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Wooo!!! I'm finally getting around to changing this! Yea! To make it short and simple, I'm female and in high school (sorry, no specific age) and I write mainly Lord of the Rings fanfic! And now...I'm going on to explain some of my fics!

The Night Bears Not the Silence- In progress. This was my fist fic...and I think it's been in the works for around two years. Pretty much it's about a dark elf that has a few too many problems (not all shown in the fic yet) that's put into the Fellowship (including Boromir) to help save Middle Earth from a new threat. Sounds like all the other fics out there, but I think I've made my OC a bit more complex than most...

Black Velvet- In progress. My first fic that has to do with NC-17/R chapters (those I have to e-mail to people individually) and first fic that I've written in first person. Pretty much it's about a elven concubine for a human lord that ends up falling in love with Legolas. Again, might sound like all the other Legolas love-fics out there, but I think my character has a bit more emotion and reader attachment than some others. Heh heh.

As yet not named series- Still in the brainstorming process. I wanted to do a series where each story is named after and uses lyrics from a different Lynyrd Skynyrd song. Each one would be about a different character (or at least, there would be several different characters...some might have more than one story in the series) and they would end up being tied together in the end by the last story. I have a few ideas, but nothing in concrete, so I'm still looking for the plot, characters, setting and such. I have looked around at some Lynyrd Skynyrd song lyrics and here are a few of the songs that I think would be good to have for stories...

The Ballad of Curtis Loew
Simple Man
Every Mother's Son
Comin' Home
Was I Right Or Wrong
The Last Rebel

I believe that I will be definitely using The Last Rebel...and probably as the ending story for the series (or I might end up using Every Mother's Son as the last fic for the series.) I'm still looking around at other lyrics...so I might end up using other/more songs...

IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS (PLOT, CHARACTER, LYNYRD SKYNYRD SONGS, ETC.) OR COMMENTS FOR THE SERIES, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I'm even more than willing to co-write the series if anyone is interested...as long as you can write good fics. :-P

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The Night Bears Not the Silence reviews
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