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Unimportant Personal Info... but feel free to read.

Starbucks is my life... so is the entire country of Japaaaaannn... :D

I prefer manga rather than anime, mainly because several anime series have ruined certain things for me. For example, I loved reading Naruto... and then I watched the Anime and nearly died. It just about killed the whole series for me. Same goes for Ouran High School Host Club, except that one was bearable and I would just laugh at how different it was. Death Note, I actually liked--mainly because of L's voice (holy shit the best thing I've heard EVER), Light eating a chip, and Light's fits of crazy-evil laughter. Still hate Misa, though. Black Butler is pretty good in the manga... as for the anime... well...

... it's got its good parts and its bad parts, and its yaoi parts and WTF? parts, too. In other words, it's fun to make fun of :D

GURREN LAGANN. Best anime I've seen so far. Love it.

Oh! And I'm a Homestuck fan as well. Haven't read it? Check it out. But, uh, it's a couple hundred (thousand?) pages long, and is kinda boring in the beginning. Once you get to the trolls, then it gets really good. I'm a LIBRA, so I like T3R3Z1 the best... Oh! And Karkat, too (who doesn't like him?).

And... yeah.


Random Ramblings

After realizing that I'd been on fanfic WAY too much without so much as a glance toward my account, I decided to pay a little visit... and was shocked by how much crap was on it. It was embarrassing, let me tell you, having been several years and to look back on how sloppy and pointless my writing was then. *looks away in shame* I'm just glad I didn't bother to post stories at that time...

I'm pretty much open to reading anything on fanfic; whether it's slash, angst, profanity, incest... the whole nine yards. But this doesn't exactly mean I'm all for it, okay? Like, for example, I'm not going to go jump a cousin or whatever just because I read an incest fanfic. (Does this make sense...?) I'm just looking for a good read, or a story that really captures my attention. My phobia? Creeps who wanna force their beliefs on people. In fact, it makes me wanna beat them in the head with a baseball bat until they leave me alone...

I listen to opinions, sure, and take them to mind--maybe give advice if they want it--but... having someone declare that if I don't do this I'm gonna go to hell, and that they're making it their personal mission to 'save' me...? Exsqueeze me? O.o

On to brighter topics! I'm not a reviewer who insults peoples stories, or sends out 'flames'... profanity never really worked for me except to get people's attention. For example:


laughs* Have you ever skipped a few lines in a story just to find out what the exclamations were about?


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The Trouble of Car Auctions by Lune-Solei reviews
Odd, are you jealous of a car?" Odd doesn't care for cars, Ulrich does. They end up at a car auction, will Odd change his opinion? SLASH. This was born of a prompt from a friend, very little plot!
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Kidnapped by Hannah-Kiwii reviews
Kaoru read it, and looked at her in confusion. “What is this?” “It’s a game,” she explained lamely. “Oh look,” exclaimed Hikaru mischievously. “There’s one last question.” A commoner game tumbles Haruhi's world. TamakixHaruhi. Now a 2 shot.
Ouran High School Host Club - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,067 - Reviews: 47 - Favs: 69 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 9/6/2008 - Published: 2/24/2008 - Tamaki S., Haruhi F. - Complete
Moments that Matter by DarkLightShades reviews
Odd had kissed him, but he could be excused for believing they were going to die at the time. It was meaningless, or so Ulrich thought. UlrichxYumi, UlrichxOdd.
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Trying New Things by RDorothyW reviews
What? Try what out?" Kaoru's eyes widened as Hikaru scooted closer to him on the bed. Implied HxK, no it's not a lemon :P
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It's kill or be killed when the host club and friends are kidnapped to a deserted island. Friendships will be tried, alliances reformed, and rivalries exploited as they struggle to survive a deadly round of capture the flag.
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She was going to be a girl for a week. There was no way they were going to sit by and watch from the sidelines.
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