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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.

I've decided to post the succeeding chapters here simultaneously with Portkey.Org. The Chapters that you may have read may differ to the new ones because of the enhancements I made with the story. The plot thickens. :-)


I'm not used to talking about myself, but for this bio I'll try. I'm 34, I'm an architect during the day with a job at a construction company as a drafting techologist, and when night comes everything is about Harry Potter. I don't know why I'm so hooked on this fictional character and my family and friends think I've said goodbye to my sanity a long time ago.

I used to draw my own comic books when I was 12, and I liked to make up my own stories until I was at college. I found drawing to put my point across was pretty tiring so I moved to writing - and I've never looked back since (but Abe, if you're reading this, where are the comics I made you borrowed from me 20 years ago???)

I like reading books (it's relaxing) and my other favorite authors are Tom Clancy, Harold Coyle, Micheal Crichton, and Larry Bond. JK Rowling - I think she's the best and she's a very skillfull writer. Thank God for JK.

Like many of us here, I'm also an aspiring author, and writing fan fics is like practicing for the real thing. I think nobody's too old to let his imagination run wild, huh? :-)

I collect all things Potter, from the books, video, pics from the net, magazines, fan fics, and even toys! Well, I don't play with the HP toys, I just like to look at them. I've read all the HP books more than 6 times each. They're really enchanting.

Favorite food: Spaghetti, Lasagna, and *eggs*.

Favorite actors: Most of them British now, thanks to the HP movies. But here are some other few: Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Will Smithito (okay...Smith), and Martin Lawrence.

Favorite Actresses: Kate Beckinsale, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightly (long neck she's got!), Jennifer Beals

And I won't forget the HP trio, of course! Great chemistry on screen.

Who I think who was lovely then and still is now? Jennifer Beals. Love that face!

I've got more CD's, CD-ROM's and DVD's than new clothes. (hehe)

Best Friends: Steve and Rowwel. All single. Non-smokers, Non-alcoholic drinkers. Over thirty. But we do get drunk over Coca-Cola every time we meet (grin).

Favorite HP Character: Hermione - brilliant and and sometimes very annoying!
Ship leaning towards: H/Hr - these two seem to be the perfect couple. The top Hero and the Heroine of the series.

What I don't like with Goblet: Harry was alone facing Voldemort. No Hermione and Ron. Unfortunate, but totally necessary.

Well, that's all from this boring guy. (much bigger grin)

Thanks to all who have posted reviews for my stories. There are literally thousands of titles under Harry Potter in, and getting at least one review is like a miracle. It just makes me happy at least someone is reading, and because of this I will have no reason not to complete the story I'm currently writing. So, I hope you find them enjoyable, and I'll update as fast as I can. Thanks again!!!

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Shadow of the Dark Fortress reviews
*COMPLETE* Sequel to "Fugitives": Voldemort's new fortress, the Xanthius, projects new fear to the Wizard World. Lucius is ordered to bring Harry back there using an unknown accomplice in Hogwarts. Who could it be?
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