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Author has written 33 stories for Harry Potter, Avatar: Last Airbender, Justice League, Young Justice, Flash, Kim Possible, Rise of the Guardians, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Lord of the Rings, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Flash, Professor Layton, Hobbit, and Thor.

What to say about me? I'm twenty four (for now) and I'm English.

My own fanfics... I've written two in the HP-verse at the moment (I'd want it too & Debt Paid).

I was writing a Dungeons and Dragons based HP fic (Power Word: Kill Once a Day). This story is incomplete and going to stay that way. It's part of what taught me to avoid long multi-chapter fics.

I've also got an Avatar: The Last Airbender fic (Journey to Ba Sing Se) starring Sokka and Zuko. In the same continuity there's a Katara and Zuko fic (In the Jasmine Dragon). I've decided that I'm not going to continue this further, I'm happy with how the story is right now and I don't think it needs anything else.

There's also The Blue Spirit's Recovery which has nothing to do with the rest of my Avatar: The Last Airbender stuff. It's a one-shot in which Zuko's mask didn't get knocked off by the Yu-Yan archer, instead Aang notices that he's bleeding and takes him to the herbalist's institute. It's not going to be continued.

I've got The Boy in the Volcano started right now. I've got plans for a good few chapters, but I'll have to see how things pan out. I've sort of lost umph for it, but still have a vague plan if anyone wants to continue it themselves.

Recently I've been getting into Batman, Justice League and DC in general (especially Flash). As such have given a shot at Justice League fic (Concern), which mostly bases the characters from JL and JLU series, plus a nod or two to The Batman continuity. Concern gives us Captains Cold and Boomerang asking Batman where Flash has got to, with Gordon in the middle. I had fun with it.

Also now got Plans, Batman and Flash friendship. Mostly written before Concern, and possibly before I'd finished watching most of Justice League. As a side note, I don't actually know when either Batman or Flash's birthdays are. Batman's being in October comes from a line in the first episode of The Batman, Flash's being in March came from Wally West's debut as the Flash being in March 1986 (Wikipedia, yay!). I just pulled numbers out of the air for the actual dates. Hope you like it.

Been watching Young Justice over the past few months. Wandered around the yj_anon_meme a bit and came across a prompt which I filled with Our City, Our Hero. Kid Flash is kidnapped by an outside villain and the Rogues don't like it, so they team up to get him back. Going to call it complete for now, though there's a few vague ideas rattling around.

Ramblings of Another West is a Flash AU that pounced on me one day. It just started with a 'what if Flash and Cold were friends in another universe?' (I'm looking at you, Ignition) and voila, plot just exploding. It's a collection of shorts rather than an running story, but they should all fit together. It was also a sort of a chance for me to play with other writing-styles (first-person, second-person, present tense, etc), that I haven't done much of before. One or two more ideas for this, including the flip-side of chapter one.

Of Children, Ice, and Baseball Caps is a Flash story from the New 52. It's got (small) spoilers for issue #6 and a few of my thoughts on what's going to happen in issue #7. It's my first posted attempt at actual sex, though it wasn't planned like that. Iris West isn't one to let go of a story when it practically falls into her lap, and Cold's in too much of a good mood (see speculation (a)) to spoil it with a trip to jail courtesy of freezing an intrepid reporter. ...Of course now issue #7 has come out and ruined any chance of this being tentative canon (though yay for being half right), but hey, that's how it goes.

Now with sequel: Of Injuries and Interviews. Where I've now thrown all canon in the past 3 years out the window. This introduces Wally West into my new52'verse. Though he's much closer to Kid Flash from Young Justice than the current new52 Wally West. Ah well, can't win them all.

Left for Dead another Flash story, this time an AU to the Blackest Night event. Stars Axel, who is becoming one of my favourite characters, mostly because his characterisation wasn't stagnant when Johns was writing Flash. Mostly came about due to me wondering about Blackest Night and some of the plot points/holes I thought it had. Survival/horror isn't one of my favourite genres, but I think I managed a reasonable stab at it, though more the survival/video-gamey side of things.

Of Drinks and Friendship is another New 52 Flash fic. I've seen the 50 sentences thing done before and decided to give it a go (prompts from: ). Like I say in the author's note, I'm not expecting most of it to be canon, but hey, that's half the fun of fanfic. (Oh, and I'm very sympathetic toward Heat Wave, seriously, it was his issue and Cold's in it as much as he is! It's just a little unfair, but did allow me to write this, so I shouldn't complain too much.)

Cercopithecus Mitis (or the Blue Monkey) is a 50 sentences piece on Monkey Fist and Drakken. Those two are my favourite villains from Kim Possible and the shipper in me went 'why the hell not'. It's completely ridiculous a concept, but I had fun with it and I think it's an enjoyable read. (Sentence selection from the same as above, but a different set this time.)

