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I know! I know. Don't hate. Life is crazy, but I'll get rolling on more ATO soon. Promise! I'm trying to shape the future and stuff teaching little kids, so there! BUT...this just in: I've started the third installment to the CLG series, called Why the Heck Not? Because my life isn't insane enough I guess, so why the heck not? It's straight up fluff, of course! I hope you enjoy it.

What's ATO? I'm currently working on a alternate New Moon, all-vamp fic. It's called Against the Odds: When Lies Once Told Bite Back. ATO for short. Check it out. Phantom-writer3739 is my beta-extraordinaire on that bad boy. She's the bomb, you guys. Seriously. The Saving Me Sequel is all wrapped up now so my focus is on ATO, doing some beta reading, and keeping my 7-year-old alive. I've completed my Master's quick!

Here's the link to see the banner for ATO that Mina Rivera created. She's got mad skills!:

Hey! I FINALLY found my Hal from CLG/TDG as I was watching Color Splash today: David Bromstad :

As for's about Kristen Bell? Actually, that wasn't a question. Kristen Bell will playing the part of Coley in CLG/TDG :D

In the mean time...

Any questions or comments, just shoot me a PM. I may not reply to my reviews as often and consistently as I'd like, BUT I'll definitely respond if you PM me. Oh, I'm no longer accepting anonymous reviews, so if you have any constructive criticism in your review or some random weird point you feel you need to make, I'm making you work a little harder by logging in to get it to me. And expect a response. Oh yes, expect a response because I'm OCD like that and won't be able to sleep otherwise. Really.

Anyhoo, hey, how the smurf are you? Thanks for checking out my profile. Here's a bit about myself:

Don't make me say my age. I've completed my Master's and I have a daughter going into the first grade. You do the math. I've been reading FanFic for a little while to hold me over until Breaking Dawn was released. I've read some really good stories and have worked up enough courage to finally post my own stories. Hope they're not too crappy. I started writing as a creative outlet. I was sucked into a couple of fics that, for one reason or another, didn't get updated fast enough for me or the writers just...stopped. SO, I wrote in order to create a HEA (that's happily ever after) to satisfy myself.

If you're looking for drama, you'll have to go elsewhere. I write humor, fluff, romance, and the occasional lemon. So far, my stories are all human, a little OOC, but hey, we have to give Steph's characters a little pizzazz, no? I also have new characters that I've created just for fun: Sabrina, Rylan, Coley, Hal, Eli.

My material is pretty light and fun, and I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY fluffy. Sorry, I don't mean to sound all mad about it, but the chief complaints about my fics are that they aren't drama- or angst-filled enough for some readers, but if you check the category I assign my fics, it says Romance and Humor--read FLUFF, mostly because I write when I'm happy. And I write to unwind, usually after everyone has gone to bed. That's my downtime. Also, a lot of what I put in my stories is based on real stuff that's happened to me and/or friends. I'll usually note true story when that occurs. My life is actually pretty boring, but you know what? Boring is good in that I don't have to deal with much drama. Anyhoo, I'm especially happy when I get reviews, obviously nice ones. I'd write the stories for myself anyway, but reading reviews really gets me inspired to write more, write faster, and, therefore, update quicker (hint, hint). I am convinced, however, that there are little gnomes in FF that, once I post a chapter no matter how many times I've spell-checked, go and flip flop letters in random words just to mess with me. Seriously. So if you see a really silly typo occasionally, that's why XD

Anyhoo, my husband has called me a cult leader for getting so many of my friends addicted to the Twilight series. But I always respond with "Hey, there are people out in the world killing and selling drugs and starting stupid wars that we can't get out of. I'm only reading books. It's harmless fun." Well isn't it?

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Duh! Team Edward of course, though I have a new appreciation for Jacob since finishing Breaking Dawn.

Okay, I must pimp my writers. Here are a couple stories I'm beta'ing. Check 'em out:

Chances Are by Breyzie1478

Summary: Bella is a shy, somewhat reclusive author living with her roomate in
NYC, when one night in a bar she meets the famous Edward Cullen. Can she be
forced out of her shell? AH, AU. First Twilight fic... please be kind. Rated M
for later lemons!

A Fresh Pair of Eyes by Tisaveeone

Summary: It takes a new guy to show JT what he should have seen all along. But will he be too late? (This is a Degrassi Fic)

Reparations For the Taking by Tisaveeone

Summary: One Shot for "Forbidden Love Affair": A contest of hidden desires. Her sister Rosalie married the only man Bella ever wanted, and that should have been the end. But old flames have a way of catching a spark when you least expect.

Monday Thursday and Every Other Saturday by Tisaveeone

Summary: Bella Swan is a high class divorce attorney and emotional ice queen with a shield around her heart. Edward Mason is in the business of making broken things beautiful and he plans to turn Bells frozen heart into his own personal masterpiece.

