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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, and Super Robot Monkey Team.

Not really much to say about me but... I LOVE ROCK LEE AND NEJI!! ( From Naruto) AND OTTO AND SPARKS ( From SRMTHFG ) All my favorite chars. :) I love reading NejixTenten stories, Drawing, writing about random events that happen in my mind, Dancing, oh and watching Naruto, Watching SRMTHFG, Watching FMA ( Fullmetal Achemist ), Reading SPOVA and OTTOVA ( MY two favorite pairings ) :P

Name ~~ Megan

Gender ~~ ... I'm a GIRL

Likes ~ Being who she is. Listing to Music, Playing LAST CHAOS xD, Drawing, Watching Naruto, SRMTHFG, FMA, Writing, Dance, Jacob and Emmet from Twilight.

Hates ~ People who think they have to change to be liked. People who use people. Math, Science, boys who think they can get what they want, stuck up female doggie girls. And same sex pairings.

Yeah Yeah Yeah I didn't say much but oh well you don't need to know a lot.

: Story in progress :

I only work on ONE story at a time.

Temptation - A Nova fic.

Some more about me...

I really love Fanfiction, everyday when I get off from school I come home and read fr hours. Some of my faorite authors are ~~ .Poisoned Scarlet. , xdestinyxforeverx , purpleface14 , nikijoshilove , Mickey218 , 10TeNjI10 , Serenity Silence ( For Naruto ). And AliJo , MimiSweet4 , You'veBeenJayed , DemeterChild , Sparx and Nova 4ever , Duskblood , Dr. Glove , Em Rib , Netbug009 , Eliyora , DarkFlameOfTheMonkey , Mercurymonkey7 , xXShadow077Xx , Alchemy Hope , ArtemisWolfRose ,CranesWing ( From SRMTHFG ). And more! Those are just a few that I could think of! I"d love to thank all these authors, they were the reason that I wanted to join Fanfcition.

My Favorite Youtube Channels.

I really love how these two people make their videos. They are the two people who I have to watch their videos. 00Demi00 ( Naruto ) And doctor1231 ( SRMTHFG ) Both make GREAT VIDEOS. I highly suggest you watch them.

Favorite Chars

SRMTHFG ~ Otto ( I wuv him ), Nova, Sprx, Gibson, Antauri, Chiro, Jinmay ( Sorry Jinmay fans but I really dislike her, to me she never was very important. )

FMA ~ Mustang, Edward, Al, Riza, Lust, Sloth, Nina, Scar ( Just a few... )

Naruto ~ Neji, Lee, Naruto, Kiba, Tenten, Hinata, Kakashi, Gai, Shikamaru, Ino, Sasuke



Me and my friend were on the phone when she suddenly burst into laughter. Of course I asked what and this was her reply. " OMGOMGOMG!! I just thought... well you know how Sasuke's Emo? HE CAN HAVE AN EMO VAN! Like it'll have a blade on it and say ' Sasuke's Emo van, If your Emo we'll find you. ' Then on the back it'll say somethign like ' You can cut but you can't hide! ' " I just kinda sat there with an Anime Sweat drop.


Me and my same friend from before were bored. Then I got the scariest thought. What if Gaara started dancing to Hot n' Cold by Katy Perry? Then added some disco moves to it as he went? It scared me but eventuall I thought of how great I could make that into a short story.


I was bored. and thought what if Otto wanted to learn how to cook? And try to make dinner for Chiro's Birthday? Whats the harm in that?

Sprx and Nova

Thsi one I thought about after hearing the song 24. And thought I'd try to make that into a Sprx and Nova story.


Gibson thinks he's very smart? What if he was put into a battle of the brains? Just endless possiblities of how it could end? Gibson failing? Gibson winning? Gibson becoming dumb? Or Gibson going on to a talk show to explain his feelings of victory/defeat?


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Temptation reviews
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