading Tsubassa, XXXHolic, Inuyasha (manga blows the anime out of the water), Fruits Basket (yeah... seen the anime, reading the manga), X/1999and Full Metal Alchemist.

There is a fiction press account where I post my non-fanfic stuff, so that link is below.
Fiction press -

And shortly there will be some art up on dA on my account for the Camp Chief Hector fic, and possibly some others now that I'm back.

Think of it as almost there
Ok, I'm back and I'm editing! I want to finish CCH, because I miss camp and the writing is atrocious! So the first chap has been reposted and I'm ready to go!
06/05/06 You know that CCH update I promised? Yeah... it's finally here... ' a couple weeks, almost a month late. I've decided that the reason the Tamers get to go to camp is because it was a gift from their parents for saving the world, again. So the new reading order is An Angels Wings, Hidden in Plain Sight, Tamers Game and CCH. I have to finish HiPS and CCH though... so... yeah...
05/23/06 I've finally aupdated some stuff, a new chapter of CCH is coming out soon, and there's a link to my fictionpress account. If you like fantasy you should go check it out.
02/11/06 So, in the process of reposting/editing ToL, and pretty soon there should be a new installation of CCH, I just need my computer back from my dads' place -.-' also I'm thinking of re-visiting HiPS because it's all lonely and deserted. Writers block, meet steam roller.
09/01/05 Oh, look look! Tamers Game is finished!
08/31/05 So I've wound up with a bit of a trilogy on my hands, suggested reading order: An Angels Wings, Tamers Game, and then Hidden in Plain sight (which kinda fits between those two and is a WIP

Future Fics/Fics in Progress:

Tapestry of Lies HP:
New students are coming to Hogwarts because of Voldemorts return, four of them directly in contact with Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny. One is Arabella Figg's niece, another Draco Malfoy's cousin, one from Canada who's absolutely crazy, and the last who's just as if not more concerned about marks then Hermione.
With Voldemort's return and Deatheaters beginging to show their true colours once more, the new friends are pulled into the most tangled web of lies and deceit they could have ever imagined. Meanwhile, one of the group is reporting to Voldemort, though not whom you'd expect,and Malfoy begins to question where his loyalties truly lie. Welcome to the Tapestry, are you looking at the big picture?
NOTE: Ok, down to 1.5 authors and possibly this will continue anyway... under consideration...

4Camp Chief Hector D-03:
The Tamers are all at Camp Chief Hector for two weeks as Pioneers. It's a humor based fic, kind of everything that's ever happened over 5 years of camp in one session.
NOTE: Being edited and re-posted for your reading pleasure!

3Tamers Game D-03:
COMPLETE The Digimon Emporer left himself a legacy against his will, it doesn't occupy the digital world, or our world; and it wants things 'fixed'. Rika and Jeri have been kidnapped by it and the Tamers have a problem. When a college student named Meiko Uemari hands Henry a riddle and some information, the group goes traipsing off to a world that was thought to be destroyed. Meanwhile Ryo is re-living some memories he thought were gone, but seem to have everything to do with their situation.

2Hidden in Plain Sight D-03:
AU-ish This is the story before Tamers Game and I guess An Angels Wings too (wow, I've got a set of fics around the same idea now, spooky...) It's about Ryo's first journey to the digital world, and a strange girl his age he meets named Raina. She seems to make a point of knowing what she's doing, and the first thing she does is hunt down two other Tamers. Their journey takes them into the very foundation of the digital world, a little oasis where digimon are programed, and where the pairs fatal mistake leads to fatal reasults.

1An Angels Wings D-02:
COMPLETE T.K. is hit by a car after walking Kari home. He's taken into the E.R., and aftera while, everyone assumes he'll be ok. When internal bleeding and injuries complicate the situation, Kari spirals into depression; she's called back to the dark ocean. When the others discover this, a new knight emerges. But why should she care?
s/k: Ok, due to a flame I'll post a warning that really shouldn't be necessary given the rating. People die, get over it.

7 Day Race D-02:
The digidestined and Miyako's Canadian friends head to the park one evening, everything's going good until some men in suits decide to come in and crash the party. Now seven of them are missing, and the Canadians seem to have a secret that people are willing to kill for... a sort of Spy Kids meets MIB type fic
NOTE: Discontinued.

Ok, instead of putting a disclaimer at the beginning of every chapter, here it is now: I do not own Digimon, Harry Potter, Pink, Prozzak or the amazing band Green Day. Although I'd like to, I don't think the lawyers and various company owners would be pleased. So, even though there are little or no disclaimers in the actual writing, HERE IS THE PARAGRAPH SAYING I DON'T OWN ANYTHING

Thank you for reviewing!

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