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EVERYONE READ: This channel is officially dead. I've just lost the passion for writing, plus me and a few "friends" had a falling out. Whether or not the story of Ultima will continue is anybody's guess. But I can tell you right now, it won't be continued by me.

Disclaimer: I do not own this picture in the avatar. All credit for this amazing drawing goes to DeviantArt user frame10.

Hi everybody! If you're a fan of Cartoon-Xovers, then you're going to love the stories I'm about to put up. Well actually, I only have one story in progress. It's called Ultima: The Crossing of Universes! It's going to be great! It's gonna have all kinds of cartoons, even a few characters from live-action movies. (Pirates of the Carribean, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.) It basically talks about this kid from the real world named Nick who is obsessed with cartoons, movies, and video games. He has some friends, two annoying cousins, a big sister who is at college, a secret girlfriend, and even a jerky rival who taunts him 24/7. But when he starts having wierd dreams about him and a bunch of cartoons fighting fiendish looking shadow people, he starts to think that the cartoons are real. Everyone thinks he goes crazy until one night he has a dream that shows a vicious king standing in front of Nick with the entire town he lived in completely demolished. On that same night, Nick tries to not fall asleep when the same dark figure from his dreams appears in his bedroom wanting something. But what? Before Nick could find out, he was sucked into a vortex leading to a different dimension where his entire town was destroyed like in his dream and he meets all these cartoon characters who fight alongside him. These cartoons formed a group called the Society to make things the way they used to be. But another group of cartoons try to stop them. A fraternity of villains known as the Organization. It's up to Nick to save the universe and other universes. So what do you think? Great idea huh? Read it and let me know what you think. NO FLAMES!!


Favorite Cartoons:
Spongebob Squarepants
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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
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Favorite Video Games
Super Smash Brothers
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Favorite Comics
Calvin and Hobbes

Here's a list of OC's in my story. (Warning: may contain spoilers. So don't read if you don't wanna be spoiled.):

Nick: Nick is the main protagonist throughout most of the story. He has brown hair, and wears a blue hadkerchief around his neck. He also wears blue jeans, a white shirt, blue eyes, and a pair of sneakers. He is the wielder of a mighty weapon called the ultimasword. This sword is very powerful and can be very devastating. Nick learns to use it while facing off against powerful enemies. But he is not alone. The Society watches his back everytime as he joins them in great and epic battles with the Organization. His main party members are the main characters of that famous cartoon show, Spongebob Squarepants. In conclusion, Nick knows a lot about the Society because he watches them on TV.

Sadie: Sadie is Nicks older sister. She also has brown hair but has green eyes instead of blue. Sadie is the wielder of the ultimawhip. It has the same mystical properties of the ultimasword, except the whip is slightly more difficult to use. She wears armor similar to Aquas armor from the Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, except it is black and purple. She wears her hair in a ponytail. Sadie is very smart but she doesn't watch TV too much because she studies too much. She barely has any time to herself. But when she meets the Society, she learns of everything that was on TV when she left to go to college. Her best friends include the Powerpuff Girls and Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Oliver and Angela: Nicks annoying little brother and sister. They are both twins and also have brown hair and blue eyes. They each have blue eyes and wear gold and black armor similar to Sadies. Each of them wield the two ultimabows. Both of them tend to make fun of Nick by playing all kinds of pranks on him. They make a great team, and are almost inseperable. (Except when they have a fight.)

Anthony: Anthony is one of the friends who Nick hangs out with. Anthony is one of Nicks more intelligent friends. He wears glasses and has white hair and brown eyes. He also wears armor, except his is black and green. His weapon is the ultimaspear.

Wayne: Wayne is Nicks other friend. He is not as smart as his friend Anthony, but he is good at playing video games. He has light brown hair, brown eyes, a headband, and wears black and white armor. Waynes weapon is a bag which contains an endless supply of ultimabombs. Wayne seems to know more about video games than cartoons.

Kristy: Kristy is the most beautiful girl in Nicks town. She has blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She wears a pink blouse with a light blue skirt, and has one green wristband on each arm. Nick is in love with her. She seems fragile, but can get really furious if she gets mad at something. Her powers are unknown at the moment.

