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Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: I can find inspiration anywhere. My troubles, triumphs, and anything I see around me. NEXT!

Q: Music?

A: I love it. i know a far amount, but there are so many new bands that i could listen to that i haven't yet. Someday. i don't identify with a specific genre, because i like to try everything. Right now i'm into more punk-ish indie and ska stuff, and i love quirky british bands a lot, but i'm basically up for anything. Except High School Musical and Hannah MAN-tana. (and certain other disney poser bands...) And country. its mindless, people. i dont understand the appeal, and im a cowgirl. NEXT!

Q: Do you consider yourself funny?

A: Yeah. I'm pretty sarcastic, too. NEXT!

Q: Why do you choose to write Kingdom Hearts Stories?

A: Because i know the characters best. Although, I tend to put too much of myself into the characters. In a few of my stories, Olette acts more like me than she does herself. NEXT!

Q: Why Riku and Olette?

A: They're my favorite couple. I think that the personalities that they have would work together really well, and they'd be cute. Also, neither has a set partner, like Sora and Kairi or Roxas and Namine. (Seriously people. the other pairings are stupid. We all know that they'll end up with each other. get out of your little daydream. the only entertaining ones are akuroku and soriku. And for all the creepy Riku+Xion supporters, get real. if she wasn't in 2, but she existed during 356/2, she's dead. get on with your lives. ) they could seriously work out, if in Kingdom Hearts 3 or beyond they do something with Riku in Twilight Town. My logic rocks. And His loving her could fill certain plot-holes. NEXT!

Q: Any other pairings?

A: A few, but, there are enough of all of them. Im here to spread the Rikette love. NEXT!


A: Complicated. NEXT!

Q: No Boyfriend?

A: Is my own Q&A hitting on me? No, i don't have a boyfriend. really. ITS FUCKING COMPLICATED. NEXT!

Q: Are you aware that you don't have to type "NEXT!" after every question?

A: Yeah, but when else am I ever going to get to use it? NEXT!

Q: Are you an artist, too?

A: Yeah, but not a very good one. I still have a lot to learn. NEXT!

Q: Favorite color?

A: Green. And Orange. But the light shades, not the dark ones. Well, depending on the use of the color.

Q: Favorite song?

A: I have too many. Currently, i'm listening to Sweetness, and although i love it, i dont think it my favorite. I dunno. Maybe Fluorescent Adolescent by the Arctic Monkeys. NEXT!

Q: Favorite Season?

A: Usually I just roll with it, and like whatever season it is. But i think winter owns in the end. Its got snow, and my birthday! NEXT!

Q: Favorite Holiday?

A: Daylight savings. NEXT!

Q: Um, okay then... Weirdest thing you've ever done?

A: EXISTED. But if i had to pick a specific event... And keep it PG... Licking peanut butter off my friend's knee. It was kinda nasty. NEXT!

Q: Do you think anyone will read this?

A: No, not really. And if so, HA! that's 3 minutes of your life you're never getting back! NEXT!

Q: No further questions...

A: Wimp.

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What Would You Do reviews
"What would you do if I kissed you right now?" "I guess I'd have to slap you." Roxette, friendship and couple-dom. Some Rikette, Namirox, and Namiku, if you look hard enough. my first Roxas/Olette fic. Roxas POV.
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