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Bill Cosby: "What do you think candy is made of?"
Stewie: "Sunshine and farts! What kind of question is that?!"

--Family Guy

Howdy, y’all! The name’s Neostar! A few years ago, I discovered fanfiction, and immediately become addicted. As soon as I finish a story, you can count on that it'll be posted ASAP (Which could be anywhere between two minutes and a year ^_^*).
I usually write love stories, or stories that at least have a decent love triangle in them. Also, I enjoy writing funny stories, or stories that make people think, “Is this girl on drugs?" And yes, I’m a serial basher. So what?
Series' I'm interested in are: Digimon (series 1, 2, and 3 only), Dragon Ball Z, a little Dragon Ball, Kodocha: Sana’s stage (AKA Kodomo no Ochama), X-men: Evolution (my sister got me started), Transformers: Armada, and Gargoyles.
My friend Tyler says I’m obsessed with coupling. And I am! Couples I support:
Digimon: Taiora, Takari, Joumi, Kouyako, Yamasuke, Hirokenta, Jenruki, Tajeri, Junato, Chicken, and maybe Mimato.
Harry Potter: Harry x Hermione and Neville x Ginny
CCS: Sakura x Syoran and Tomoyo x Erriol
Transformers: Armada: Demolisher x Megatron and Alexis x Rad
X-Men: Evolution: Rogue x Logan, Scott x Jean, and Kitty x Kurt

Please read my stories, keeping in mind that if you flame me, I’ll laugh at your stupidity and/or send you a very frank E-mail.

First of all-- Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays everyone! ^_^

Now, on to business:
Unfortunetly, I bring not an update or a new story, but news. Some of you may have noticed that yesterday, two of my fics, The Moron Awards and The Death of Davis, were missing. Well, that wasn't a temporary glitch, they've been deleted.
Why?Becauseat theGodawful Fanfiction Forum, through multiple discussions of other fics (none of which were mine, mind you; I daresay that the board slammed my fics long before my first visit there), I was told that stories in script format are not allowed on this site. I really didn't want to get in trouble with the staff here, so I decided to delete them before someone reported them.

If I may make something clear: The fact that these stories were deleted has NOTHING to do with the flames they recieved. If they were flamed for poor spelling or grammar, or (God forbid) housing a Mary-Sue character, I'd probably take people's advice. But if someone can't handle character bashing (which, I might add, I usually indicate in the summary, so why they were even reading the fic in the first place is beyond me), then that's really not my problem. In the future, if I write something that deals heavily with bashing characters, someone can flame until their fingers are bruised, but the story's not coming down.
OK, sorry if I sounded likea raving b*tch for a minute there, I just needed to getthat little rant off my chest.

ANYWAY, like I said, I offer no updates at the moment, but the next update of Strange Triangles should be up soon...hopefully...

Talk to you later! ^_^

What's New?
The Moron Awards - DELETED
The Death of Davis - DELETED
The Crazy Courtroom - DELETED

Oh, by-the-by, make sure you visit http://
It's the home of my favorite online comic, "Flipside"!

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