Marlon: Marlon is Nicks biggest rival. Nick sees him as one of the meanest bullies to ever walk the face of the earth. And he is. Marlon often refers to Nick as "Dork King" as a way of taunting and mocking him. He is really aggressive toward Nick. For obvious reasons, no one seems to have the guts to stand up to him. Soon Marlon is taken in by the Organization and given the power of darkness. he has black and blue armor, menacingly reddish eyes, black spiky hair, and wields a massive blue flame sword. His armor and sword turns red when he gets really mad. Eventually, he quits the Organization to protect his sister.

Shannon: Shannon is a little girl who lives in the same college as Sadie. She wears a white dress (similar to Namine from KH2), and has long white hair. Even her eye color is white. Marlon is her big brother. When the Organization learns this, they take her as a member and give her the destructive and all pwerful ultimascythe. She is Sadies rival and has mixed emotions at times.

Adonis: A strong teenager wearing dark red and black armor. He is the wielder of the ultimahammer. Not much is known about him yet except he might be a friend of Nick and could be an ally to the Society.

Zaffiro: The wielder of the ultimaxe. He wears indigo and black armor along with a pair of shades. Like Adonis, he may probably be useful in the Societys fight against the Organization.

Skurge: The wielder of the ultimaflail. Unlike everyone else, his armor is completely pitch black. The Society is unsure of whether he is a good guy or a bad guy due to his unpredictable behavior.

I have a few other ideas for stories as well! Aside from Ultima: the Crossing of Universes, I am making a few more stories related to that story. Each one of them happens before the story I'm working on now. Here's the list.

ORGANIZATION STORIES: These are the stories about the Organizations adventures before the Society was formed.

Ultima: Heroes vs. Villains: A series of battles between different characters and villains that happen before Nick comes along. You can also send me your ideas for any fights you want to see in the story. (On Website)

Ultima: Villain Interviews: Pete, Mojo Jojo, and Hamsterviel meet the Organizations newest members. (On Website)

Ultima: The Sucky Alliance: The Organizations lamest villains form their own little super villain group. Watch as such villains as Zim, Toilenator, the Box Ghost, Kilgore, and Control Freak plot their nefarious schemes. (On Website)

Ultima: The Sucky Alliance 2: Zim, Toilenator, the Box Ghost, Kilgore, and Control Freak are at it again. This time, they have been recruited by MAndark to break into Dexters laboratory to steal a powerful and dangerous weapon. Will they succeed? (On Website)

Ultima: The Sucky Alliance 3: Zim, Toilenator, the Box Ghost, Kilgore, and Control Freak are rivaled by a new super villain team called Team Pork Power with it members, Chuckles the Silly Piggy, Jack Spicer, Glowface, Dr. Doofenschmirtz, and Abis Mal. The Sucky Alliance and Pork Power challenge each other in a tournament to see which super villain team is better. But two other teams also join in, The League of Evil (Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard, Ultimoose, Smoke, Pondscum, and the Puffin) and The League of SUPER Evil (Voltar, Red Menace, Dr. Frogg, and Doomagedon). Which team will win during this series of villainous challenges?

Ulitma: Organization Kombat: While Maleficent leaves to go on a mission of her own, she makes the fatal mistake of leaving Pete in charge of everything. Everything seems to be going okay, until Pete accidentally releases an unknown power, called Combat Rage all throughout the castle. As a result, all the villains have an all out brawl trying to destroy everything and everybody they see. Can Pete undo what he has done before the Organization goes extinct?

Ultima: An Organization Halloween: After recruiting the evil Fabrication Machine into the Organization, everyone will be in for a real scare. After being experimented by Dr. Animo, the Fabrication has now become more powerful and aggresive than ever. Worst of all, it is going on a rampage through the castle picking the Organization villains off one by one. Even Maleficent was powerless to stop it. It is now up to Azula, Kevin 11, the Huntsman, and many other surviving villains to try and stop the Fabrication and bring it back under their control or else the Organization is doomed. (On Website)

Ultima: An Organization Christmas: Even villains celebrate the holidays. No matter how cruel or mean, the magic of Christmas can really make a difference. In this story, you'll see all kinds of different villains celebrating Christmas in their own way. The Sucky Alliance go on another mission to prove their worth to the other villains, the Box Ghost tries to help Vlad Plasmius celebrate the Ghost Zones holiday truce, and Kevin 11 goes to great lengths to try to win the heart of Azula. What will happen then? Read this story to find out. (On Website)

THE ORIGIN OF THE SOCIETY: Each story will show the worlds of eleven different cartoon shows having been claimed by the Organization. And then in the last story, The Origin of the Society, all of these heroes from these worlds will team up with Spongebob in one climactic conclusion.

