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Wotcher, welcome to my profile :)

NOTE as of 03/06/10 - I've noticed that this site's changed some formatting things, and asterixes are now automatically deleted. Unfortunately, asterixes are what I've used in most of my stories to indicate a sudden scene or time change. So now, a lot of my work doesn't run smoothly, and seems clunky to read. Sorry about that, I'll try to edit the formatting where ever possible to indicate the change in scene or time, but it could take a while. Jeez, this site irritates me sometimes -.-.

Name: Helen

Age: 15

Country: England, UK

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Blue/grey

Star sign: Leo. Rawr.

Year of the: Dog

Favourite book: I just finished The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It's one of those books that's pointless to describe. You have to read it. It's worth every minute.

Favourite band: Probably changes on a daily basis, but at the moment I have mega-obsession with SHINee. It feels slightly less shameful listening to boybands if they're in another language.

Favourite quote: 'You have been taught that there is something wrong with you and that you are imperfect, but there isn't and you're not."

Anti-drug: My i-pod. Where would I be without it?

Thing you love most right now: My Skullcandy headphones that I'm oh-so proud of. Also, the world in general is pretty cool, right?

Thing you hate most right now: Early mornings. Unless something exciting is planned for the day. In which case, early mornings FTW.

I don't write enough! I want to write more! I'm weird though. With pressure, like a strict deadline of an hour and a half to get a piece finished in, I work a lot better than if I had 4 or more hours for the same thing. But you're not here to read about my lack of self control, let's get on to what's REALLY important... who I ship XD & my fandoms in which my shipping can take place.

Fruits Basket (my most loved of all)

1. Ritsu & Mitsuru - They do not get enough love. For serious. Ritsu is my favourite character in the series, and Mitsuru is just completely and utterly his soulmate. You don't even know how excited I was when the fanbook first came out, and on the blurb it had about there being a bonus comic of Mitsuru and Ritsu loveage (I paraphrased a bit there :P)... I was disappointed to the nth degree. :( One page. One teeny page is all we got. (Not that I'm saying I'd prefer if it hadn't been published at all. Don't get me wrong, I still squeeed) but I'd imagined there'd be a little mini chapter or something. Well, darn it all :D All the more reason for fic writing, I guess.

2. Yuki & Machi - I'm not a Yuki fangirl, definitely. In the earlier volumes, when it looked like he and Kyo were competing for Tohru, I preferred Kyo by a fair margin. However, once he came into his own in the school council, I started to like him as a character. Then, when Machi was introduced (who I like a great deal, I may add), and there were total sparks between them (this is where I'll pretend I knew all along that they were going to get together :D)... AWW, my fangirl heart totally melted.

3. Mayuko & Hatori - Who doesn't love Hatori? :D But yeah, I prefer Mayuko over Kana any day of the week. I think she's a lot more on the same level as Hatori than Kana ever was. Plus, I just really love her character. Strong female characters pwn, obviously :P

4. Ayame & Mine - Like Ritsu and Mitsuru, they're just plain made for each other. J'adore their scenes, when they speak in a language nobody around them understands, they're just so in synch it's fabulous. From what I've heard people say, I'd think Ayame was probably the least popular of the Mabudachi trio. I think I understand why a lot of people don't like him, but I think he really is as fabulous as he thinks :D

5. Machi & Momiji - Not so much as a couple, but as friends I think they'd be awesome. Her quiet, contained, sometimes coldness coupled with his over-the-top warm friendly hugability would just be awesome together. Natsuki Takaya said she thought they'd become friends, and I'm inclined to agree. Shame they didn't get any scenes together. Guess there's no choice but to write fic to make up for it.

6. Momiji & Tohru - I don't think I like the idea of them together as a couple (although not a shipper of the pairing, Kyo and Tohru are just too good together I think) but Momiji's one-sided love of her... Awwwww. I feel so so bad for him. He never gets to keep those he loves by his side :( I want to write fic of these two sometimes, but I'd put bets on that I'll end up teary-eyed while writing it.

7. Hanajimi & Haru - Okay, slightly odd pairing, I know. I just think they'd work so well together. They're pretty similar, both seem to be off on another planet a lot of the time, and they're both pretty quirky characters. But more than that, I don't like who either of them end up with (sorry!) Hanajima/Kazuma... I just... no, I just don't like it. I'm all for age gaps, but this is her best friend's boyfriend's stand-in dad. There's just something about it which makes it seem odd. Haru/Rin... The only two Furuba characters I actually dislike are Akito and Rin. Akito, it's pretty obvious, and Rin... I don't even know what it is about her that makes me hate her so much, she just irritates me beyond belief. Haru could do better. (Sorry all Rin/Haru shippers... don't hate me)

Tokyo Mew Mew (I haven't watched it in a long time...)

