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Here we go, so my name is Lealie.

I tend to get very obsessed with a fandom for a very short amount of time and then completely lose interest, so my continued obsession with ACROSS THE UNIVERSE caught me off guard.

I love that movie.

Characters and opinions:

Jude: Alright, to begin with, he's British, which we all know means he has a sexy accent. And second of all, he sketches and paints, which is something that almost all of us women have a weakness for. And he has the voice of an angel, something that wins him a lot of points with me.

Favorite line: My god, you... you have perfect teeth! (yep, he's in love.)

Max: How can you not fall in love with him? I'm just attracted to the funny guys. And when his hair all shaggy and in his face, he looks like such a sexpot. Sexxxxxxyyyyy. And his voice is all raspy and stuff, something that makes me all weak in the knees.

Favorite line: I'm a cross-dressing homosexual pacifist with a spot on my lung. (Geez, Uncle Sam'll take anybody.)

Prudence: She seems to be a really over looked character.

Favorite line: Tell them you want to RAPE and PILLAGE all the little girls who look like me. (Haha, I love it, she has no problem saying something shocking.)

Lucy: Not my favorite character, she just shares some of the same ideas as me, and I respect that. And okay, it could have something to do with the fact that I think Max and Jude are way better together, but still.

Favorite line: Maybe when bombs start going off here, people will listen! (I wish I'd come up with that line myself.)

Sadie: She's just the type of woman that you want to hang with.

Favorite line: Oh darling, if you leave me, I'll never make it alone (She speaks the truth)

JoJo: He sang "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" . . . and he's got the 'fro. And you can't say no to the 'fro.

Favorite line: You can burn that paper man, but you still gotta show. (He also speaks the truth.)

Dr. Robert: He's a navigator, an aviator, eatin' taters and masturbatin' alligators. Don't you forget it.


Jude/Lucy: Not my favorite pairing, but they are canon. And there's no denying that they make a good pair. They both got a little off track, but they were pretty much destined. I like that the movie didn't portray them as being perfect. A realistic love. (Well, kind of.)

Sadie/JoJo: Seriously, they're the most kickass, interesting pairing. I don't know why. xD I think it's because they're like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix without the whole dying too young concept. (SoJo for life!)

Max/Jude: My OTP, I seen it the first time I watched the movie, (I don't see how anybody could miss it) and it's so obvious that the two of them just fit together perfectly!

Okay, I have an obsession with movie trivia. Some of my favorite ATU facts:

Salma Hayek specifically requested to appear in the film. When director Julie Taymor mentioned the role of the Bang Bang Shoot Shoot Nurse, Hayek replied, "Just ONE of the nurses, Julie?"

Cafe Huh? is a reference to Cafe Wha?, originally in Greenwich Village.

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