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Author has written 7 stories for Hannah Montana, and Wizards of Waverly Place.

...for a complicated girl, she ain't that hard to figure out.

I'm Esmee.
I'm 17.
I have a kid.
Yes, the condom broke.

I've done some living.
I know how it feels to be riding a drop of rain.
I don't make mistakes. I make choices.
I'm simple, and I worship God.
I live and breathe for myself.
I don't care what you think, or how you act.
If I like you, we'll become friends.

"Believe-it-or-not" facts:

I used to ship Nelena. Eew.
Team Niley, all the way.

I used to hate twilight.
I thought it was overrated and only for emo's.

My New Years resolution is to screw Rob Pattinson.
Hehe, self explanatory. (If I can get over my biting fetish)

Team Edward.
Because Jacob doesn't sparkle.

I love writing my stories in italics.
It gives them flare and originality.

I can sit up until five in the morning watching shows from the 50s.
Happy Days (but thats from the 70s), I love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, etc.

I can actually sing well.
I don't just put myself on a disney show and think I can sing.

I play Jasmine in my school's upcoming play Aladdin.
Yes, I can act as well.

I've had a secret crush on Aladdin since I was ten years old.
He's the most gorgeous cartoon ever drawn.

I still love watching Blue's Clues.
Even though I'm seventeen.

I never truly flame a story.
Unless I hate it...alot.

At school, I'm known as a vampire.
My friends call me Esmee Cullen.

Stories in progress:

A Walk To Remember – Self explanatory. Lilly/Nick. (maybe some Lilly/Joe in future chapters)

Our Only Desperation - Pregnancy story. Harper/Justin.

Parental Control - Based on the MTV hit. Miley/OC (in chapter one) Lilly/Oliver (in chapter two)

Ice Cold - Oliver teaches Lilly how to ice skate. Lilly/Oliver. (complete)

You know what I hate? How people seem to think Rob Pattinson crawled out of a whole somewhere. It's called GOBLET OF FIRE, people. Watch it :)

I absolutely adore the harry potter series. So dont be surprised if I start rambling about it in one of my stories.

I tend to make my characters obsess over small things. Like Lilly was obsessed with Twilight in Ice Cold, Harper is obsessed with Harry Potter in OOD, Caelie's obsessed with Jesse McCartney in Everywhere To Me (story on another account), and Alex is obsessed with Rob Pattinson in OOD.

Take precautions while reading my stories. Expect random things, romance quickly interupted by drama, angst turned into a tearjerker, and get ready to hang off those cliffs.


Sarahbella413- "Can you make a loliver fic, but make it like twilight? Where Oliver's a vampire or something? That would be really cool and alot of people would read it."
Me - Hm, I actually thought about that. Maybe soon!

Q- What does FAQ stand for?
A- Frequently Asked Questions.

Q- What's your name?
A- Esmee Cullen.

Q- How old are you?
A- Seventeen.

Q- How long have you been seventeen?
A- A while. ;)

Q- What program do you use for your stories?
A- OpenOffice 5.0

Q- We see you online at like, all hours of the night. Do you sleep?
A- I'm a vampire. We don't sleep.

Q- Do you make videos?
A- I do :) You can watch them at

Q- How long have you been writing?
A- Since first grade. :)

Q- I flamed your story. Shouldn't you be crying?
A- ...Noo?

Q- You seem mean.

Q- Can you write a story about Nick and Selena falling in love?
A- I don't write Nelena anymore. Sorry. D:

Q- Wanna be friends?
A- Of course! Hit me up.


First part of the story: (ignore the "Katrina Kelso" sig. That's my old roleplay name, and I used it to tag the photo)

Second part of the story:


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