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About me:

Faith in: Jesus Christ

Interests: Artsy things

Music: Too much to name--tastes range from a lot of genres. Rock, classical, jazz, electronic, etc.

Books: Also too many to name. I have many favorites and I read a lot of genres. Typically I read nonfiction, so I am mostly influenced by that...which might explain why my fiction writing tends to be dry and/or pedantic.

Current Projects: The Mirror: This is a sequel to TWOG. Not really sure how the idea for it came about, but I'm going to try to forge a novella out of it (it promises to be much shorter than TWOG was). The story deals with a dual plotline involving one main character (Caius) and one minor character from the first story. The entire premise for the "conflict" is ludicrously abstract, and I'm slightly afraid things will devolve as a result, but we'll see. It's been slow going so far, but I'm hoping that I can make some progress with it.

Past Projects:

The Weight of Glory: My first attempt at a story. It ended up being far too long for its own good, however, as I tended to be even more verbose there than I am usually. It was a K3 story that was massively AU and featured, among other things, an actual male Exile and many original characters. It is mostly a derivative piece as a result. I was pleased with the way it turned out then (long time ago, now), but looking back there are a lot of things I would change. Having looked at it again, I feel a bit ambivalent. I liked the characters a lot, but the story could have done without oh, say, 100,000 words. Note: I fixed all the missing line breaks in the story. That was a pain in the ass.

Hang Me in the Morning, Before I See the Sun: This one was different, that is for sure. The story is the diary of an ex-Jedi accused of falling to the dark side and conspiring against the Republic. The book is his argument against them and justifying his actions. I'm fairly proud of it, though, even though it was so difficult to write. The story has nothing to do with any SW video game or movie, so it is entirely original. However, it was heavily inspired by C.S. Lewis's Till We Have Faces, though completely different in plot. I have a certain murky nostalgia about this story, and I think it's my best one.

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AN: Backwards editing, and I changed my penname. Don't freak out. Back to working on the story. I promise. And the site has apparently murdered my section breaks. Damn you, stupid site.
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The Mirror reviews
A sequel. The Republic stumbles forward to rebuild, while what remains of the Order does what it can to soldier on and the Exile, Caius Lucullus, traverses the Unknown Regions. As they struggle, a more sinister enemy than ever before eludes them...
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