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"We're all going to die."

Oh no. Here she was again. our conversations usually sways this direction, given the chance.


"Hell yeah. We're all demented kings in this twisted chess game we dubbed as 'Life'" Kana would always make funny faces when she says something sarcastic.

She's right, we're all going to die. Kings - prisoners playing in defense, doing whatever it takes, just to prolong life. Even if it meant sacrificing the thought of enjoying life, rather than enduring it. I looked at her, with her red hair she looked confused, eyebrows furrowed and her orbs staring mindlessly into space. We're so different, yet so alike. I wonder how I managed to become friends with this girl.

"Then be a Pawn."

Now I've got her attention.

"What do you mean, Akira nee-chan?"

I closed my eyes and wondered what the hell have I gotten into. The burdens of being a nee-chan, after all. But I enjoy my job. I really do.

"Renounce the throne and come join us commoners at the bottom. I hear parties are much fun in pubs, rather than those petty dances." I joked. She ushered me to continue.

"Kings have responsibilities. Pawns have a lesser burden to that. Pawns move forward. It's the only piece that can't move backward. Pawns only have one chance of survival, so they make their moves count. We should be more like Pawns, in a sense that we shouldn't live our lives in fear of what will happen next."

"Instead, we should be the ones who write and decide what will happen next." She continues my statement.

"Exactly. Welcome, your highness." I grinned.

She playfully punches my shoulder. And we both laugh. I guess when we're not fangirling about Marhsall Lee's abs, we can be decent thinkers...

"Want to get some cream puffs?" She asked. I smiled, but cringe at the same time. I have a bad feeling that's coming from the bottom pits of my wallet.

She laughed. "Don't worry, it's my treat this time."

"Really? Miracle speech about pawns activate!" I cheered.

"Or is it the end of the world?" She joked. We both laughed. I'm just glad that I have an imotou like her.


So yeah. Hi, I'm Kanako. The story above was by me, which showcases my writing style, and the awesomeness of my nee-chan: Akira. We share this account.

We've been friends for a long time and we have been writers longer. We've dabbled on a lot of genres, and some of our works are featured here on our page. There's not much I'd like to say. I'm the shy type between us two. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Drop by our page again, okay?

Oh yeah. We also have separate dA (deviantart) accounts. You can check our works here

> For Akira.

> For me, Kanako.

My turn XD
Hey. So I'm Akira. The "nee-chan". But hey you know, let's do these introductions after the short story shall we? This is entitled Of Paris and Coupons. Hey partner, when you read this tell me what you think mmkay?

Okay. Kewl. So here ye go

Of Paris and Coupons


“Yes Paris.”

I sat there by that lumpy rock next to the grand stand, my boot-clad foot dangling loosely as I finished the rest of my pistachio flavored ice cream. Suddenly I felt someone elbow my right arm. There seated beside me was my friend, my onee-chan, Akira. She was wearing a sleeveless gray and black striped shirt over a bubblegum pink jacket and baggy three-fourths, her worn out black converse tapping lightly on the rock. I on the other hand was wearing a red plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and my ever trusty black boots and of course who would forget my signature fedora? I felt another jab at my arm.

“Well? What do you think?” she said with a smile.

“Hmm… I, uhh, don’t know…”

Akira leaned towards me and grinned to my face. It was a bit silly actually. See, we had this bet concerning my…uh, well… for a lack of a better word; relationship status. I swore that I would stay single for as long as I lived (Don’t ask) but Akira, apparently “knowing me all too well” said otherwise.

“Ya scared that you won’t be able to live through your so-called resolve to stay single?”

“N-no… I mean… well… who knows what will happen in the future, right?”

She raised her brow looking unimpressed. “Gosh Kana-chan. I think I overestimated you. I thought you were a person of your word. Not some half-baked, half-assed little girl.

Damn it. She knew where this was going judging by that smirk on her face and her use of that accursed word. I huffed, crossing my arms together.

“Fine. You’re on.”

“Ha-ha!” Akira said, clapping her hands. “That’s more like it! Now let’s discuss the details shall we?”

“Paris, was it?”

“Yes! Paris! You have to take me to Paris if I win!”

I felt my knees weaken for a moment. Paris. That’s a long way from here. Of course I knew that this was all just a fabrication. A playful bet. Nothing to lose really but that glint in Akira-nee-chan’s eyes was the least bit reassuring.

She held out her hand for me to take.


It was then when she flashed me that bright smile, her cheeks flushed from the heat of the sun, did I realize that that glint actually held traces of sadness. I realized that to my onee-chan, this wasn’t just some dumb playful bet we had agreed on but a promise. A promise for the future. A promise of our lasting friendship. I smiled at her outreached hand. She was still the same onee-chan even after four years. Such a drama queen. Overly emotional. Always unnecessarily concerned and over thinking things. She was never really good at hiding her emotions either but I guess those are the very reasons why she is MY onee-chan. I finished the rest of my ice cream, wiping my hands on a tissue and then I took her hand.


A wide grin spread across her plump face. She was such simpleton too. But I guess, so was I as I felt a similar grin grace my features.

“Better start saving now little sister because once YOU get me there, I want to go on an all-expense-paid fashion shopping spree.” Akira said as she jumped of our lumpy rock. I followed after.

“Pshaw man! I so got this bet covered.” I replied smugly.

“Well, let’s just see about that.” She replied with equal arrogance.

We both shared a hearty laugh as we proceeded to head off to the mall.

“By the way nee-chan…”


“What do I get if I win?”



“Oh and since you already shook my hand earlier, the deal stands.”

I stared at her incredulously as she continued to walk, unfazed by my rather loud cry of disbelief.

“But—but—but —I—and you—and Paris—THAT IS SO UNFAIR!”

I only heard her mischievous laughter echo in reply. I sighed and shook my head at her. Honestly. Still the same nee-chan


So there ya have it folks. That was a story written by me in Kanako's perspective. It took a while to write but it's here so... I hope you guys liked it? Ahaha anyway, I'm Akira. If you see any fics here in the cartoon/game category that's prolly written by me. I'm seventeen and Kana's fifteen (as of now anyway). We've been aibou's ever since i can remembah. That means partner by the way xD

So apparently Kana labelled herself as the shy one so I am left as the supposedly outgoing one, no? Actualleh, I'm pretty much introverted meself lol. But trust me, when Kana and I are together neither one of us is shy XD

There's a lot more to us than this profile so if you want to get to know us, just pm us! And we'll try to see if we can fit you into our schedule... Lol. Jk. We'll reply to you asap XD

Kana and I are interested on a variety of things so feel free to get to know us yeah? Well until next time my pretties

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