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Author has written 4 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games.

Update 5/7/12: New story up! This one's about Johanna Mason from The Hunger Games. Enjoy!

Update 6/9/10: Fidelitas Cognatus won first place in The_Fourth_Black_Sister's "Black Family Challenge" ! Hooray!

I decided to re-vamp my profile a bit after discovering that it was lame enough to bore a Drying Paint Watcher enthusiast. And those people don't bore easily. Anyway.

About Me

I enjoy dabbling in fan fiction in order to keep my writing skills up to par. I enjoy sports, reading, and going on random road trips with my friends. Obviously, those aren't the ONLY things I enjoy in life, but they make the cut for the Top Three. I am in LOVE with Harry Potter. Note that I don't use the word "obsessed" because that connotates something negative - and there is nothing wrong with eating/sleeping/breathing Harry Potter. I have read the entire Harry Potter Wiki and most of the Lexicon's essays simply because getting facts straight and delving into the deeper side of things are important to me. So bring it on.

People who can write true comedy impress me more than any other genre, although I recognize every genre has its own, unique sets of challenges and obstacles to overcome. Like most people from my generation, I claim to have a firm grasp on the fine art of sarcasm. Well, I do. I doubt you really care to know more about my personal life, so we'll end here. If you would like to know more about me - for some ungodly reason - feel free to private message me, you stalker. Just kidding about the stalker thing. (But seriously...)

My Fics

Thanatosis - (Hunger Games) NEW! A work in progress. Johanna Mason stood out to me in The Hunger Games. Between Johanna's personality and the way in which she won her own Hunger Games, I always felt like more of her story needed to be told. In my eyes, Johanna was raised into a life of deadly deception. It's something her father, Bruce, the head of District 7's underground liquor operation, instilled at a very young age. She brings these survival tactics to the arena. Play possum. Maintain cover. Build trust. Discover weaknesses. Strike. Bruce Mason's guide to deception.

Three Girls, One Computer - (Super Smash Bros.) The idea for this story came to me after reading a particularly awful Meta Knight/Jigglypuff fic. I thought, What in the world would these Smashers think if they saw some of the stuff we wrote about them? Thus, this little story was born, and I've had an absolute ball writing it. I chose these three characters because I thought the dynamics between Peach and Samus would be hilarious, and Zelda would need to keep them at bay. I tend to pick on Peach so much because she and I have a history. Oh yes. My brother and I would ALWAYS pick her and some other random CPU to fight against back in the Melee days because she was so fun to beat up. So now I've translated my physical bashing to verbal jests. Much less damaging, I think. My characterization of Samus' personality is a lot like my own. We both have a very dry sense of humor, love to poke fun at people, and tend to get an "I'm surrounded by idiots" complex. Zelda falls somewhere in the healthy middle of those two, serving as a much-needed counterbalance and voice of reason. Like I said, this fic has been so much fun to write. I have the best readers/reviewers in the world. They keep me going, and they boost my self-confidence when I think I've totally bombed a chapter. I am just bummed that I'll have to end it soon - because I'm running out of fresh ideas!

Fidelitas Cognatus - (Harry Potter) It means "blood loyalty." The Black Family has always fascinated me in the Harry Potter world. An ancient pureblood family with such deep-rooted history, beliefs and traditions is just begging to be explored. So this is a story exploring all the aspects of "blood loyalty" and everything it entails. It captures moments in time of the three infamous Black Sisters - from their younger years to Deathly Hallows-time. Lots of stories about the Black Sisters attempt to explain Bellatrix's descent into obsessive madness or Andromeda's firm stance against everything she was ever taught all in the name of love. My story doesn't go into that very much. The chapters are just random but significant snapshots of the lives of these three sisters. Their relationships with each other and those around them, their family's proud traditions, their developing and differing personalities, and what they hold dear. This story begs the question "What's more important: Your loyalty to family or loyalty to the family's cause?"

Redemption - (Harry Potter) I always felt like Andromeda Tonks and Percy Weasley were connected by a common thread. Both abandoned their families due to a conflict of ideals. Of course their stories are mirror images of each other; Andromeda fleeing her pure-blood supremacist family, while Percy leaves a family trying to support Harry Potter. Who else to set Percy straight than Andromeda, who probably wishes her family was more like the Weasleys? This story details a chance encounter between the two at the Leaky Cauldron, hours before the final battle.

Obligatory Profile Survey

List your top ten favorite Harry Potter characters in no particular order. (Oh. Mine are DEFINITELY in order. There's no other way to number them!)

