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November 5, 2009

F.H. Strength

Yeah so I figured that I'd update this before I start writing again. Hey everyone, the names Yorusoi, welcome to my page! I've been gone for a minute, but I like to sincerely thank those who still sent me reviews and hit up my fics. You guys rock hard! Umm so my schedule has changed A LOT and RL is taking up my time, but I can assure you that 2011 will host my return to the FF.net world. Hope to see you all soon!

Concerning Reviews: I am a STRONG believer in the First Amendment and being such, I support the idea that everyone in entitled to have their own mind, with their own thoughts. But rest assure, I love to debate. But don't let that stop you from posting your own thoughts whether it be love or flame, because I want to hear them- this is, after all the place to "unleash your imagination."

When it comes to FF: Now that I consider myself back in the game, I'm currently in the process of writing more that I might just post, if I get in the mood to. (My newest possible posts are listed below). I'm still a BIG reviewer! So authors that yearn reviewers, I'm your girl.

What I Like: No surprise here that Ima big fan of the slash, particularly of the fem kind. I'm LIVE HARD,DIE HARDER fan of Bleach's Yoruichi/Soifon pair, CHRAVE (Raven and Chelsea), Liley, Londie(yes, that's right Dis has tripped me up okay?). Sango/Kagome, Bellice (Team Alice for Life!) and to finish out the vamp love Ivy Tamwood/Rachel Morgan. (The Hollows FTW! Go pick up a Kim Harrison's Hollows book people!)

Music That Keeps My Head Bangin'!: I figured that I divulge some of this information because you'll find that I acknowledge and reference a lot of this music in my work. It is the only thing that can get me writing, so know you'll know the general mood my stories can have reading before hand. I'm crazy cool lover of techno mixes! Besides that I absolutely adore Amy Lee's voice in Evanescence! It's so freaking hypnotic, I can't help but to listen. Flyleaf and Paramore are beast too! I like other rock/pop/alternative groups too, but these stand out to me at the moment. I also like the old school jams of the 70's and 80's, I relax to smooth r and b and jazz from time to time. Rap and hip-hop songs catch my ear too. (Yoru/Soi fans: Just want you to know, that since my absence, my ipod has been in-taking quite the meal so stay tuned :D)

More Shout Outs For The Write Ups!:

Yorusoi: Nekomi Kaze, Tear Maker, seesawing, JoKizune, someone88, shane.mc, Kisa Teh Puppy, and vanilla.barcode and Zenshiki09. You guys make the couple come alive

Bella and Alice (Bellice): Jocelyn Torrent, beth bluth, and fembuck. You guys give the pairing DEPTH not just smut. (though your writing can be sweet and fluffy)

Chrave: LaughLoveLive (who I like to call Trip), Pookie22, bekahbabe, Allison Lindsay, Kurrent, and Chelsea Van Der Pol. You all hold down the Nation strong.

Liley and Londie: Trip (the one and only and obviously multi-talented)

Projects I'm currently working on (that I just might post too)

Bleach fics-

You Think You Know Everything: (ParingYoruichi/Soifon) One-shot.You've heard Soifon's thoughts in "I Think I Know", but do you ever wonder how Yoruichi was feeling during that same encounter? 'Soi thinks she knows everything.'For now this is scrap until I can decide on a approach to take.

Lady Waiting In The Rings: (ParingYoruichi/Soifon) Multi-chapped. She has two choices to pick from when it comes to choosing who will rule along side her on her twenty-fourth birthday. That is, until she goes to the human realm to have her baccalaureate party at the hottest club in Tokyo. Now this Little Bee is all she can think about. So what happens when hollows are after her new love interest? Yoruichi kidnaps her of course! Now back in Soul Society, her royal home, Yoruichi now finds herself with not two suitors, but three.What thrown will she ascend? Is there a possible returning of a major war? Is Yoruichi a Majesty or a Queen? All the answers lie in the Rings. (Soon! I think...)

A Guy Walks Into A Bar...: (ParingYoruichi/Soifon) Two part One-shot. Yoruichi is having some woman problems. "I don't understand women." Can Kisuke help by playing Dr. Phil? How about two shots of vodka? Maybe four rounds of Tequila? This one's done, has been for a while. Bet you didn't know that! LOL.

36 Hours and Three Years Later: (ParingYoruichi/Soifon are you really surprised?) The intended sequel to A Guy Walks Into A Bar... It tells what went down that night, and what's to happen in the future, 36 hours and three years later.

Real Reality:(ParingYoruichi/Kisuke WHAT!!but Yoruichi/Soifon) One-shot. What if Yoruichi really was the bitch that Soifon feared that she was? "It seemed so real." But this is Real Reality. This will be fun to write! Dark Yoruichi makes an appearance! But the real one shows up later too.

Pride: (ParingSoifon and Omeada cause I like screwing with folks! Hee hee!) No really, Ima being serious, I writing this... and it's surprisingly fun to do too. Huh. Who knew??

Love/Hate:(Paring? or Break-up?? Yoruichi/Soifon) The title is a brain teaser also written like "LovelHate". Can anyone tell me how you would say it?? I'll reveal it when/if I ever getting around to posting it. Because they all can't be sunshine and rainbows.

Currently Untitled: (ParingYoruichi/Shoalin- Soifon) Have any of you authors ever written and posted a story backwards? Anybody? No? Well Im try it out! This story is meant to confuse you. This story is meant to keep you guessing. But how can that be when you'll already know the ending...or do you? What really happened? Question: What in life really exists? The Answer: "I am the Truth, for I'm the only thing that is real." Ok, I wrote this. All 46 friggin chapters of it, and then I deleted it, on purpose. There was NO WAY in funking hell I was going to post this. You people would think I was freaking psycho for real, and I'm not. (At least the last time I checked... which was a while ago... LOL! JK, Jk.) Yeah so I saved your sanity by doing this. And it still didn't get a title, even 46 chapters later.

Cured:(Paring Yoruichi/Soifon) Isn't it an ironic cliche when a doctor is fatally ill? What if a heartless business tycoon was too, but not in the way you'd originally expect? Both are in a hospital, doing their jobs, and neither of them are searching for a cure. But what if they stumble on finding just that within each other? And are they truly cured? One of the deepest things Ima writing.

The Will of a Fallen Solider: (Paring it's a secret, but Yoruichi and Soifon are major characters) No summary, but know, in my opinion, it's the saddest thing I've ever written yet.

Twilight fics-

Currently Untitled:(ParingRosalie/Bella) Multi-chapped Take a Queen Bitch who is used to getting her way, add the new Punk Rocker girl who is just as bad ass and bows down to no one, and what do you get? Stubborn attitudes, clique wars, and a steamy, jaw dropping romance!

Fighting Fate:(ParingAlice/Bella) First Fic in a Possible Series I've always been a subject of Fate. I bend to Her will and in return She has blessed me with the gift of seeing Her plans before they transpire. Throughout the years, because of my faithfulness, She pardons the fact that I am a monster, and has allowed me to slightly bend Her plans. But this is different, Her newest plans are for me, and they involve Beautiful, a human no less. I have done too much to be given this burden, to be allowed this blessing. I will not allow this. So for once in my entire existence, I am rebelling, I Alice Cullen am Fighting Fate.

You'll hear from me later people! And I hope to hear from ya'll too!


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