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Hi, I'm hoping2improve!

I am hoping to improve my writing skills, and have developed my one particular fanfiction, One-Track Mind, over a period of four (soon to be five) years. It is still a work-in-progress, but it's (finally) beginning to really come together. I will post the second chapter (and subsequent ones--which are being written and edited at the moment) hopefully soon. As I am doing my own editing, I expect it to take some time.

Anyway, please enjoy my writing, and feel free to leave comments (yes, I'm fine with negative ones, too.) There is just one thing I ask: Tear. It Apart. Please. I want to get better, and I need help in figuring out just exactly what I did right (or what I did wrong). Thank you!

EDIT: As of 3/26/11, I have discovered, to my horror, that everything related to my fanfiction has been wiped from my computer, with the exception of a few notes. I hope that you understand that rebuilding will take far more time, and that once I find my backup (though it does not include material from the past several months), I will strive to rewrite what was lost. I will post what I can, when I can, though it may well be a while. Please bear with me; I thank you for your time and patience.

This account shouldn't be considered inactive, as I do give reviews and will gladly respond to PMs, but I don't exactly post much here. If anyone cares about reading what I write, which is largely conceptual at this point anyway due to lack of time and trying to figure out my damned senior year, I have a mibba account under "Martial_writer", a very active Deviantart account under "evfan257", a TV Tropes Contributor Page (because I do like that site, and I've created a page for One-Track Mind's final incarnation) as "Punkreader", and a Literotica account also under "Punkreader." I encourage you to look at the TV Tropes page and my Deviantart.

I don't have much of an interest in anime anymore, and only read manga at my convenience - I tend to enjoy more mature, complex series as it is, likt e Claymore, Gokusen, Franken Fran, and Lady Snowblood. I'll happily give anything a try at least once, and always welcome recommendations - the only genre I generally dislike is Shojou, and only because I can point out so many flaws that my fingers bleed. But everything else - shonen, seinin, josei, etc. - are consumed gratefully. And I love books - but not those written by popular authors, namely because I feel that writers like Danielle Steel, James Patterson, and John Grisham can't write well - oh, they can write, but not well.

I suppose I should put something about myself here now, shouldn't I? Well, I'm 18, in high school, and am usually very, very bored. I enjoy writing as a hobby, both fanfiction, essays, and fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction, but I want to go into either medicine or science. I'm something of a geek, and don't care if I get called names or insulted. I appreciate reviews, but don't expect them, and enjoy giving them out to friends, classmates, and fellow writers - fanfiction or otherwise. I have a penchant for history and accuracy, and for the love of g-d, please don't try and give me ideas, because I will chase them down, and I will want to make sure I have any real-life information and connections right. So, please, I welcome suggestions of fanfiction and ideas and concepts and whatnot, but don't go overboard.

I'm a bookworm, and enjoy all of my subjects in school except for Phys. Ed. Because it's a useless crapshoot, and my potential for injury is ridiculous. I dislike arts and crafts, due to my hands not working properly at times. I like almost all genres of music, from classical to 30's swing to blues to death metal - only things I don't listen to are rap and opera. But that's it. I'll eat anything, and I'm near-fluent in German, although my own writing skills in the language need work. I value diversity and equality, and am strongly against any and all forms of discrimination for any reason, but especially against those with disabilities. The word "retard" is not in my vocabulary, let's put it that way. I enjoy volunteering and working with others, and do advocacy work with other students in my school.

I have multiple disabilities, but that is neither here nor there, and they shouldn't come into play other than I missed some typos or tense changes that should have been fixed. I'm half-blind - I'm not saying cut me a break (I hate it when people do that), but please take it into account, hm? I'm always happy to find a new fandom, but the one I'm really interested in writing for is InuYasha, and I'm not afraid to critique characterizations, plot, or anything else (I tear my own to pieces often), and I have canon sources I can reference. As in, things I bought myself, from Viz Media, that are character guides. I'm not a stickler for canon, and I enjoy seeing a new, well-written twist in such things.

So, in conclusion, please visit my other pages, which I can't link to (thank you, fanfiction_._net), feel free to leave reviews and send me PMs. I'm happy to review something if asked, but will be honest. If you want just praise, ask elsewhere, please - if you want constructive criticism, I'm more than happy to give it. I don't have the time to be a Beta, sadly, and am looking for one myself - however, if you want someone to edit a piece, or a chapter of something, feel free to contact me, as I greatly enjoy editing.

I appreciate you taking the time to read through my Profile. I hope you've enjoyed it, and that you enjoy what I write both here and elsewhere.



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