Ultima: Danny Phantoms Doomsday: A story that focuses on Danny Phantom as it shows how his world was taken by the Organization. It includes every immaginable ghost from the series. Recommended for all Danny Phantom fans. (On Website)

Ultima: Kim Possibles Cataclysm: This story focuses on Kim and Ron as they fight every villain they have ever faced with the help of old friends. This shows how Kim Possibles world was taken over. (On Website)

Ultima: Jimmy Neutrons Nightmare: King Goobot assembles the League of Villains with some new members. Jimmy and his friends won't be able to get out of this one. Shows how Jimmy Neutrons world was taken over.

Ultima: Timmy Turners Tragedy: Every single villain Timmy has ever met successfully rule the world when they capture his fairies. As far as everyone knows, it cannot be undone. Now Timmy has to save his fairies and wish himself to a safe place where the villains can't get him. Focuses on Timmys world being taken.

Ultima: Lilo and Stitch's Holocaust: Hamsterviel escapes from prison and takes away Experiments 1-626 with the help of his army of Leroys. Without Stitch, Lilo will have to find someway to rescue Stitch and escape Hamsterviels wrath.

Ultima: Total Drama Ultima: When all the campers from TDI are split up when their world is destroyed, they will have to venture through all kinds of dangerous worlds to reunite with each other. (On Website)

Ultima: Total Drama Ultima II: Possible sequel to Total Dram Ultima featuring Sierra, Alejandro, and the new contestants in the upcoming season, Total Drama Revenge of the Island. The story will revolve around all of them reuniting with the main characters from the first TDU story.

Ultima: Fosters Fiasco: Fosters Home for Immaginary Friends is now Organization territory. Who will save the friends of Fosters from such villains as Terrence, Duchess, and even BERRY?!

Ultima: Titans Terror: The Teen Titans learn of the Brotherhood of Evil being out for revenge on the Titans after their ultimate defeat. This may be the hardest challenge they have ever faced.

Ultima: American Dragon Armageddon: The Huntsman and the Dark Dragon return to destroy their ultimate nemesis, and those who have befriended him. Jake Long is gonna need more than his dragon powers if he wants to get out of this alive.

Ultima: The Powerpuff Problem: The Powerpuff Girls are finally defeated. The girls must get out of the now taken over Townsville before their foes find them and finish them.

Ultima: KND Kalamity: After Numbuh 1 was sent to the Galactic Kids Next Door, Father takes his revenge and attacks the whole world with his adult army. The world may need Numbuh 1 now more than ever. When he returns to see his old friends, he learns about the Organizations plans. Can the KND stop them before it's too late?

Ultima: The Origin of the Society: Spongebob saves Bikini Bottom when he sacrifices himself to go through a vortex that threatens to destroy it. When he ends up in a strange new world, he runs into the characters from Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents, Kim Possible, Jimmy Neutron, Lilo and Stitch, Total Drama, Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, Teen Titans, American Dragon: Jake Long, Powerpuff Girls, and Codename: Kids Next Door. When they meet, they must team up to try to stop the Organization. This story features how the Society was formed, why Spongebob became the leader, and how they learn of the Organizations plans.

OTHER STORIES: The following stories happen after the formation of the Society, but before The Crossing of Universes story where Nick the Ultimasword wielder arrives (or vice versa).

Ultima: Pairings: A series of stories featuring romace, friendship, and conflict pairings of all kinds be they canon or non-canon with the Ultima universe. If you have any suggestions, please send them here. (On Website)

Ultima: Drabbles: A collection of short Ultima written by other authors of If you have a short story you'd like to see in the Drabbles collection, visit the forums topic or send me a PM featuring your Drabble. Chances are it will be added to the collection. (On Website)

Ultima: 100 Themes: Much like Drabbles, except all the stories are written by me. (On Website)

