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Okay everyone, I'm currently thinking of writing a fanfic for my new favorite book series. House of Night. Now... while I've only read the first one, I want to write a fanfic for it. But I need some help coming up with a plot and pairing for the story.

Plot Ideas:

none as of now - PM me if you have any ideas.




Stevie Ray/Erik

If you have any other pairing suggestions PM me and I'll put them on the list. And for those of you out there, I have no problem writing a yaoi or yuri fic.

Hey everyone! I'm Elizabeth, and I just love Draco Malfoy! He is beyond gorgeous! swoons But I also love Blaise Zabini. Anyway, here's a bit about me...

Name: just told ya!

Age: nun ya business

fave color(s): black, blue, silver, green

fave books: Harry Potter 1-7, Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1-4, and many more.

fave anime: Naruto, Inuyasha, Death Note, Bleach, Blood, Air Gear, Vampire Knight, and many more.

NOTE: I will only be writing one story at a time. So some of these ideas might not be posted for a while.

Upcoming Stories:

As the Angel Falls-

Harry Potter: summary- She never thought an angel would fall into her hands. She never thought he could love her like he did. (during 7th year)

Stand in the Rain-

Twilight: summary- It all happened so suddenly, I never saw it coming. My soul is gone and I'm free to be with him. (post Eclipse)

Never Thought-

Harry Potter: summary- He watched her from the sidelines. But he never thought-no, never imagined- that she was this beautiful. (post 5th, pre 6th)


Vampire Knight: summary- His heart fluttered when she came up to him. But would she ever really love a monster like him?

Future Love-

Twilight: summary- Alice was seeing something, of that I was sure. But what? (post Eclipse)

From the Heart-

Harry Potter: summary- She visited the lake everyday, but now, things were going to be different. She would voice her feelings to a certain Slytheran. (post 7th year)

Past Life-

Twilight: summary- This is my story before I became a vampire. Life without her... was so much harder then. (Edward POV)

Stories in the order they will be posted:

As the Angel Falls

Past Life

From the Heart

Stand in the Rain

Future Love

I might not write Realization. Message me if you think I should. I would like to know what you think about the story idea.

Erm, contact info:

AIM: hieixino13



Fanfiction terms:

yaoi - gay or guy on guy.

yuri - lesbian or girl on girl.

OOC - out of charatcer.

OC - original character.

AU - alternate universe.

slash - is also guy on guy term.

lemon - mature themed scene in a fic.

lime - less graphic scene than a lemon.

fluff - romantic; cute; annoyingly adorable.

flames - insulting reviews to a story. sometimes constructive criticsm.

POV - point of view.

Story Progress:

As the Angel Falls:

In progress. Erm, currently writing chapter three. It's almost done and should be up at the end of the week.
If not, it will be up at the beginning of next week. Waiting till I get at least 20 reviews.

Other Good Authors:
She is one word... AWESOME! She is a great author and I just love her story Dangerous Dancing! I've read a few of her other stories as well, and they were also good.
Her name is Becca and she's a great author. I suggest you read her story Dark Forest: Dimension Traveling. It's a great story.
Idk her name, but it means star. I suggest you read her story The Real Thing. It's a great story. She's got great potential to become an even better author than she already is.
Just call her Neko-chan. She has great writing style and great stories. My favorite is Black Rose Dragon. And no matter what reviews say, it is NOT a Mary-Sue.
OMG! I love this author, her story Birth Rite is the best in history! She has a great writing style and if you're into vampires and such, then that story is completely perfect for you. I know I loved reading it and was completely sad when it was complete. But anyway, seriously, read it. It's awesome!
Her story College Adversity is awesome! It's great and you should totally read it. Her other story War Between Our Worlds is great too.
She's ADHD, but she's an awesome author. You should totally read her story The American Student. It's one of her best.
She is a WONDERFUL author! Her writing style is fantastic and her stories Seduction Game and Addiction freakin rule! I just love them, even though I'm not a big fan of Uchiha Sasuke...

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