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13eyond The Boundaries.

Let's think outside the box.

I'm considering removing all my fanfiction except for the one I'm working on.

Stories that I'm currently focusing on:

  • Juxtaposed
  • My other stories, for all intents and purposes, are on a permanent hiatus.

    However, if you have a concern, feel free to PM me. My old stories have been discontinued for little or no feedback, or more bluntly, because I felt as if nobody liked them. If you want to see something continued, let me know and I will try to do so.

    I'm open to random messages, as well.

    I'm considering doing one-shots and kink memes.

    1: YOUR APOCALYPSE WEAPON- ( look to your left, If you find a wall there, you get a swordfish's head.) VANILLA ICING OMG I'M DOOMED

    2: YOUR APOCALYPSE PARTNER- (Find your favorite movie, and the bad guy in the movie is your partner. " He befriends you too") How To Train Your Dragon 2: Drago Bludvist. Um. Well. He'll probably be better than the icing.

    3:YOUR APOCALYPSE SHELTER: (Think of the place you lived your first year of life at, if you have not moved since then, that is your shelter.) Does that mean I have no shelter? Dammit.

    Add your pen name and list your five most favorite weird weapons:

    13eyond The Boundaries

    1. Duct tape

    2. Pencil/pen

    3. My feet? Do they count?

    4. Keys

    5. My back (don't ask, it was a weird day)

    (Real favorite weapons)

    1: Knife

    2: Chainsaw

    3: Baseball bat

    4: Hammer

    5: Gun, preferably not more than 45 cal