Ultima: Magic Kingdom of Darkness: In this Disney-based story, ten Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Beast, Ariel, Peter Pan, Hercules, Robin Hood, Stitch, Simba, Mulan, Tarzan, and other heroes are pulled from their worlds to stop a major plethora of Disney villains. In this magical adventure, they meet many Disney characters and become fast friends. Can they stop the evil forces of Maleficent, Jafar, Hades, Ursula, Captain Hook, Scar, Shan Yu, Gaston, Clayton, Prince John, Gantu, and many others? Inspired by Lord Akiyamas fanfic, Fantasia Crisis. (On Website)

Ultima: Hillwood Heroes: Arnold, Gerald, Helga, and all of the other neighborhood kids are in for the fight of their lives when Scheck returns to exact his revenge. Except he is not doing this alone. Vanitas and the Unversed also threaten to destroy Arnolds neighborhood. How will they deal with this new threat? (On Website)

Ultima: Zims Best Plan Ever: Zim has a plan to ensure the total destruction of Earth to impress the Organization and even his leaders, the Almighty Tallest. But when something goes horribly wrong, Zims best plan ever may endanger not only the Earth, but his entire race as well. And when Dib, GIR, Gaz, the Tallest, Professor Membrane, Tak, Sizz-Lorr, the Resisty, and Skoodge get involved, things are not going to be pretty. Will Zim prevent what he himself originally started?

Ultima: Chuckie's Wonderful Future: Based off of the Rugrats episode 'Chuckie's Wonderful Life'. After a magical object from the Organization falls into the wrong hands, Angelica becomes the obese ruler of the world. In an effort to stop this, Chuckie's Guardian Angel returns and tells him that the world without him may in fact become a reality. By taking into the future, Chuckie must round up his old friends and somehow stop all of this from happening.

Ultima: Weapons of Self-Destruction: Mandark has come into posession of his own dark keyblade. But as fast as he obtains it, it gets lost. And now all the other villains are fighting to claim it for themselves. Meanwhile, another weapon, the Elementera has been forged and has become the prime target of a group of Society heroes who want to destroy it. (On Website)

Ultima: Naaaaauuughtyyyyy Chaos: After a massive prison escape from the Organizations dungeon, Finn, Ferb, Lumpy Space Princess, Keswick, and Freaky Fred try to find their way back to the Safe House without being detected by Organization forces. (On Website)

Ultima: The Sentinel Academy: When a cartoon character doesn't have much experience fighting powerful enemies, they go to the Sentinel Academy to train and become a Society Sentinel. How will the students here handle all of this rigorous training? (On Website)

Ultima: The Sentinel Academy 2: Ed, Edd, and Eddy join the Academy in an effort to be even more popular with the cul-de-sac kids. However, this may prove more difficult than anticipated. Especially since a massive invasion on the Academy led by Taurus Bulba and Aldrin Klordane is in the works.

Ultima: Good Old Cooper: In this tragic story, DJ of Total Drama finds a dog lost in the wastelands and quickly forms a bond with it. But what happens when Cooper has to leave for good? (On Website)

Ultima: The Coon vs The Society and Coon and Friends: Convinced that the Society is doomed (mainly because they allowed Coon and Friends to join despite the fact that he hates them), Eric Cartman aka, the Coon joins the Organization so that he can get rid of the Society and defeat the Organization by himself. Will Coon and Friends be able to stop him before he goes too far?

Ultima: The Society Scouts: The Society's most elite soldiers embark on their neverending quest to stop the Organization in their many territories that are their worlds. The Madagascar Penguins, The Manhattan Clan Gargoyles, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would need to join forces to stop all of these opposing threats.

Ultima: The Society Christmas Spectacular: In this special holiday fanfic, we shall look at five different stories staring your favorite holiday icons including The Miser Brothers, The Grinch, Rudolph, and Frosty. From a classic retelling of A Christmas Carol to an epic battle against the many forces of Christmas haters, enjoy this wonderful holiday special for what it is. (On Website)

ROLEPLAYS: You won't find these stories on my profile. If you want to check out these roleplays, then please go to my forums.

Ultima: Jet the Merc: Lord Lionwhyte hires a skilled mercenary to attack the Safe House and kill Nick and his friends. Along with Hellboy, Deadpool, and Edward Elric, he is a force to be reckoned with. But why are they doing the Organizations bidding? And will Nick be able to stand a chance against them?

