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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter.

I am an aspiring novelist interested in networking with other people on the journey to creating a written work.
I have started a blog where I hope to start discussion about the troubles we encounter along the way, the technical elements of writing, and what to do once a manuscript is complete - if this is something that interests you, please check out my blog, A Novel Adventure.

Hey! I thought I'd better put something down here, cos I know it really annoys me when I go to look at someone's profile and there's nothing there.

So, what to tell?

My name is the lyrics from a song. I liked it when I picked it, now I think it's laaame... song is Come in Closer by Blue October.

I'm 22.


Of the female variety.

At uni, studying engineering. Don't want to be there.



The Pendant of Slytherin is my first fic, I hope anyone who is reading it is enjoying. Summary: Canon until the end of 5th year. A Harry-centric story, covering sixth and seventh years. Harry starts looking at the circumstances of and people in his life differently, and finds friendship in places he'd never have thought. He sets about learning how to defeat Voldemort, and becomes more independent.

14th April 2010: After one year and ten months (pretty much exactly), 77 chapters, and around 478, 000 words, Pendant of Slytherin is FINALLY complete. Yay!! Thank you to everyone who stuck with me until the end.

There is a sequel planned for this, but at this stage, I'm writing the sequel to Murder, Child first. I'm also going to rewrite a lot of this story eventually, because some of the (earlier especially) writing makes me cry (as in it's bad, not sad...)

23/2/11: PENDANT OF SLYTHERIN is being rewritten, finally. I'll be posting it as a new story, I think. Basically, as well as fixing stupid spelling mistakes and grammar issues, I might try and fill any plot holes, and I have also taken on board what alot of people said in reviews, so thanks for all the reviewers who pointed out errors or things they didn't like! Some of the writing in the earlier chapters is pretty crappy, so hopefully there'll be an improvement there.

Chapters will be condensed, so hopefully the word count will be much reduced. I don't think any events will change chapter wise, so if you start reading the story, start reading the new one and then just go over to the old one if you run out of story.



Murder, child is now completed! As of 19th March 2009 the final chapter has been posted, making this my first complete story (yay!). Please read and review :)

Summary: Mysterious events of the past coalesce in the present. What part do seemingly unrelated events have in the life of one Elizabeth Bishop? She has a secret – one only recently uncovered. Her greatest fear is that someone will discover it, so why does she reveal it to someone she can’t possibly trust? Will he help her, and why?

This story follows canon completely, though there might be a few insignificant differences/ errors. It is not a Harry-centric fic; he is mentioned now and then, only briefly.

Flame of the Founders

This is the sequel to Murder, Child. I've only just started writing this, and hopefully will start posting soon.


Fics I do/don't like to read: Mostly I only read fics centred around Harry, though I've read other good ones. I like Snape is Harry's father or mentor fics. Harry-gets-sent-to-Azkaban fics are alright. I mostly read stories covering fifth,sixth and seventh year. If you know any good fics please let me know!

Don't mind stupid fics that make me laugh. There's some I've gotten a good giggle out of.

Don't like fics where Dumbledore has a big part, especially as a mentor or where he's personally training Harry.

Pairings: Don't really like any pairings in particular (I'm hard to please) except for Ron/Hermione.

I used to hate Hr/D fics, but I recently read some good once and now I kinda like it.

Resigned to the H/G pairing. I can't really see him with anyone else except some other completely random character that isn't in the books.

I don't really like reading slash for the sake of reading slash, but if there's a plot line then I don't mind. I have read quite a few good ones that have made me like H/D and HP/SS. Don't really like any fics about Sirius or Lupin though, for some reason. I like them in the books, but nowhere else.

I think LL/NL is cute, and I like NL/GW too. In fact, I like Neville with anyone.

That's about it for now : )

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