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Author has written 6 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh.

I usually don´t write in English, but sometimes, I just feel like it.

If by chance another English fic occurs to me, I will upload it, of course, in the meantime, I might translate some of my German stories, when I´m finished with the massive makeover I plan for one of them, which will cost me some time, I guess.

Here is what I have written so far, if you like my stories so far and are interested in any one of those beneath, let me know, I will take that for my first translation project:

"..." - German/original title

(...) - rough translation of the title

: ... - summary

"Die Familie Kaiba und andere Katastrophen" (Catastrophes of the Kaiba family):

It is only after their divorce that Seto realizes how much his former wife, Tea, means to him - when before, he did his best to convince himself he just married her so the press couldn´t say he had left her alone with his child. And though for all he knows, it may be hard to win her back - the real problem isn´t Tea, it´s his new girlfriend Sandra. She will not give up her new position just like that. And then there´s Mike, whom Seto hired to teach his adopted sister Sabrina some manners - but who turns out to want something completely different. Not to mention that Teas friend Jenn has always hated Seto, and certainly doesn´t like him better for breaking Tea´s heart. Like that weren´t enough new characters and chaos factors already, Tea is about to give birth to the youngest member of the family any day now.

"Neue Katastrophen im Hause Kaiba" (New catastrophes of the Kaiba family):

Sequel to DFKuaK, set 13 years later. Rowena is about to run amok when her mother tells her she´s pregnant again. Not that she objects to having a brother or sister, she just can´t stand the thought that her parents are still having sex. She needn´t worry however, for Tea is finally fed up with Seto´s attitude when it comes to her friends and announces she is going to stay with her parents from now on. Seto tries to get her to come back, but when he finally succeeds, they are both in for an unpleasant surprise.

"Daily Trouble":

Several one shots featuring Tea and her friends, especially Joey.

"Hilfe, ich liebe den Vater meiner Tochter!" (Help, I think I love my daughter´s father):

(The girl in this story is NOT the same Rowena that is mentioned in the two "catastrophes"-fics.)

On her 16th birthday, Rowena Kirika Gardner receives two presents: A sparkling diamond ring - her mothers former engagement ring, to be precise - and a letter from her mother, telling her who her father is. Confronted with his daughter, Seto is secretly glad that Tea finally told her as much about her parents´ past as she has to know, for he would never have tried to contact them, as much as he might wish to get to know his daughter - or see her mother again. Now that she knows both her parents, has an amazing boyfriend and an overall happy life, Rowena doesn´t have anything left to wish for - until Tea tells her she wants to marry one of her colleagues.

"Leben ist das, was passiert, während du etwas anderes planst" (Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans):

It´s been harly more than one year since Tea and her friends graduated - one year, since Yugi, Tristan and Duke died in a car accident caused by a little too much alcohol at their graduation party. She hasn´t met Joey since their friends funeral, but when they both meet at the grave, they decide it´s time to start living again.

"Different views of you"

What do her friends think about Tea? Or Seto Kaiba?

"Ausgelebt" (No real word, so no translation here. Could be something like "Life´s End"):

I know a lot of people will hate me for this story... I actually made Anzu and Seto twins. Not that they knew that when they became a couple. hides from flying tomatoes Im NOT supporting incest stories, and never will, but after I heard so many times how similar they look and that they could be siblings... well, I had to try this.

The story begins when the two of them meet after years of separation, caused by the scandal when the press discovered their love was incest. Not willing to part again, they decide to flee the public and hide somewhere where no one knows them.

"Kinder der Sachmet" (Children of Sachmet):

One-shot for an Egypt-themed contest. Nebou (similar to Ryou, but I wanted an Egyptian name) has always been a timid person. Now, facing the powerful, but cruel goddess of chaos and healing, Sachmet, he has to overcome his fears in order to truly become a healer. Meanwhile, another member of the temple, Iset (= Mai) is struggling to find out why exactly she is so fascinated by the albino boy.

"Unser Sommer" (Our last summer):

Fans of ABBA will have recognized the title, I was inspired by their song when I wrote this fanfic. Returning to Domino after her dreams of dancing didn´t turn out to well, Tea has to face Serenity. Though glad to see her again, there is one thing the younger girl insists on knowing: What has happened the summer Tea and Joey spent together in Paris, and why didn´t they speak to each other since? (NO romance.)

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