Ultima: Left 4 Dead Universe: Nick, Coach, Ellis, and Rochelle have a lot more to worry about than zombies now. Some very powerful villains have been hired by Dr. Animo to round up as many undead as possible to make an incredibly powerful bio-weapon that could wreak havok across the multiverse. But when Eddie Riggs and other Society heroes get involved, things start to get chaotic.

Ultima: Bioshock Roleplay: After hearing that little girls are still disappearing, Eleanor returns to Rapture only to find it under the control of the Organization. Meanwhile, the Kids Next Door along with other heroes are on a rescue mission to find Numbuh 3.

Ultima: Inglorious Basterds Roleplay: The Organization is in the process of building a powerful war machine. . . . .FOR THE NAZI'S! Will the Society stop them, or will they be the first to suffer under Germanys corruption?

Ultima: Percy Jackson Roleplay: The Organization sends Kronos to attack Camp Half Blood and kidnap the gods. Will Percy Jackson teamed up with Hercules, Avatar Aang, and other Society heroes be able to undo this mess?

Ultima: Avatar Roleplay: The Society assists the Na'vi in their war against the Organization who are capturing creatures for Dr. Animos big project. Will the heroes be able to defend Pandora before the Organization overwhelms them?

Ultima: Kick-Ass Roleplay: Red Mist sends out a fake distress signal to most of the Society heroes forcing them to come to his universe. When word goes out about this, it's up to Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl to save the Society and defeat the massive armada of super-villains.

ULTIMA STORIES WRITTEN BY OTHER AUTHORS: These stories are written by other people on the site. If you would like to write your own Ultima story, please let me know.

The Society Adventures: written by crossover4. Treat this like a cartoon series, about several adventures Society Members will have as they try to stop The Organization.

Ultima: The Good, the Bad, the Evil: written by DoktorK. When Ganondorf all good to a dark dimension, five villainous heroes find out about his plot. Now it's up to Barbossa, Puma Loco, Pandor, Heather, and Mandy to save the day. But will they be able to stop the evil sorceror now that he has the power of the Orb of Golden Death?

TDI Nobodies!. . .or. . . .Organization XXIV

(This is just something I thought I'd make for fun. This list will show how I picture the 24 contestants from Total Drama series as Nobodies. So here it is.)

I.) Xenwo - The Massive Superior - Owens Nobody, and the leader of Organization XXII. Like Owen, Xenwo is clumsy and often not too bright. But he is one of the Organizations biggest and most powerful members. His powers are very similar to Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts II. He can posses two Etheral Blades and manipulates nothingness to phase through solid matter and manifest energy-based shield and projectile attacks.

II.) Xewng - The Ethereal Mentalist - Xewng is Gwens Nobody and the psychic of Organization XXII. She often tests the skills of her foes by entering their minds and overshadowing their most personal thoughts until they snap. Xewng's weapon of choice is a double-bladed scythe that rips portals into other worlds and slice opponents appart with lethal bursts of psychic energy.

III.) Aexthreh - The Shadow Manipulator - Aexthre is Heathers nobody. She often adorns herself as the leader of Organization XXII and tries whatever she can to overthrow Xenwo. Aexthre wields a whip which is brimming with electrical drak energy. Her powers allow her to manipulate darkness and possess poeples shadows to gain the uperhand in combat.

IV.) Cuxnand - The Infernal Assailant - Cuxnand is the Organizations artillery supplier and Duncans Nobody. Cuxnand can bend fire and even summon fire demons to fight alongside him. Cuxnands weapon is a massive cannon that blasts incredibly powerful streams of fire to incinerate anything in his path. Cuxnand is known for being the "rebel" of Organization XXII.

V.) Wexlansha - The Temperamental Whirlwind - Leshawna's Nobody and a member of the Organization you are least likely to mess with. Wexlansha's weapon is a long staff with two large fans at both ends that act as blades and can cause powerful gusts of wind. When Wexlansha is made angry, the weather around her completely changes into a violent windstorm that only makes her more powerful.

VI.) Fefxog - The Rapid Player - Fefxog is Geoffs Nobody and one of the least likely massive threats of the Organization. He is the fastest in combat and is hard to keep up with. His weapon of choice are two chakrams that he uses as frisbees during a fight. When fighting, he always refers to his battles as a game and mocks his oppenent throughout the whole fight.