Lamb on the Lam in the City by Tiffknee My co-beta on this one is twilight-is-lovee. She's my lovee :D

Summary: Edward Cullen is a seemingly selfish unfeeling musician who makes a
living playing in bars, what happens when his sister in laws cousin, Bella
moves into the city and starts stealing his gigs and singing songs about him
to get his attention.

Finding My Way Back To You by Joss17

Summary: Bella and Edward's love was passionate but was hurting each other. Bella leaves only to return 4 years later with a boyfriend and to find Edward engaged. What will they do to be together and will they survive the pain that comes with it? All human.

Other fun facts:

I'm married, which gives me lot's of good writing material. I've actually told the hubs, who does keep my arctic cold feet warm, he's no Edward Cullen, and he knows Rob Pat is on my laminated list. Yes, Shannon Elizabeth is on his (rolls eyes). It's all good.

I have a seven year old (turned seven in August 2011) giving me even more antics to draw from.

I DO own a Slap Chop...and "you're gonna love my nuts!"

I love Seinfeld. I quote from it daily.

Diddy is very real. He was my Boston Terrier and he is a stinker, literally. (a friend of mine, no not Hal, took him in and he is doing splendidly!) I also have a basset hound.

I HAD a Western Box turtle which I'd named Jasper Hale --you know because he was so chill. Unfortunately, Jasper Hale, the turtle, died a couple Januaries ago. He went into permanent hibernation. (sigh)

I am a zoo keeper, well, at least I feel like one.

I've never run in a marathon, but I imagine it's torture.

Authors I like (besides the obvious, Steph Meyer): Sophie Kinsella/Madeleine Wickham, John Grisham, Bill Bryson, and J.K Rowling. They're all geniuses.

LOOK! MORE Banners! I am SO not tech savvy so the fact that I was able to create these banners is amazing! And thanks to phantom-writer3739, they're even better. Just copy and paste the addresses. Hope you like them...

Saving Me Banner:

Can't Let Go Banner:

The Daily Grind Banner:

Play It Again Edward Banner:

Story info/pictures:

For pictures of the ugly sweaters, as well as pix of Sabrina, Rylan and Bella's wedding dress and bridesmaid dress in Saving Me, use this web address:

Bella's apartment in Can't Let Go

The living room/dining room


Her bedroom



Her guest room/office


Bella's bathroom


Note: Just added some links to the D&G model mentioned in chp 6 of Can't Let Go; also I added a link if you want to see what a doggy kimono looks like. My Diddy doesn't actually have one, of course, I don't have Hal in my life, though I do have Rob (not THEE Rob, sadly) whom I refer to as My gay friend Rob from undergrad.

The Dolce & Gabbana model slash soft porn from chapter 6 (Nicholas):



Doggy Kimonos:


Bella's engagement ring (gold band with emerald cut diamond)


Bella's other ring choice. Ignore the band that is pictured with the engagement ring:


Bella's Princess Leia Slave Costume


Bella's white Princess Leia robe dress costume


Edward's Han Solo costume


Milton: copy and paste this

Alice's wedding dress: J00980101

Alice's Bouquet: Whites.jpg

Bella's Bridesmaid dress: H00000103

Edward's Greek God loincloth: 6aedc780-8490-4c20-8595-fcebd28e4d2d

Bella's Wedding dress (you'll have to copy and paste, sorry):

Alice and Coley's bridesmaid dress:

Playlist for Can't Let Go:

"Crash" by Dave Matthews Band

"Dizzy" by Jimmy Eat World

"Making Love Out of Nothing at All" by Air Supply

"Keep On Loving You" by REO Speedwagon

"All We Are" by One Republic

"Stop and Stare" by One Republic

"Faithfully" by Journey

"More Than a Feeling" by Boston

"23" by Jimmy Eat World

"By Your Side" by Sade

"Shower Me With Your Love" by Surface

"Masterpiece" by Atlantic Star

"18th Floor Balcony" by Blue October

"Sound of Pulling Heaven Down" by Blue October

"Through the Fire" by Chaka Khan

"Lovesong" by The Cure

"Crush" by Dave Matthews Band

"I'm Kissing You" by Des'ree

"Collide" by Howie Day

"Again" by Natasha Bedingfield

The Daily Grind:

Cobra Kai costumes: cobrakai.jpg

Sensei Kreese (Emmett's costume):

Pretty in Pink Duckie Dale and Andy (Molly Ringwald) jon_cryer3.jpg

The corpse bride:

The Girl from the Seven Year Itch: MV5BMTg1OTAxMDc4Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDIwNzkzMQ@@._V1._SX99_SY140_.jpg

Slap Chop Video from YouTube:

plush microbes website:

Remote Controlled Chucky Doll video:

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