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Hi :) My name is Anzhelina and if your here im assuming that you read one of my stories and i thank you greatly.

Of course Anzhelina is not my real name but it is Russian and means Angel Messenger. I think its fitting! Not really all my friends think im evil and maybe i am maybe im not who knows.


(001) Your gender: Female.

(002) Name: For these purposes Anzhelina

(003) Single?:At this time yup

(004) Want to be?:perfectly content

(005) Age?: My mommy told me not to tell you lol not really but im still not telling no offense but it really is not safe

(006) Age you wish you were: 21 would be nice but alas I still have some waiting to do

(009) The color of your eyes: they change color arnt i special

(010) Piercings: only the ears

(012) Tattoos: I want a smiley face tattoo on the bottom of my big toe for when I die and they stick the toe tag on :)


(013) Smoke: no that is gross

(015) Read the newspaper: yes its good to stay informed

(017) Talk to strangers who IM you: nope

(018) Take walks in the rain: yes ive also had a picnic in the rain and it was fun YAY ME

(019) Drive: not quite yet

(020) Like to drive fast?: Since i dont drive yet i like to ride fast. Having lived in Germany and been driven on the autobahn there is no other way to drive
(021) Hurt yourself: yeah

(022) Been out of the country: Yes i lived in Germany for six years and have traveled all over Europe

(023) Been in love: I don't use the word love very much so no

(024) Done drugs: As i said to my mom when she asked " I will admit i have access to drugs but i swear by all that i Holy i myself have never done drugs"

(025) Gone skinny dipping: ...jk no i have not

(026) Had a surgery: small one nothing much
(027) Ran away from home: yeah when i was little just like every little kid
(028) Played strip poker: pretended to but an article of clothing was never removed
(029) Gotten beat up: Nope
(031) Been on stage:Yes i sing
(032) Slept outdoors: yes
(034) Pulled an all-nighter: Yeah who hasn't
(036) Talked on the phone all night: yup

(038) Slept all day: yes i prefer night to day so when i can i sleep all day and come out at night
(039) Killed someone:yes actually then i cut up the body fed it to fish that I then caught and sold to a sushi place :) ... of course I haven't
(040) Made out with a stranger: nope
(041) Had sex with a stranger?:No
(042) Kissed the same sex:yes as a joke though not with truthful feeling
(043) Done anything sexual with the same sex? no
(044) Been betrayed: yes
(045)Broken the law: no
(047) Been on radio/tv: no
(048) Been in a mosh-pit: yeah
(049) Had a nervous breakdown: kinda
(050) Been criticized about your sexual performance: no
(051) Had a dream that kept coming back: yes
(052) Favorite shoe brand?: Mudd
(053) Favorite music: I like Metal but i also like some German Russian and Japanese stuff too :)
(054) Wear hats: on occasion
(055) Judged other people by their clothing: no i think it is wrong to judge people
(057) Are you trendy: I do what i want
(058) Life on other planets: i believe it is possible
(059) Miracles: Yes

(060) Astrology: not really its really more of a fun thing then truth
(061) Magic: I think magic ties in with Miracles
(062) God: With all my heart
(063) Love: yes
(064) Ghost: kinda im not 100 sure
(065) Rebirth: It depends, if you mean changing yourself yes. If you mean reincarnation, no.
(066) Love at first sight:not really but I'm willing to be proven wrong
(067) Ying and Yang?: Good and Bad yes
(068) Witches: No just bitches
(069) The Easter Bunny: No.
(071) Do you consider love a mistake: if it is truly love then no
(072) What do you find romantic: ech not much of a romantic
(074) Turn-offs: users,jerks,liars,and cheaters
(075) Do you base your judgement on looks alone: Never.
(076) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone and physically unattracted?: eh i dont think so
(077) What is best about the opposite sex?: personality
(078) What is the last present someone got you?: i cant remember
(079) Do you like/love someone?: Like yes

(080) That you laughed at: probably Aaron
(081) That laughed at you: My mom cause i was smelling conditioner and snorted it up my nose.
(082) That turned you on: not telling
5) That kissed you: i cant remember
(083) That you went shopping with: mom
(084) To disappoint you: not sure
(085) To make you cry: i try not to cry
(086) To brighten up your day:Hope
(087) You saw a movie with: It has been forever since i saw a movie
(088) You talked to on the phone:Nathen
(090) You talked to on text message: Casper the over friendly ghost (i dont text)

(091) Your best friend(s): Stephani and Hope
(092) Smiled: Today
(093) Laughed: Yesterday.
(094) Cried:a while ago
(095) Bought something:yesterday
(096) Danced: this afternoon actually

Sorry to take up so much time i was bored. I love to talk so if you ever just want to talk im here.

Tchurs Anzhelina

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