VII.) Zyzxi - The Insane Berserker - One of the most unpredictable of the Organization and Izzy's Nobody. Zyzxi has the power to call forth lightning in battle. She fights with with two double-bladed weapons that are capable of shooting bursts of gunfire. When fighting her, she spazzes out and and fires lightning all around the area until she is sure there is nothing remaining.

VIII.) JXD - The Herculean Powerhouse - JXD is the Nobody of DJ. As his sterotype implies, he one of the few main strongest ranks in Organization XXII. His weapons are two lances that can be thrown great distances and slice through almost anything. JXD doesn't often show his strength in a fight, but when it looks like he is losing, he withdraws his two lances and unleashes a fury of fisticuffs all around.

IX.) Dsaylinx - The Divine Princess - The Nobody of Lindsay, Dsaylinx is one of the few least reliable members of the Organization due to her not following any directions given to her. Her weapon his a parasol which if opened will unleash a blossom shower that will greatly damage her foes. When she spins her parasol around, the blossom showers get stronger and stronger.

X.) Textdrigbe - The Torrent of Anxiety - Bridgette's Nobody and one of the Organizations top elites. Textdrigbe has the power to control water and use it to wipe out her opponents. Textdrigbe possesses two large surfboard-shaped blades that go around each of her arms like a pair of wings. When spinning the blades, she can form tsunamis, maelstroms, and typhoons, and even glide and make herself invisible.

XI.) Rextnt - The Fateful Musician - Rextnt is Trent's Nobody and the only member who can attack using sound. With his weapon, a large guitar, he can summon more Nobodys and send bursts of energy just by plucking the strings. The move he is most famous for is when he creates a hypnotic melody that can determine whether or not the person lives or dies depending how well the opponent coordinates with the tune.

XII.) Xolhard - The Swift Soldier - Xolhard is the Nobody of Harold, and another top rank in Organization XXII. Xolhard's weaopns are two large katana blades that can slice anything and unleash a wave of shurikens upon his foes. Xolhards quick speed, stamina, and deathly appearance has earned him a position as the Organizations main assassin.

XIII.) Yutrocnex - The Frigid Authoritarian - Just like her somebody, Courtney, Yutrocnex is bossy and strict member in the Organizations group. Her weapon is a long staff that can call forth violent blizzards and hail storms. Yutrocnex can also freeze the ground below her to skate on and gain the upper advantage when fighting.

XIV.) Edisax - The Yin - Edisax is Sadie's Nobody. Her weapon is a small arm cannon that covers her left arm. Alone, Edisax cannot do much damage. But with her partner, Tikeax, they are both an unstoppable force. When both their weapons join together, their power will be one and form a massive death ray that launches a beam of darkness that cannot be destroyed.

XV.) Tikeax - The Yang - Tikeax is Katie's Nobody. Her weapon is a small arm cannon that covers her right arm. When her right arm cannon joins with Edisax's left arm cannon, they will both be powerful than ever. The single large cannon that covers both of their arms will form into a death ray that will fire a horrendous burst of dark energy impossible to stop.

XVI.) Xebth - The Venomous Conjurer - Xebth, the Nobody of Beth is the witch of the Organization. She is the complete opposite of Beth and acts more like Aexthre's somebody than her own somebody. Her weapon is a wand that expells a gaseous purple cloud that if caught in it, the foe will be severly poisoned. During battle, Xebth will keep fighting her opponent until the poison starts to take effect and the foe collapses.

XVII.) Docyx - The Overseer of Time - Docyx is Cody's Nobody. His weapons are two broad-swords, one long, one short, both of them shaped like the hands on a clock. As his stereotype and weapon clearly implies, Docyx can control time. When attacking, he levitates in the air and moves his swords around like hands on a clock signaling that he is about to stop or reverse time.

XVIII.) Lyrext - The Untiring Assaulter - The Nobody of Tyler, Lyrext is not one to give up so easily. He fights with six yo-yo-like weapons that he can move around wherever he wants. When the yo-yo's touch something, they spontaneously explode from existence. When it looks like he is about to be defeated, Lyrext can evenuse his yo-yo's on himself to cause a massive explosion that heals him to full health.

XIX.) Tisjunx - The Mortal Narcissist - Tisjunx is the Nobody of Justin and a worthy member in Organization XXII. Tisjunx's weapon of choice is a mirror that he can use to create illusions of himself and emit a blinding flash of light that can greatly damage his foe. When an opponent looks into his mirror, the opponent will be temporarily stunned giving Tisjunx the opportunity to attack.