The End of Easter is a fill for the Rise of the Guardians kink-meme on dreamwidth (). The full prompt was:

Sometime after the movie, Pitch escapes and decides to go off the Guardian of Hope, who he sees as the weakest link after Jack. It's been a bad Easter, Bunnymund is tired and his guard is down - Pitch captures him and decides that capturing a guardian won't be enough. He wants to break Bunnymund and bring the Guardian of Hope to his side.
Whether there's sex involved or not is up to filler, but I definitely want to see Bunnymund break and join Pitch. Whether he stays there or is rescued and recuperates is also up to filler.
Bonus if after joining Pitch, Bunny destroys the Warren (and the Easter supplies) out of frustration and despair.

I had a lot of fun with it. It let me play around with some of the ideas I had on the state of Easter after seeing the film. It also let me play around with a very descriptive writing style.

Cyber-Akitsu has done a Russian translation of The End of Easter! I'm extremely grateful (despite not being able to read a word of Russian) and here it is for those interested: (it's also in my favourites list).

Snowfall was a secret santa gift for the Flash secret santa exchange over on tumblr. I received as my gift.

Burnout is another Rise of the Guardians kink-meme prompt (). Full prompt:

Bunny's got a lot of responsibility - he's Guardian of Hope, he's the Easter Bunny, he's a spring spirit (or maybe the Spring spirit, depending on your headcanon) and according to the wiki, he's got some kind of time-travel power - and everyone knows those come with responsibility. Can I see something to do with Bunny working himself too hard, running himself down and finally just collapsing? And the other guardians - Tooth or North or Sandy please, not Jack - finds him and ends up putting him to bed and freaking out and making sure he rests, no matter how much Bunny protests.
(I don't have anything against Jack, he's just all over the fandom and I'd kind of like to see something with more of the characters.)

Not as heavy (or in the same 'verse) as my previous one, but sometimes it's nice to write something warm and light. Pulls in some ideas about superspeed I got from Flash, but nothing too complicated.

Aftermath and Consequences is set in the Ace Attorney world. I haven't played all of the games yet, but this came to me randomly and I managed to see it through. It's Edgeworth/Maya, which isn't actually my first choice for ship (let's face it, Edgeworth/Phoenix is practically canon), but honestly I think it could work out, especially considering the turn the series took. I had fun with it, and I think I got the second-person thing down pretty well. Though I'll admit that romance isn't my strongest suit.

A Million Petty Annoyances was for the Phoenix Wright kink meme (), requesting our favourite prosecutors going against an incompetent new Chief Prosecutor who took over sometimes after Lana Skye. Just a silly little thing.

Annexation was my written entry to the Rogues Big Bang over on livejournal (). It's a mostly slow-paced road trip with Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, and Trickster. Kidezt was my artist and you can see her pictures for my story over here.

Come Rain or Shine involves a genderbent Weather Wizard - Marcia Mardon. Just a little snippet of what might have been. I might look at trying to write some more for her at some point, a bit more practise for female characters for me.

Gentlemen is from the Phoenix Wright kink meme again ().

Reverse-Flash Task Force was my written entry to the RoguesBang on livejournal (). I had a go at writing characters that we haven't seen much of and therefore I challenged myself to create new characters more than pick up old ones. Melinie17 was my artist and has some lovely pictures here.

Language Barrier, my first foray into Green Lantern: The Animated Series (which is awesome). Playing with an alien language. I'm not a linguist, but I think I gave it a reasonable stab. Link to an annotated copy with translations here: .

Hope for a Better World I've had sitting around for a while. The new Flash tv series gave me lots of Rogue-feels, so I dusted this off.

Deals is a stab at tweaking the Flash tv series a little. While I enjoy the show, there tend to be at least a few things per episode that make me go 'that could've been done better'. Barry's arrangement with Cold just didn't work for me, so I tried to find something that would. Cisco is willing to play Cold's game on a level that Barry isn't and therefore seems like a much better candidate for making a deal with the devil to me.

Silver Skies was my 2015 entry to the RoguesBang. I tried to mess up the Rogues as much as possible and figure out what the fallout would be from there. I may try a further piece in this 'verse to see what long-term effects the mirror-world had on them all, but I'm taking a much-needed break from it right now. My artist was mashimero and she drew a lovely picture of Owen here.


Weather Wizard in his attack against Luthor-corp: .

There's a webcomic called "The Order of the Stick" (by Rich Burlew) and the style in which the characters are drawn is something I've managed to pick up. The package I use to draw in is called Inkscape. Here are some pictures I've drawn for my Power Word: Kill Once a Day story:

The five adventurers:

The map for chapter 6:

Harry and Snape at the top of Spinner's Keep in chapter 7:

The First Downfall (I'd advise not looking at this before reading chapter 7, though I do hope you all worked things out before that!):

Harry's Fireball spell in chapter 8:

Ebony's cave from chapter 9, plus the "hero":

Voldemort zapping Harry in chapter 6:

(I do apologise that some of the pictures are quite big!)

Here's Snape and baby Harry from Debt Paid:

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