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Hello! I'm Spot! I had a partner in this account, Friz, but she decided that long distance writing-ships are hard so i took over! yay 4 me! joy! :D
If you want to see a picture of me, I am the dark haired girl in my profile picture. It's edited, but that's all you are getting too bad.
I have brown/hazel eyes, and black hair. My heritage is: Italian/Cherokee/Okie/Irish/Swedish/Scottish. I am incredibly tan normally, i have never ever been porcelian but sometimes i pale a bit. I am olive/tan tone except for my cheeks, which are always bright red and i blush really really red like an Irish person. I also have a bit of an Irish temper XD but usually i am a happy person.

I love the book, as of recent, Speak! It's amazingly written and it's just like a teen would react if- I'm not giving away an deets.
I am I Colorguard-aholic
I spend many days from 4-6:30 at night practicing and spent more time during the summer at school rather than elsewhere
I am a fan fiction-aholic. I got my sister addicted too
I am weird
I loooove reading! I can't always write fanfiction about it but i will read it.
I am addicted to my iPod and cell phone.
I want an iTouch or phone but my parents won't get me one D:
I love movies
I am a Gleek; I looove Sue!
I hate weapon line for myself; i think it's beautiful when others do it and painful (for me and your eyes) when i do it
I am type one diabetic it shouldn't make a difference, but I always see myself as diabetic first and then myself.
In 2001 I got an award for raising the most money in the northwest as a minor for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
If you can guess my age you get a gold star and if you are type one you get a bazillion and an advance on whatever story that i write of your choice. But you have to prove it! I am not stupid! Tell me stuff like how long you have been diabetic, insulin/carb ratio, pump or no, pen or needle, or even your meter brand or insulin brand.

Oh and ifyoucan guess my grade, you get an advance too! I won't do age, i think thats too private. I know, really random but too frickin bad!

Random Stuff:

I think i sprained my thumb for the first time today trying to a triple on rifle! it hurts yet i type anyways! WEIRD i know STUPID i know, too bad!
The Tuesday before Thanksgiving ('09) I had ingrown toenail surgery on both big toes, on both sides. I have been battling this thing for like five years now and I finally have got it fixed. the doctor had to cut a quarter inch into my nail bed so i have stitches in my toes. This upcoming Tuesday (Nov 28) I may get the stitches out. Which is good. Right now i walk around in my Post-OP shoes with a walking stick XD
I own a pink Drama Queen sash that my mom got me for Halloween because my halloween was spent at the Alamodome for a Bands of America Competition.
One of my BFFAE's lived in Spain for two years and yells at her phone (which is in spanish) in Spanish when it doesn't work.

I like pie.

Everything happens on tuesday. That's my answer for anything. That and "Fail... At. Life." But tuesday is THE DAY.
Today I made a ton of snowflakes and cooty catchers.


I am on pain meds for my foot. and anti-biotics.
I have attempted to befriend my old indo on Facebook. He hasn't sent me anything back
I am wearing a purple shirt. Righ now. I just pulled up the sleeves because it's too hot. Now my back itches. Darn.
I am wondering what shoes i will wear come monday, i have had school off all week for Thanksgiving and haven't had to worry about that.
I am really ticked because my tounge hasn't healed from when i bit it last week
I still haven't seen New Moon. I want to hear about it. I don't get the point on not telling people about it unless you haven't read New Moon.
I have a friend that can type eighty/wpm.
In eigth grade i signed up for the second part to a two part class that i took to get the Microsoft Certification. A month after that, I moved.
I was not tickilish last year and the year before that. It's coming back now, you have to be gental and sneaky.

Ok i am off to bed ///_-\

Yes. I am alive. No, I haven't started posting fanfictions yet again. I am sorry. I just haven't had time and there's the whole freakin editing process... I may end up needing a Beta or two... Who's up for the job? ...The few of you who actually come to my profile, that is... Spread the love of having my stories! the are a little rough, and need smoothing around the edges, but they get better with more people reading them. If I get feedback on tons of stuff, I will get back into fanfiction and fix it all. I have yet to recieve a message asking me... anything... as in, it's like no one cares about this writer...

I can be emo, I know. Pretty much all the time lately. It's Christmas, I know, I shouldnt feel sad, but even though it's 5:42 at night and I am still in my slippers and PJs listening to the August Rush Soundtrack, it shows you how much of a life I have anyways. (and thank you Auntie Nonnhil or something like that... it's really hard to spell but she's in my favorites list.)

I would tell 'real people' this but... It's just weird... I agree with some people, talking on the internet is a lot easier than talking in real life, that is unless you actually know the person

Thanks for reading or not

(lol that reminds me of school: make it a great day. or not. the choice is yours)


By Spot-da-vampyre-puppi

Life is like a rollercoaster. Not a box of chocolates, not a piece of cake. It's a rollercoaster.

Because... Because a rollercoaster doesn't just go up and down,
it's not just easy or always a random selection,
but it goes left, and right,
and back and forth. Loop-de-dooped and crooked.

Rollercoasters can be quick and smoothe, even when you have just started,
It can be slow and bumpy in the middle,
And richotey at the end.

It's unpredictable.
It was and is virtually impossible to understand a rollercoasters greatness
when you have gone to the top of a curve
unless you have hit the bottom at a great speed.

Sometimes, yes,
it will go into a full circle,
looping like crazy, many times,
one after another...
and the whole reason we have even joined this event
is that we have a need to learn and a feel for adrenaline.
A rollercoaster about that satisfaction that comes at the end,
in the exact same spot you began,
but now, you have experience, adrenaline, power, happiness.

Yet, instead of getting on this ride, you are leaving.
Satisfied and willing to move on, hoping everyone will do the same.

Life is like a rollercoaster. It's rollercoaster-smoothe.
I just thought you should know.

Copy and Paste Roller-Coaster Smoothe if you hate rollercoasters. (XD)

I promised myself I would never do copy and paste, but apparently I lied.

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HI! It's Clairey here, (Spot) I would just like to tell you all that I am doing a collaboration story!

It's with:
CasperC o o k i e s
and Urufu-chan!

It's called Dimension Hop: The Pact of Hogwarts either click the link or go down a few scrolls and click there.

Crazy Squibs Friendly Vampyres:



Strait Jacket

Padded Room

Hospital rooms: Look at pictures 1 and 8

Strange Things Happen To The Best of People

The First Hospital Room (Private)

The Second Hospital Room (Communal)

The Third Hospital Room (Two Beds)

Rainbow Toe Socks (i couldnt find any with lightning bolts D:)

Two Years...

Lyla's Gown

Clairise's Flower Dress

Pergola, Conservatory Garden, Central Park

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Remembrances of the Past reviews
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