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Author has written 7 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, and Shugo Chara!.

Oh my goodness! I love all of you guys~! I'm sorry for being gone for so long. I had transitioned into fictionpress and started writing my own, original stories there...If any of you are interested, it's under the username Luxaurorae. I also have one under lionetspirit that I have momentarily given up on.

Anyway, all you readers are incredible! I went back to read some of the reviews today, and was so inspired that I think I'll continue to write fanfic. At least finish The Art of Seduction. Writing on fictionpress is disheartening...the reviews are so lacking that I had to wonder whether it was my writing. So then I came back here to give myself a motivational boost, and now I feel soo guilty for leaving all of you hanging.

So...I guess this means I'm back on track. The Art of Seduction takes priority over the other two fanfic stories. But I still want to continue my ficpress story...I just hope I can take on all of the writing. Hopefully, it'll be a good break from my own writing. Also, it's been awhile since I've kept up with Shugo'll also take some time to get back into their characters. I'm so excited about writing again though, that I might just skip that and go straight into writing (and have OOC characters =x)

Thank you again, guys! I really do appreciate all those wonderful reviews out there, and I'll try not to disappoint you!

Starlight is complete!! Woot woot. My first fanfic is finished! As for the sequel, I probably won't be doing that anytime soon.

About My Stories

Unspoken Words: A Tokyo Mew Mew Fanfic (FINALLY COMPLETE! 30 chaps, go me!)

This story is focused on the development of Ichigo and Ryou's relationship- feelings, uncertainties and misunderstandings. It explores the beginning stages of a relationship; from the development of feelings and the realization of hidden ones, to finally confronting their stormy emotions, this fic delves into what a lot of us struggle with (granted it's been jazzed up a bit with certain heated encounters, which may or may not happen in real life depending on who you are).

Yes, this story may get a little intense at times, but it's about a real relationship (a mature, and hopefully long term one), and relationships in real life involve both the sugary sweetness and heated physical moments.(And really, there are just 2 chapters to be cautious about.)

I do have a sequel in mind. If I get to that, it should complete the exploration of a relationship, starting off with the initial stage of dating and continuing through the more settled and comfortable stage.

This story really should have ended by now, but I just couldn't help but to include that extra twist at the end. So, it will be another few chapters before this is completed.

Living in Your Shoes: A Tokyo Mew Mew Fanfic (Incomplete)

I've got to say, this story might actually be my favorite. It's about how Ichigo and Ryou switch bodies and survive through it for a week. Yes, I know it's completely cliche but it doesn't stop it from being fun. Paranoid Ichigo attempts, at all costs, to stop Ryou from touching her body. What will he do to retaliate for all those embarassing moments? things didn't go according to plan. I had meant to update Living in Your Shoes but humor is so hard to maintain! Personally, I love how it's going so far but it just makes it that much more difficult to write a new chapter that's equally funny and well written. I have started the next chapter though.

So sorry I haven't updated this! I'll get to it, I promise. I really do love how this story is going so far and I have so many ideas for it. Now getting that on paper...

The Rise of a New Superhero: A Shugo Chara Fanfic (Incomplete)

So I tried experimenting with a new writing style with this story - writing in first person. I'm struggling with this one a bit. I do have a very interesting plot in mind, but I feel that the delivery is a bit weaker than my usual writing. So...I may end up splitting this story into three parts. (Basically, 3 shorter stories that connect, rather than one really long story.)

(Almost done!) The first one is in Amu's point of view and is about the beginning of all the complications in her life. (It should end at certain discoveries, like why the mafia is after her, what the lock bearer is and other discoveries about the gossip group.) It'll be about the rise of her superhero career and how she ends up as one.

The second one would be about getting rid of the Gossip group once and for all. It'll focus on her school life and how she deals with her duties. (Possible title: A Superhero's Disguise, The Hidden Identity of Catgirl/a Superhero)

And the third would be about her confrontation with the mafia and finally solving that mess. It'll concentrate on Tanaka's story. Not to mention, certain discoveries about the embryo. (Possible Titles: Lockbearer's Destiny, The Origin of the Lock and Key)

Originally, it was supposed to be focused on the mafia, but the plot is just so thick that each portion can be its own story. Of course, throughout the story will be the progression of Amu and Ikuto's feelings and relationship.

The Rise of a New Superhero! - Complete

A Superhero's Disguise - Coming soon!

Taming the Cat: A Shugo Chara Fanfic (Almost Done!)

This was originally supposed to be a one shot, but it'll still be a short multi-chapter story. Just an entertaining little story about how Amu attempts to win Ikuto over. There isn't much development on their feelings for each other and this is based on the assumption that Amu has always loved Ikuto but only suddenly realized it.

I plan on finishing this with another chapter or two. It'll be done soon!

The Art of Seduction

So far, I don't know how long this will be. The idea came to me, but I don't know exactly where this will go yet. Of course, I've got lots of Amuto scenes in mind already ; It'll most likely be typical rivalry for Amu's love stuffI don't want to make it just mindless fluff, so I will be trying to incorporate a meaningful underlying plot to it. I've really had fun writing this story, and of course the real fun hasn't even started yet!

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The Art of Seduction reviews
Ikuto Tsukiyomi has always been the most popular kid and the biggest playboy in school. Now there's a new girl vying for that spot of popularity and his charms don't seem to work on this one! Has he finally met his match? Not if he can help it! Amuto
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