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other than mrs.cullen.pattinson
and vamptasticHeroes
-i go by Sam-

since i only made this account so that i cud review and have alerts for the many addicting stories on fanfiction...

and maybe if i decide i wud write a kick ass story bout...idk wat

no need to be lookin up and down on this profile.

but i felt the need to to write this "bio" for all u who are just as bored as i am writing this and want to kno who i am.

so here goes

i just love these bar things
makes everything look coolio

my addcition was started when i met. the lovely book of stephenie meyer named Twilight

although it twas not love at first sight, i knew that once i read the was love at on page.yea

the real time i actually came on this wonderful sight was thru my buddy beccaily and her killer stories about the heroicly hot cullens
and uh bella.

this is y i basically read the fanfiction of the many obsessed twi-hards. just peachy huh?

though it wasnt love at first sight with twilight...i knew that when steph. meyer described edward...i was hoooked fer life.

dedicated to:

mrs.cullen way,mrs. cullen pattinson,mrs.cullen iero,mrs. cullen ventimiglia
i wuv u guyz
"plz look that way so i can bite ur neck"

up and commin yo.
lol thanx gloria.


-May 31st...Special Edition of Eclipse w/ Breakin Dawn chappie
went to borders and screamed my head off ;P

-June 1st...mtv preshow: full scene from the Twilight Movie


-November 21st...THE TWILIGHT MOVIE.
midnight party at Loews!!

SnapSizzleYO...gloria and myself's webcast. check us out on youtube. all bout twilight/mcr/and some randomness
but mostlyy well twilight.

and thats my life in a nutshell.
of course with as much twilight related stuffs as i can get shoved into it.

haha. :D