1) Severus Snape
2) Bellatrix Lestrange
3) Luna Lovegood
4) Albus Dumbledore
5) Minerva McGonagall
6) The Weasley Twins (yes, they're considered one entity to me)
7) Lucius Malfoy
8) Harry Potter
9) Hermione Granger
10) Nymphadora Tonks

Have you ever read a five/ten fic before? - A McGonagall/Tonks fic? No. I don't think they interact in the books enough to have a fic about them.

Do you think three is hot? How hot? - Luna is adorable - but I could never consider her "hot."

What would happen if six got one pregnant? - Hmmm a Snape/Weasley Twin threesome that results in Snape being pregnant. Bahahahaha, priceless.

Do you recall any good fics about nine? - Oh, definitely. Like I stated about - obsessmuch's Eden is beyond words.

Would seven and two make a good couple? - Oh hell yeah. I think Narcissa/Lucius is adorable - but Bellatrix/Lucius is hot and steamy and forbidden and full of passion and hate haha

Four/eight or four/nine? - Dumbledore/Harry or Dumbledore/Hermione? Neither? Ever? Please?

What would happen if seven discovered three and eight in a secret relationship? - If Lucius discovered Harry and Luna in a secret relationship...I'm sure he'd tell Voldemort so he could use Harry's love for Luna against Harry in some way.

Make a summary of at least twenty words for a two/six fic? - How do you torture the Queen of Pain? The Weasley Twins have an idea. Fred and George mischief abound - no Crucios necessary! (this actually sounds like a fun fic. I might have to write it!)

Is there such a thing as a four/ten romantic fluff story? - Dumbledore/Tonks fluff? Ehhh...I don't think so. That seems a bit creepy to me.

Suggest a title for a one/five Hurt/Comfort fic? - Snape/McGonagall: Lessons Outside the Classroom. It'd be about how these two powerhouse teachers have been there for each other throughout their friendship

What kind of plot would you use if four wanted to seduce one? - What's up with all these strange Dumbledore romance fics!? I'm sure I could easily use Dumbledore's hours of privately coaching and confiding in Snape and give it a romantic twist

Would any of your friends read a seven/nine slash? - Well, it's not a slash - but they def. would!

Do any of your friends read three slash? - Luna slash - I don't know. But I do know the Luna/Ginny ship is rather popular amongst slashers.

Do any of your friends write or draw seven? - I don't think any of my friends draw HP characters...

Would you write two/four/five? - Bellatrix/Dumbledore/McGonagall. For sure. That'd be a fun "Bella during her Hogwarts years, causing a rukus" story.

What might ten scream at a moment of great passion? - Probably a naughty werewolf reference ;)

If you wrote a song fic about eight, what song would you use? - "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance. I was listening to it the other day and realized it was a perfect song for Harry, and that I wanted to make a music video out of it.

If you wrote a one/six/ten fic, what would the warning be? - Snape/Weasley Twins/Tonks fic!? Bahaha. Probably: "Caution. Angst and hilarity in the bedroom make one messy concoction that even a Potion's Master can't handle."

What would be a good pick-up line for nine to use on two? - "Crucio? Yes, ma'am, may I have another?" haha or "Make me pure."

When was the last time you read a fic about five? - Like I said above, I don't usually read fics about too many of my favorite characters. So I've never read a McGonagall fic.

What is six's biggest secret? - That they're two people instead of one! Oh nos! ;)

Three and seven got together. Your reaction? - Lucius/Luna?! guess opposites and blondes attract?!

How would you feel if seven/eight was canon? - Lucius/Harry canon? I'd probably laugh really hard after puking for a bit because Harry spends 6/7ths of the book very much underage.

One and seven are in a happy relationship until nine runs off with four. One, broken-hearted, has a hot one-night stand with ten and a brief unhappy affair with two, then follows the wise advise of five and finds true love with three.

Snape and Lucius are the world's lovey-dovey-est Death Eaters until Hermione runs off with Dumbledore. Lucius - who always had a thing for Dumbledore and is sad that Hermione got to him first - has a hot one-night-stand with his own neice. Then he moves on to his sister-in-law, Bellatrix, because if you can't keep it in the pants - keep it in the family, I suppose! They are far too much alike to be anything more than hot-animal-sex-bots. So Lucius turns to his former teacher McGonagall for advice, who tells him Luna is single-and-looking. Luna and Lucius end up together for some reason, and all is well. Wow.

"Neville Longbottom, is it? How's Mum and Dad?"

"After all these years?"

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