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Author has written 8 stories for Naruto, and Eyeshield 21.

Gender: Female

Race: Human with a demon fox in my body (Hey, I'm the so called lost younger sis of Naruto)

Rank: (I was suppose to be a Chuunin but I gave up, but I still have my Forehead Protector!)

Country: I'm from the Philippines!! MABUHAY TAYO!!

My looks: I have short blonde hair with two cute ponytails at the side, I have light blue eyes and I have the same skin color like Naruto and I'm kinda the tallest girl im my class. (Which makes me taller than Naruto :P )

My Story:

After one year of that tragic Kyuubi ambush, my mom, (Also the mom of Naruto.) Ran away from our village and went to the Hidden Village of Sand. She died after she gave birth to me and since then, I started to live alone in the Sand Village. When I'm 5 years old, I became good friends and playmate to Kankuro for years, until him and his team are assigned to do the Chuunin exams. They assigned me too but they only alowed three-man cell to do the exams, so I only did the Chuunin exams here in the Sand Village alone. And I became a Chuunin after Gaara's team came back.

After 3 years, after Master Kazekage revived, Kankuro told me the story how Gaara got resurrected and he told me all about Naruto too! And he realized that I look exactly like him in girl version, but with no marks on my cheeks. I got shocked, I thought that I have no family already and I do have one!

I researched Naruto for almost 3 months and realized HE IS MY BIG BROTHER!! With that, I gave up being a Chuunin, but I still have my headband, I said my goodbyes to Kankuro and his siblings and left the Sand Village for good. And started on my journey to go to Konoha and find my long lost brother, Naruto.

End of My Story...


I use fire styles.

Sasuke: Fire styles? FIGHT ME THEN Sachi: -.-' I'm just a girl with a big imagination. (I'm expressing it right now!)


Hiruma: What kind of site is this? Unleash Your Imagination? yeah right, this site is so- Sachi: (Covers Hiruma's mouth) Shut it Hiruma-san, or I'll get banned here!! Hiruma: (Removes Sachi's hand) Get off of me you twerp! Sachi: Shakes her head Tsk, tsk, tsk... do that or I'll tell Youna-chan about you... Hiruma: Oh, shut, up...

Hobies: Surfs the Net, Watch many Anime, eat a lot of food and all, draw some mangas (not very good at drawing.), cooking, reading Mangas AND MANY MORE!!

About Me:I'm still a teenager, I'm smart but not Shikamaru smart, I can cook a good meal, I'm kind and all but sometimes I can get crazy or rough or emo.

Favorite Colors: Yellow, Pink, baby blue, Periwinkle, Yellow.

Mangas I Have: Naruto (1-11) Dragon ball Z (It's a gift from my Aunt, but I do not read them.) Reiko The Zombie Shop (Vol. 1 only only.) Shaman King (I do not also read it. only have vol. 8) School Rumble (Complete.)

Favorite Animes:Naruto, Shippuuden Naruto, Yu gi oh!, Pokemon, Eyeshield 21, Pitchy Pitchy Pitch, Yucie, Yu gi oh GX, Mirumo De pon, Card Capter Sakura, Tsubasa, School Rumble.

Favorite Naruto Pairings: (In order)

1. Lee and Sakura - Their the first couple that I like, It's funny looking at them, but it's kinda heart warming whenever you see them with each other.

2. Shikamaru and Ino- I feel that Shikamaru's kinda jealous whenever Ino talks or cheers to Sasuke. AND IT'S SOOOO CUTE WHEN I SEE HIM JEALOUS!! XD

3. Neji and Tenten - They have an awesome chemistry!! It's like you want to shout whenever they talk!! XD

4. Sasuke and Sakura -I like them, but if only Sasuke were a little expressive, this will be in the first on my list!

5. Kankuro and Tenten - I feel like they have a good chemistry too! And they have so much in common! Too bad that we never saw them talk. T.T

6. Shikamaru and Temari - Well... only 65 percent only.

7. Kiba and Hinata - I feel like that Kiba's a good friend to Hinata, I think that he actually know that Hinata likes Naruto, but he kept his feelings aside.

8. Shikamaru and Sakura - I don't know... my sis said that they have a chemistry... and I think I'm starting to like them.

9. Shino and Ino - One of the unexpected couples in Naruto but they look good together, plus SHINO and INO rhymes!! XD

10. Orochimaru and Tsunade -Uhm... I don't really like them that's why their in the last spot on my list =.= but they reminded me of Sasuke and Sakura.

Naruto ONLY Pairing I HATE!!:

1. Sasuke and Ino - I HATE THEM!! XP THEY MAKE ME PUKE!! (no ofense to others)


Sasuke: I hate her too... Sachi: Good! Then love Sakura-chan then! Sasuke: Sachi: Wha?!

Why do I think NARUTO is the Best ANIME in the WHOLE WORLD:

1. The plot of the story original.

2. The humor's funny in a smart way.

3. The moral thought me to never give up.

4.It made me cry when Sasuke left Konoha. T.T

5.The friendship of Sasuke and Naruto is hard to brake. (Like me bestie, But I'll call her, Akatsuki 1001 hehe )

6.When the first time I heard that there's a Hurricane Chronicles, I nearly fainted.

7. The love teams there are romantic in a goofy way. (Ex. NaruXHina, LeeXSaku, JiraiyaXTsunade.)

8. I like it whenever Ino tries to get Sasuke away from Sakura. (A little annoying but still funny.)

9. How they fight every time, they take my breath away and I always cheer for them. (My mom scolded me many times coz i always cheer for Naruto so loudly. _)

10. It's the MOST poplar Manga in the WHOLE WORLD!!

My ONLY Eyeshield 21 couples I like the Most:


Naruto: Your crazy about them... aren't you? Sachi: I'm not crazy about them... I'M SUPER CRAZY ABOUT THEM!! XD Naruto: -.-' Mamori: (blushes) Uh... Hiruma: HMPH! Sachi: XD


Naruto: Oi, that's too loud Sachi! Hiruma: Don't say my signature WORD! (Shoots up in the air) Sakura: MINE ALSO! Sachi: (runs away) OKAY OKAY!! BYE BYE!!

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