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HELLO...anybody there??

Yeah, it's me. The one who had a pathetic profile but hey, that has changed now and I have gotten heaps insightful!! I've decided writing stuff is what I like to do and I am gonna do IT! People who like my stories please do not 4get common courtesy and please please pretty please review!!

People who do not like my stories just keep ure views to youreself especially about the grammar because honestly for the LAST TIME "ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE" but mind you I do write well in english as long as you're not overly expectant of...freakingly perfect grammar.

MORE ABOUT MYSELF: This is the best part about writing a profile no matter how much you want to deny it!

Here goes, I am a very happy person because guess what?...any guesses, any guesses??

I have completed school this summer!!

I am an average mark getter, a great conversationalist, an okaily good philosopher and a good observationalist as well. I have a great interest in astrology and all things that are mystic and just out of reach...mhm YES! you guessed right! I am quite the dreamer although I don't dream a lot!

My favourite pairings as a result of my dreaminess are also out of reach like my first BEST favourite is

Hermione/Tom Riddle, if you think I'm bonkers now then I can't help it! I was preparing you for the shock!

Hermione/Draco...oooooooh I looove the tension between the two. Call the fire department!!

Carmen Cortez/Gary Giggles...

Here's one likely pair

Chase/Cameron...CAMMY ROCKS IN SEASON 3 , Oh yeah my inspiration...

Now you would probably think I would aim to be a writer, poet, pshycologist, philanthrophist, maybe an actress...Let me tell you the reason why I can't be all of these things...

1) I really don't wanna spend my life sitting in front of a desk full of papers and pondering about the sunshine or why the world is soo bad or soo...whatever they say in poems...really I am a GET REAL sort of person and although this contradicts my statement that I am a dreamer, I definitely don't dream about the sunlight and you wouldn't want to know what my dreams really entail...oh you do want to know, well sorry: MY Dreams are MY dreams"

2) Pshycology- I get the creeps by just thinking about it!

3)Philanthrophist - I really like chidren but hey not that much!

So...I really don't know what I want to be at the moment and it's depressing because I gotta choose my carrier in like 2 months hahaha...Oh damn that is NOT FUNNY!

Anyway about my favourites

I listen to Miley Cyrus "See you again" and I also listen to "Tell Me Something" by Selena Gomez so as you can guess I am always for peace and a neutral being unless you piss me off when I can be a don't wanna hear it! TRUST ME!!


No offense to Hannah Montana lovers I love you all...

But my favourites are mostly from the 80's and my recent favourite is "True Devotion by Samantha Fox"

I love ABBA and Boney-M and my fav in ABBA is "Does you're mother know" especially because of that line "But you seem pretty young to be searching for THAT kind off fun" and I love the Mammamia movie as well!!

CARTOONS : I love Tom And Jerry, it's been on for like I don't know 50 years??

I love Baby Looney Tunes as well and bugs bunny is my favourite!!

I eat a very spicy diet because in my country you only get those kind off stuff, I hate horror movies although I like to pretend I like them, I have a double personality but I guess most writers have that and I look completely innocent sweet outside but you'll be surprised to know that I am not you're average mystery girl next door! I hate the taste of toothpaste and beetroot, yack! I love chick flicks and comedy movies a Lot! I like people who have a funny personality and have a laid back way of living life, who cares if we miss the train, right??, I love reading poems but I do not think it's a way to woo girls, I mean honestly, Not all girls are the same!

One Fact About Me : I have a very very very abysmally low voice! BLAH! I can't even say my name to people clearly!

Casanova, If Only, Blood Diamond, Troy, Mummy,27 Dresses(That actor is too cute for his own good), Not another teen movie, She Creature, Jumanji, War of the Worlds (I love Tom Cruise' movies no matter how they are), She's the Man, Prom night (Although I skipped seeing certain parts of the movie I still liked it)

My ideal vacation spot would be Egypt, who'd want to go to a desert?? "ME" I LOVE EGYPT HISTORY in fact it's the only chapter I read in my history book! LOL

Okay so bleoved people I know you're all really great people and I mean it from the bottom of my heart but just be still more greater and be magnanimous enough to review lots and heaps!!


"Always acknowledge a fault because it throws the people in authority of their guard and gives you an opportunity to commit more"

"First you like them, then you love them now comes the hard part you have to live with them"

"Good breeding cosists of concealing how much you think of yourself and how little you think of the others" LOL, that quote fits me a lot more than I can say

"You don't marry a person you want to live with, you marry a person you cannot live without" My personal opinion, It's too hard to find that person you can't live without but if you found them then you must be one very very lucky person!

"If not for myself then for whom, if not now then when"

MY FAVOURITE POEM AND SONG: The Rose by Bettie Midler, every person on the planet should listen to this!

Some say love it is a river
that drowns the tender reed
Some say love it is a razer
that leaves your soul to blead

Some say love it is a hunger
an endless aching need
I say love it is a flower
and you it's only seed

It's the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance
It's the dream afraid of wakingthat never takes the chance
It's the one who won't be taken
who cannot seem to give
and the soul afraid of dyingthat never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been too long
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winterfar beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed
that with the sun's love
in the spring
becomes the rose

Here's a link if you wanna hear the song :

My Other favourite poems would be "See it through", "Only The Best" and many many more

This song is also my favourite but it's little contemporary : Yeah yeah I know that both the songs are really very very far from each other but hey I love them both equally!

Own Quote:

"Power is a tricky thing, if given it causes destruction and if denied it causes frustration"

"After chemistry comes misery"

My Favoutrite Books : "IMPONDERABLES" must read book by David Feldman

"FALSE IMPRESSIONS by Jeffrey Archer , "REVELATION" by C.J. Samson


Firslty I promise to not boar you with the usual cliches but hey I am allowed to write the usual cliffhangers, I will bring you a story that is real and very different all the time, I really try my hardest to make my stories very interesting and very different and when you read it I am sure it will entrall you but sometimes I need the help of you people out there so give me a helping hand when I ask for it and I am I can work to get you some literature that is fun and jolly to read!

A little warning, "I want to make my stories REAL and Different and if anyone has any flamers or bad comments, you can just click the "back button" and get outta my story instead of posting you're flamers and making me go nuts!

Goodbye to lovely readers, I know you're all very good people, very respectable and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, I really do and please be magnanimous enough to review a LOTS AND HEAPS! I love you all!

That line was from a movie called "SCOOP" I love that comedy and "GROSS POINTE BLANK" Bye Again! See you soon!

REscue Me From the Dark, Apparel pictures!!!

Jane's DRess in the cafe :

Jane's dress when she wakes up:

Cloak of the Russian Coven:

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