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Author has written 20 stories for Torchwood, Doctor Who, Misc. Tv Shows, and Batman.

I suppose I should start out with a warning, I don't just suffer from plot bunnies, I am a chronic sufferer of Harveys.

For those too young to know who this particular Harvey is (which probably accounts for 99 percent of everyone here) he's 6ft rabbit and the constant imaginary companion of Elwood P. Dowd. For the modern equivalent if you think Donnie Darko, then that should give you a pretty good idea of the size of the erm problem.

I love sci-fi be it film or tv, favourites as far as tv goes Torchwood, Doctor Who, Ultraviolet, Babylon 5,Star Trek: TNG, Blakes 7, Red Dwarf, Firefly. Films would be Blade Runner, Fifth Element, Matrix, Night Watch, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

General tv watching usually includes: Yes Minister/Prime Minister, Drop the Dead Donkey, Open All Hours. Blackadder, Randall and Hopkirk (the original version), The Professionals, New Tricks, Waking the Dead, Silent Witness, Dead Like Me, Hamish Macbeth.

Updated new favourites: The Shadow Line, The Hour, Castle, Sherlock.

Films would have to be Without a Clue, The Philadelphia Story, Radioland Murders, Death and the Compass, Shallow Grave, Revengers Tragedy, Footsteps in the Fog, Harvey, Donnie Darko, Singing in the Rain. Paint your Wagon, Italian Job (original), Sleuth (original), The Ladykillers (original), George of the Jungle, Assorted Carry On films: Screaming, Don't Lose Your Head, Up the Khyber and Cruising.

Most recent books: Night Watch and The Lovely Bones. General reading is usually Thomas Hardy, Jane Austin, John Wyndham.


Thank you to Wildcard, for help, support, and dodgy spelling spotting, above and beyond the call.

Currently rpging (Owen Harper and Ninth Doctor) here

Watching Life- Originally written in March 2008. For some reason last week I thought I'd take another look at it and do a little tweaking, and this is the result.

Changing lives- I couldn't work out how the Owen that was shown in Fragments who lost Katie, could have immediately turned into the Owen that we saw at the start of series 1, it just didn't make any sense to me somehow, there had to be a missing piece, so this is my attempt at that missing piece.

Just a figment?- This was written for a fic challenge, but it over ran the word count by a bit (okay a lot cough) so I ended up having to submit a cut down version of it, but this is the full sized original.

The eyes have it- Written for an LJ Torchwood Fic Exchange prompt. Characters' pasts prompt 14- Owen's first day at Torchwood 3 from Tosh's perspective. Was it unrequited love at first sight? The comment made by Tosh that the doors at the back of the armoury lead to the garage, and also that the tunnel behind the autopsy table leads to corridors and a loading bay are not canon. I've never seen either referred to this way, in either series 1 or 2 (although I could have missed it) so please don't treat either as correct- theyre just a figment.

Looking for clues -Written as a companion piece to The eyes have it.

Never say die- Chapter 1- Set after the end of Doctor Who series 4. The made in Wales plaque on the rolling door is actually there. This should be completed in 3 chapters.

Never say die-Chapter 3- When Owen goes back in time, he is in the scene in the Reset episode in series 2 when Jack and Owen find Martha with doctor Copley in a treatment room at the Pharm. By stopping Copley from leaving, he can't come back later and shoot Owen, so Owen's future changes at the point when he walks over the place in the car park, where he was shot. Once that happens, the previous timeline is redundant, and vanishes, along with all the events connected with it, and everyones memories of it. Mind you, Owen's rather strange insistence on standing in front of loaded guns, probably means that it won't be that long before he ends up getting shot (again). So me trying to resurrect him was probably a complete waste of time -sighs!-

Weaving a web- This was written for the LJ Torchwood fic exchange prompt 60 for characters pasts Bilis Manger has been interfering in the lives of the team for years. Maybe he is to blame for what happened to Owen's fiancée. Just explore in depth the rather far-reaching effects of his interference. The reference made to a friend recommending Owen and then her husband dying is my OC character in Changing lives. Fic exchange link

The Cat's name Math is from the name of the Welsh god of sorcery Math Mathonwy, no real reason, I just liked the sound of it.

Sole survivor - Originally posted on the Fanlib site in 2007.

The origin of Santa's sleigh according to Jack- Set before everything changes and before Ianto arrived. This was written for the 2008 Advent Calender at LJ Torchwood Calendar . Prompt was sleigh and displayed on day 8. The rest of the Advent Calender fics are here

All bound for Mumuland - Set just before the events of the Boom Town episode from Doctor Who series one (9th Doctor). Torchwood team are as near as I can guess for the time its set-Doctor Who and Torchwood timelines don't merge very well! This was written for the LJ Torchwood fic exchange unused prompts challenge. Prompt 133- Fawlty Towers: When the team break down in Torquay on the way to investigate a case, they are forced to stop at the first hotel they can find. Bonus points if Basil finds out the Jack fought in WWII and has to remind everyone yet again “Dont mention the war”. The title comes from a song by KLF (Justified and ancient) and idea was provided(unintentionally) by the actor who played Owen Harper- in one of the featurettes on the dvd for series one he mentioned reading the script and what he thought the Torchwood vehicle was going to be like before the SUV was born.

Nightcap - Written for an challenge at Bring the happy on LJ. The prompt was Jeeves and Wooster and nightcap.

Joker's wild - Ended up writing this because I couldn't resist putting the Joker and Owen face to face. Not sure how much will ultimately be added but I've left it open in case the bunny bites again.

Moonlight becomes her - Written for the LJ Spook me 2009 Challenge here: Secret prompts supplied for the challenge plus a creature prompt which was beast

The Jeopardy Room - Written for the LJ Twisting the Twilight Zone 2010 Challenge here Prompt used was Twilight Zone episode number 5. 29: The Jeopardy Room. A defector is trapped in a hotel room and given 3 hours to find a hidden bomb.

I saw a shimmering light. - Inspired by the Livejournal RPG Hotel California (plenty of room). Thanks to Sarah and Danielle for background information.

Set during series 2 but just before Reset. In the RPG, Owen is kidnapped by the Hotel during the Reset episode when he goes into the garage as the team are going to rescue Martha and before he is shot. Jack has already been a captive at the Hotel for some time before this, so the suggestion that Owen may have been the actual target, fits with the fact that the two room numbers they are given keys to belong to Jack and the other is the room Owen will occupy. They use Jack's room and this is why Owen can pick up Jack's mobile phone in the Hotel room (it belongs to the kidnapped version of Jack). When someone is kidnapped by the Hotel no one in the reality they have been taken from is aware that they are missing.

Chapter 6 background- In the rpg room 105 belongs to Jack Harkness and room 106 belongs to Owen Harper (or will do), so he has chosen to stay in his own room (sort of).

Chapter 7 background- in the rpg room 101 belongs to Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Angel, the 'tent peg' was a wooden stake.

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