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Author has written 13 stories for Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.

June 2011 update: Happy summer to those of you in the northern hemisphere. With the long days and myriad other distractions it is tough to keep the words flowing.

However. It has been pointed out to me that perhaps I could do with posting a clarification on this page. At the moment all the Lord of the Rings universe stories you see here do flow from each other. However because my mind tends to jump from place to place, I started with the first Shadow story, then quickly got distracted to explore some of the back stories (like Legolas meeting the twins in A Precious Find), and also the later White City ones I wrote first because I do love good political yarns that would rival the Tudors. There will therefore be gaps and probably references to past events which I have yet to tell or am not happy enough with the story to publish it. You just have to stay tuned and be a little more patient! Thanks again for all your support through the years.

November 2010 update: Updates have been completely slow in coming, for which I must apologise. I still love writing, and will keep on doing so as long as I still draw breath, but I love it and my characters too much to force it out. I am also writing a long piece in an alternate universe from the Shadow and Tales series, but keeping the focus on Legolas and Elrohir (who else?). I promise that will be out as soon as I am happy with it!

August 2009 update: It has been a while, and with some amount of surprise I noted that it will soon be 8 years since I first put pen to paper. Even with the last two years being short on updates I promise I am still on the constant lookout for inspiration and source material, and perhaps I needed the time to heed the sage advice I was once given: to give myself time to live before rushing headlong into things. I hope the result is a honing of my writing and more enjoyment all around. I look forward to sharing with you very soon.

My work includes what most people will call 'slash', and I've got no qualms about saying that I believe two men falling in love is the same as a woman and a man. And because I've been asked a few times: No, one does not have to actually have experienced something to write about it - it's called imagination.

Stand-Alone Stories

Shards - (Harry Potter Fic) What if the 'fat oaf' is not as he seems? Seldom do we think much about this seemingly cardboardish character.

The birth of Thranduil's second son comes with the first green leaf of spring, bringing with him hope and love to warm his father's war-deadened heart. (Anti Evil!Thranduil piece)

Journey's End
Written in response to the Mirkwood Castle Farewell challenge. Dargolad hit the Silvan folk hard, and some find themselves unable to cope. (Anti Evil!Thranduil piece)


Tales from the Great Wood series: stories which follow Legolas as he grows up in Eryn Galen.

Blood Brothers
This tale tells of the meeting of Legolas and his best mate Esendri.

A young Legolas wanders into a patrol of Dwarves on one of his many adventures and is taken captive.

Shadow series: A great evil threatens Middle-Earth, and the Greenwood Elves find themselves at the forefront of the battle. With a dispirited King, crushed by the loss of his loved ones, can the Elves overcome all odds and triumph in the end?

Shadow II: Northern Flames
Carrying on from Eryn Galen, a proper quest in the style of Fantasy works. Revelations are made about the power Legolas holds within him, and Elrohir finds himself increasingly struggling to help Legolas as his own demons threaten to consume him.

Shadow III: Prince of Darkness
Separated from his friends and bound and hunted by magic he does not understand, Legolas must finish what he has set out to do, but not before risking everything he holds dear, including his own heart. The prophecy takes on a chilling turn as Elrohir comes to terms with a startling revelation.

The Last Age of Elves series: tales of Elrohir and Legolas's relationship from the first moment of their meeting to before the Fellowship.
(In chronological order):

A Precious Find
Sometimes healing finds its way into one's heart from the most unlikely of places, as Elrohir finds it difficult to cope after Celebrían's death. NOT a slash piece.

Coming of Age
Sequel to A Precious Find. Years after parting with Legolas, the twins find high adventures on the borders with Eryn Galen and their beloved little prince anew.

For What He Is Worth (Rated R) Slash.
Elrohir's anger causes him to say some things which bring out the insecurities about their relationship that have been plaguing Legolas.

The White City series: collection of stories mostly set in 4th Age Gondor.

Guardians of Gondor (Rated R) Slash.
Another slash piece for in a seldom-explored era/area of Tolkien's. How did Elessar cope with his transformation from vagabond into a ruler? Through lots of help from Elrohir, of course! Yet, there are many nuances and subtleties of court life that a warrior might find difficult to deal with.

Vengeance is Mine (Rated R) Slash.
More on Aragorn's rule, and this time Estel faces more enemies as a secret group of plotters scheme to take him down with everything he loves and cherishes. Caught up in the struggle, Legolas fights to protect and avenge those whom he loves.

A final Note: I've also been asked a few times if I take inspiration from another author's works. Prior to these comments, I had only been vaguely aware of them. To answer more specific questions, I had the idea of For What He is Worth while I was in a modern art/sculpture gallery in Stockholm and was struck by how much I hated anything that was new and not from the 'masters' when it came to art. Now that I've read some of them, I see why the impression has arisen, and am finding it near to impossible to not take influences on board! Ultimately, I don't want to sound defensive or serious about the whole matter, but what I do hope is that my works will be read independently as what they were meant to be when created. Thanks for reading.

Finally, this website's insane campaign against proper punctuation gets to me. A lot. What is the point of deleting asterisks when writers also use it to denote breaks in the prose?

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Shadow III: Prince of Darkness reviews
Trapped by layers of magic and weakening, Legolas must carry on his perilous journey alone while battling long-dormant demons and feelings within him. While Elrohir struggles to put aside his love and a disturbing prophecy to bring him back home.
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A short Crabbe soliloquy: what goes on in the mind of the 'fat oaf?
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