Light of the Darkest Night
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Hey there everyone! You guys probably don't really want to read me babbling about myself because it will probably bore you guys to tears. But since this is suppose to be a profile page...I'll just keep things short...(not really...that's a lie) Be warn...there's going to do some annoying fangirl talk here...haha

Firstly, I LOVE NARUTO (not the the manga) Its the first manga i've ever read! And damn am i glad i read it. Or else my life would be boring as. (Yep...this just sums up to you guys that i have no life aside from manga and anime)...kidding...

Oh and if you don't wanna read about me going on and on about Uchihas...i suggest you skip the next 4 paragraphs. XD

OH I love the Uchihas soooo much! Favorite character: UCHIHA MADARA (once was Uchiha Itachi

Still love Itachi but Madara tops it all. The recent chapters just totally blew me away. It was one of the MOST EPIC chapter of the entire manga. The meteor was just WOW! But too bad it got kinda stopped. Madara has got looks, attitude, God like power, charisma, immortality (sort of), EMS, rinnegan and mukuton. The new word for PERFECTION! LOL!

It would be the cherry on top if a romantic scandal between Hashi and Madara is revealed. Though Kishi would never let it happen. Just fan-girls dream. haha.

Itachi is still as lovable as always, though my love for him plummeted bt some degree after knowing what he plans to do to Sasuke with Shishui's eyes. It doesn't matter if its the last choice because in a way it made him look like a hypocrite. Not much different from Tobi who wants to control the world with Genjutsu. Just that Itachi is doing it on a minute scale. Talk about hypocrisy. ^^

Tobi...It would be epic if Tobi is the future evil Sasuke. haha. That would be some epic plot twist. :P Knowing Kishi, nothing is impossible.

And finally Sasuke! I hope he meets Itachi again...hahaha...Love him since the very beginning when i read Naruto. (of course i have always love his brother more)- i think one of my fav scenes in the manga is when Itachi shows up and beat the crap out of Sasuke and Kakashi. And also, Sasuke's memories of a loving brother...T T ( I swear i almost cried when i read the part about what Konoha did to Itachi) T T. BTW...i'm against Konoha- no matter if Itachi love them or not. (I'm with Madara)

Oh and i really really miss Pein a lot...T T. (Pein as in Pein the spiky-hair-God Pein) - Not Pein as in Nagato or Pein as in Yahiko...NO...Pein as in Yahiko's body with Nagato's mind. Now that's Pein to me...two in one. :P

Yep...I'm finish with the annoying fan girl talk...

So, okay... i am reading more than just Naruto now. I kinda like Hitman Reborn now. I won't lie...first 50 chapter before Mukuro came was total CRAP to me! LOL! But its okay now.

I love BYAKURAN sooo much! DAEMON SPADE! AND MUKURO!!! Daemon is HOT! (Daemon in his real body and Mukuro's body) *droool*- though he looked kinda gay when he was in Mukuro's body. :P

Umm...Is it just me or does anyone else find vampire knight really painful to read? Love Kaname, Love Zero, Love Rido and Aidou. I just can't bare reading yuki's selfishness. Kaname always seem so sorrowful and Zero is always in pain. I pity Rido too...T T...Seriously, Its so painful to read that i just wanna quit but i really wanna know what happen. T T...(Masochist much) that exciting...But alright...FMA is awesome. XD Fav character...ENVY!!!!

D-gray kinda getting confusing at the moment. XD. Love Tyki...(but not such a huge fan of D-gray man though)

Code Geass...SUZAKU!!!! I LOVE THE SUZAKU IN 2ND SEASON!!!! (Sorry...not the first) I love the guy because he grew some backbones. XD...One of my fav part of the entire anime...The part where Lulu bends down on his knees to apologize and ask for help and Suzaku step of lulu's head looking down right piss! XD

And of course...I love Shenaizel el Britannia...XD ( I think he makes a lovely pair with Kanon Maldini)

Then, there is Pandora Hearts...LOVE VINCENT NIGHTRAY SO MUCH! and Gilbert of course. They come in a set. ^^

Next! I love Yaoi!!!! (OMG! *gasp* So shameless of me to actually state that straight out...oh guys can pretty much tell with the sort of fic i write)

AYANO YAMANE IS ONE OF THE BEST YAOI MANGAKA EVER!!! I have not read one yaoi manga that have a lovelier drawing than hers. VIEWFINDER SERIES is honestly one of the BEST yaoi manga i have ever read! (I know some people think its overrated BUT not me) Its really really good! Takaba! Asami! Fei Long! Beautiful!!!!!

Crimson spell is pretty good too...

Then there is Ai no Kusabi...XD...Sad though that the remake was halted. Only the first 3 minute of was it 5...of the first episode was out...umm...Anyway, that scene where Riki was punish was STEAMING HOT! :P

And here comes Togainu no Chi. The doujins are really awesome...and so is the manga. I'll say that the anime is downright disappointing. Was hoping for more of Shiki and Akira loving time...haha...

At the moment i'm also reading Koisuru Boukun (Just Finish i think)...XD...So adorable~~~~ SO CUTE!!!!

But I think JUNJOU ROMANTICA IS EVEN CUTER!!!! hahaha...I can never get enough of Junjou. I love junjou egoist and junjou romantica. XDXD

And the list goes on...I can't possibly say them all.

RIght! Lets get to pairings then!

(BE WARN: guy X guy) LOL!

I'm just gonna put the male pairs k...i like guy x guy more anyway -not gonna talk about pairings i don't might offend people...

BTW... I hate semes that are possessive or over domineering. They seriously gets on my nerve.

In Naruto:

ItaSasu- Sasuke only belongs to Itachi and NO ONE ELSE!!!! I'm use to having a seme Itachi and an uke Sasuke but i don't really mind either way.

ItaPein- I have no idea why Pein is always the Uke in my head. LOL!

MadaPein- Guess no one can top an Uchiha but an Uchiha...not even Pein. (BTW...i tend to portray Madara as a loyal loving lover or a very protective man/ a family guy...i guess i kinda think he is such in the manga- i mean look at the things he lets Deidara do to him...doesn't that suggest patients for nonsense?)

MadaIta- Man...Itachi is starting to look like a playboy here ne? (Madara tops all) :P

HashiMada- I BET this is what cause the war. Hashirama broke Madara's heart. XD.

SasoDei- self explanatory


Byakuran x Mukuro

Byakuran x Shoichi

Daemon x Mukuro

Vongola Primo x Daemon


Kaname x Zero- Either way

Rido x Kaname

Kaname x Aidou

In Code Geass

Suzaku x Lulu

Schenaizel x Suzaku

Schenaizel x Kanon

In Harry Potter (I know its not an anime):

Draco x Harry- either way

Albus x Scorpius- either way too

James x Severus- the young James and Severus...when they were at Hogwarts (i know this is weird...but...blame my brain)

In Togainu no Chi:

Shiki x Akira

In Junjou Romantica:

Pairs from Junjou Egoist and Junjou Romantica. (Junjou Terorrist never really caught my interest) -Love Hiroki of Junjou Egoist the most.

And the list goes on....

Now...JUST before i finish..I wanna say that like vampires that are dark, seductive, cold and aggressive...feral, sensual and haughty...(underworld ROXZ!) After all, they are predators...not humans...But Anne Rice's vampires are different though...They are really sensual in a different way...very human yet not at all...

Frankly, I don't see the point in a gentle vampire that cannot bare to kill or hurt...It's as if one would rather die than eat because they feel for their food...???????

And that's all from me! XD

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