1. Retasu & Ryou - They actually have nothing in common. I have no idea what generated the idea that they should be made into a (kind of) canon couple. But they work. Retasu is utter sweetness, and Ryou is a bit of a Mr. Darcy type. What's not to like? :D (Far better than Ichigo/Ryou in any case...)

2. Tart & Pudding - Their names fit together and everything! What could be more perfect than that? I think they're better off as BFFs while they're little, but when they're older they will make a most adorable couple, I think :D

3. Pai & Retasu - Pai is totally cool. Which is why he and Retasu would be good. She's cool too. (Yeah, that's all I have to justify this pairing. I'm not a huge shipper of them, but I think it'd be interesting to watch)

Harry Potter (my old favourite fandom)

1. Tonks & Lupin - On the surface, they don't fit at all. But I think this is what makes them so darn cute and endearing. Firstly, Lupin = my first major literary crush. This means that any desicion he makes must be a good one, and anyone who likes him must have good taste :D & Tonks is a total rock chick, with band t-shirts and pink hair, so naturally I love her deeply :P When it first came to light of the canon-ness of the pair in HBP, awwww, I squeed a lot :D Oh, and, for this ship, I don't think any attention need be taken to DH. JKR obviously got her facts mixed up somewhere along the way. Definitely.

2. Luna & Neville - No, Neville does not marry Hannah Abbot, and Luna doesn't marry that naturalist guy. JKR is mistaken. What she MEANT to say was 'Luna and Neville realise just how amazingly perfect they are for each other, fall in love, and have a completely happy ending.' This couple is blatantly as canon as Ron & Hermione. Yes.

3. Charlie & Tonks - I like these two purely on the fandom level. If JKR had ever got it into her head to break Tonks and Lupin up, so she could get together with Charlie, I may have had to make a HP book bonfire. My favourite fics for the pairing, to be honest, are the angst-y ones where Charlie is sad because it's too late, she's already in love with Lupin. Or the ones set in their school days, which can be fluffy and happy :) My only problem is I bet it's really hard to writing fic of these two without turning Lupin into the bad guy (which I most definitely do not want to do)

Ouran High School Host Club

1. Hikaru & Haruhi - What can I say? They just work so nicely together, I think. I'll admit to having not actually read the manga yet, but I will. Until then, I'm not reading a lot of Ouran fic in case of spoilers.

2. Mori & Honey - Not so much as a couple (Although, maybe if I read some good fic of them as a couple, I may be converted... will have to look into that) but the relationship between them just makes my fangirl heart all warm and happy. I love both the characters on their own, so together they are... awwww...

Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers) (I haven't seen the anime, read the manga, seen all of the Taiwanese, or seen the original Japanese thing (the one from the '90s)... I kinda suck! T_T Also, I've only just seen the first episode of Let's Watch Meteor Shower, so far (the Chinese version), and I'm not a fan... I don't even get it. :P I'll probably still watch more though.)

1. Soujiroh & Yuuki - WHY DIDN'T THEY GET TOGETHER?! WHY?! I see no logical explanation whatsoever. Just a single scene at the end of the series showing them as a couple, and many lovers of the couple could rest easy... but no. They were mean. All we got was Soujiroh refusing to give Yuuki a ride on his bike, and then, at the end of the movie (yes, the single scene they had in the movie, I may add) Soujiroh ran away from Yuuki at his book signing thing. I mean... seriously. They are so fabulous together, yet the writers of the series obviously had no idea what they were doing. We should start a petition, or something, for a Yuuki/Soujiroh spin-off.

2. Yi Jung & Ga Eul - Yeah, I know they're filling the same roles as Yuuki and Soujiroh, but I felt the characters, and their relationship, was so completely different that they can be seen as pretty much seperate ships. I think Yi Jung, through most of it, is meaner than Soujiroh, and even more of a playboy. Ga Eul is more girly than Yuuki, and a bit of a little madam to be honest (I love her for it though). It took me longer to like these two as a couple, but by the time of their fake date, at least, I was completely sold on them. & the ending of the series... thank you, Boys Before Flower's writers! Thank you for completely ignoring the idiocy of the Hana Yori Dango writers, and realising that the two just had to get together. Their last couple of scenes completely made my day :)

3. Rui & Makino - Just this pairing, I don't really like Jan Di and Ji Hoo the same (mainly because Jan Di irritated me, but that's something else entirely). I love Tsukasa, don't get me wrong, and he and Makino are very good together (at least in the series, in the movie it was like... what the hell? Writers, why are you completely mucking up the relationship that took two serieses to build? By the time of the wedding, I had really gone off the couple >->) But yes, Rui is awesome, and he and Makino really have a lot between them I think.

Wow. That was long-winded. Anyway, I'm hoping I'll get a chance to write something for all of these pairings at one time or another (that's a lot of fic...) Or, if I'm feeling lazy, maybe I'll just go and thoroughly enjoy myself reading everybody else's amazing work

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