XX.) Xhano - The Cynical Sloth - Xhano, Noah's Nobody, is one of the most useless members of Organization XXII. Xhano's weapon is a massive shield which he can use to block anything that comes his way. Xhano's special attack is when the opponent is coming after him, he fires a beam from his shield at the foe making him go slower giving Xhano a chance to end the fight.

XXI.) Veax - The Homicidal Uproar - Eva's Nobody, Veax is without a doubt the most violent and strongest of all the members of Organization XXII. Her weapon is a gigantitc sledgehammer that is three times her own size. And yet, she can wave it around as if it were as light as a feather. Veax controls the earth element. She even has the power to shower meteors from the heavens just by roaring out loud.

XXII.) Zeiklexe - The Possessor of Force - Zeiklexe, Ezekiel's Nobody is one of the most crafty members in the Organization. He gains the power to warp space and teleport wherever he wishes. He can even use his weapon, a giant sabre to alter gravity and rip holes into other worlds like Xewng. He also has the power to copy any other weapon he sees in his sights.

XXIII.) Resraxi - The Incessant Stalker - Being Sierra's nobody, Rexrasi is constantly on the move. Any time she spots someone to hunt down, she never gives up until she suceeds. Like her somebody, Rexrasi has a liking towards Cody's nobody, Docyx. Her weapon is a giant net which cannot be ripped through and can slice through anything it is thrown towards.

XXVI.) Xaordelanj - The Charming Sadist - Alejandro's nobody is one of the most dangerous and decieving of all the members. Xaordelanj can shapeshift into anybody and is known to use both mind tricks and brute strength to get his way. His massive rapier and musket are his main weapons. Xaordelanj had even once attempted to assassinate many of his fellow members.

Soon, very soon. . .

a war will occur.

A war which will determine the fate of the world.

Not just this world. . .

but all the other worlds as well.

No one has ever left their own world.

Walls divided the worlds from each other. . .

making it impossible to cross.

No one knew of their existance.

In the world we live in now. . .

we've always thought our world was the only world out there.

But the truth is. . .

that we are not alone.

Other worlds do exist. . .

in the immaginations of people who created it.

These worlds cannot be entered. . .

but we know they are out there.

And it has remained this way. . .

until long ago. . .

a ruthless king learned the secret to entering these new worlds.

The ultimate darkness was born in his heart.

And with it, ruled this world.

With the darkness, he destroyed the light of our world.

But small fragments of light survived. . .

And formed into twelve weapons.

A sword

A shield

A staff

Two bows

A whip

A spear

An endless bag of bombs

A pair of gauntlets

A pair of claws

A hammer

An axe

A mace

A scythe

And the gem.

The darkness learned about the weapons. . .

and used their light to his advantage.

With the power of light and darkness, he crushed the balance of this world. . .

and changed it forever.

At least that was what he thought.

Too late did he realize. . .

that the light cannot be truly destroyed.

Only one man, was brave enough to face the darkness.

Using his light, he obtained the power of all twelve weapons.

And with them, crushed the darkness forever.

Or so he thought.

Centuries had passed, and the events that took place on that day had long been forgotten.

With the passing of the man who overthrew the king. . .

a new generation was born.

Mankind in our world started to learn.

And through their learning. . .

more worlds had been created.

Using the light, new worlds had been made.

Each one different from each other.

But darkness still exists.

Every world has it.

But the power of light, will overcome the darkness everytime.

Were this balance to be shifted. . .

all worlds will be condemned.

Even our own.

The only one who can stop this from happening. . .

is from one world and one world alone.

The only one who can protect this balance. . .

is a boy.

The destiny of this young boy will be realized within time.

But why such a burden be carried on to this boy?

Will he fulfill his destiny?

Will he forsake our world?

Will he succeed?

Why him?

The light knows the way.

The light has chosen him.

His courage will be tested.

If the balance shifts. . .

what will become of the light?

Darkness will be reborn.

Evil will outnumber good.

Danger is not far.

The darkness has grown stronger.

But in the end. . .

good will triumph.

Darkness will be vanquished.

I believe in this boy.

He will reign.

This boy is the savior of worlds.

How do I know this?

Because. . .

I was him.

Ultima: the Crossing of Universes

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