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Hey! Well lets just start off with talking about myself. Yes, my name is actually Dawn and my middle name is Aurora. I had hippie parents, what can i say? Only kidding. Its a pen name i created when I first started writing online. No special meaning behind the name, I just thought it was pretty! I'm from a small city in Canada. I love living in Canada. It's kind and down-to-earth people set in front of beautiful landscapes. Recommend you visit! I love manga and anime. And I love romantic fanfiction about my favourite shows.

I'm probably only going to write about Naruto. Which I sadly don't own, by the way. Anyways I'm trying to re-vamp my old stories since its been a few years since I've updated any of them. Hoping to get into it again!

Most of my stories will be romance or have some romance in them. They will also have friendship and humour, probably hurt and horror in some, as well. They won't have any yuri and probably not yaoi either. However I will read yaoi, if its written well or just has an interesting story.

AT THIS MOMENT (things i'm reading, watching, doing, etc)

manga - Kaichou Wa Maid-sama, Fruits Basket (again), Skip-Beat, Akuma to Love Song

book- A Clash of Kings, City of Fallen Angels (again)

anime - Naruto Shippuuden (dubbed as well as subbed)

shows - Awkward., Community, Parks and Recreation

music - Of Monsters and Men, Serena Ryder, Imagine Dragons, AWOLNATION

STORIES (stories I have already started writing or plan to write)

started and published

Shadow Dancer - I have a lot of names, raven rider, the ninja shadow, shadow dancer, but none are as interesting as my real name, Haruhi Hyuuga Ryouko" Haruhi Hyuuga Ryouko hasn't spent her life in one place with the same people since she had left her village at 13, six years ago. Her past is dark and she thought her future was too. However it turns out fate wants her save a few people from themselves first.OCs Its hard to explain what its about without giving too much away. At the monent i'm mostly setting the story up for while it won't have any main characters in it for a bit. It will probably only hint at some couples now but later on there should be kaka/oc ita/oc sasu/saku mostly and then just my favourites (favourite couples below).

started and not published

Reunited: Welcome to KCI - A high school fic with as many Naruto characters as I can fit in(including my OCs). Welcome to Konoha Colliegate Institute where the lives of some teenagers are going to be reunited. A funny, romantic story with friendship, drama, hurt, and great music. Serious and fun. AU OC sakusasu, nejiten, naruhina, and more!

The Offspring - "We are just the offspring, simple as that, we were born in our parents shadow" The children of Naruto and the gang are finding their ninja way of live, love, and fighting. OCs

planned and not started

The Servant and The Lord - TenTen has lived on the Island of Fire her entire life, working as a labourer with her father. The Island of Flames is run by Feudal Lords and people in high places. So, how will she find her place in the world? Especially when the nephew of one of the most important lords is breaking all the rules and looking her way. Neji and TenTen AU

Crawling Towards The Sun - A songfic about Gaara changing and Naruto helping him and becoming friends and also Gaara x Matsuri. Crawling Towards the Sun by The Hush Sound (amazing band)

My Romance Couples

NARUTO and HINATA - I love this couple its so sweet. Hinata is so hilariously obvious and Naruto is so hilariously oblivious. I love it!

SASUKE and SAKURA - i used to find Sakura really annoying probably because she was at first :P Now i love her, and I've always loved Sasuke(i was still really pissed at him when he left, i have to take a Naruto break just ot blow off steam). I think this would be a great couple. They even eachother out, both has something the other one needs.

NEJI and TENTEN - I love this couple! Its probably my favourite couple ever. I love TenTen because she kicks ass and reminds me of me. I am also in love with Neji Hyuuga. They are an amazing couple because they kick ass and love eachother.

GAARA and MATSURI - I love this couple because Gaara needs some loving and Matsuri really excepts him. Plus she's totally in love with him, which is adorable.

SHIKAMARU and TEMARI - They are always so flirty and Temari scares the shit out of Shika(in a good way) which he needs :P. I love you shika! i will read ShikaIno but i won't write it probably, i prefer ShikaTema.

SAI and INO - I'm not so sure about this couple yet but i want Ino to be with someoone and Sai isn't so bad. Ino is pretty shallow(no offence Ino fans, i like her too)so i don't think she'll be with Chouji(who will find some cutie). We'll just have to see where i put her!

KIBA, ITACHI, and KAKASHI(don't worry not a threesome or couple) - These will probably fit my OCs, so yeah and by the way i only have two OCs I talking about meaning jealousy and hard decisions which honestly how could you not love.

Lets Discuss What I Hate, YAY!

Couples That Make No Sense

Gaara and Neji -at least if Lee and Gaara were gay that couple would make sense. Gaara and Neji is so illogical and random it doesn't fit!

Sasuke and Itachi - umm sorry guys i know you like some hot boy on boy action, but incest is illegal guys, just putting that out there

Neji and Hinata - seems natural to me to feel that incest is very wrong and unnatural sorry guys

Sakura and Kakashi - just plain gross, it makes kakashi seem like a pedophile

Neji and Sakura- that is so random its like people just started putting random characters together for the hell of it

Orochimaru and Anyone - he's a creepy evil pedophile he has no love to give

Sasuke and Hinata - Ummm have they ever spoken to eachother? Can somebody check that?

Ino and Gaara - wtf?

Couples I Probably Won't Write About But Don't Mind

Shikamaru and Ino - I don't think they can be anything other than friends, plus Ino is a bit shallow for Shikamaru. I don't mind reading about them though.

Lee and Sakura - I don't think they would fit well together too many extovert personalities, but i really do love Lee. I love things obsurely random or awkward,by the way.

Sasuke and Naruto - I don't think they're gay but if they were i would totally fend for this couple. Actually i have read a lot of ones about FemNaruto which I kind of like

In General

I hate illogical couples, incest, when characters are way too out of character, OCs that break up a good couple(ex. if an OC got together with Naruto and left Hinata in the dust). I love my favourite couples, jealousy, AU and good OCS

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