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Hi! I'm RubberDuckies! Welcome to my profile! My name's Michelle, I'm 19, a perv, and obsessed with anime/manga, yaoi, writing, and rock music! Um...I'm really just a laid back kinda girl, and in real life I'm rather shy, but this isn't real life, this is the internetz, so I can be as crazy as I like! Yeah...I'm a freak^^

If you really want to know more about me, then you are more than welcome to visit my personal livejournal here>> kisslicknipsuck also, I have a separate journal for all my writings where I post EVERYTHING I write. I don't post everything here, so if you're interested...

ONE PIECE!!! Naruto, Darker than Black, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Bloodplus, Vampire Knight, Lovely Complex, Tokyo Majin, Devil May Cry, Claymore, Death Note, Ghost Hunt, Saiyuki, Zombie Loan, Loveless, Soul Eater, Nabari No Ou, My Balls, Junjou Romantica, Black Blood Brothers, Tactics, DNAngel, Full Metal Alchemist, NANA, and more I can't really think of right now...

Rant 1: So I was reading, or TRYING to read some fanfiction to ease my boredom, and I've decided that I can't stand people who seem to be oblivious to their immense grammatical and spelling errors. I can understand a few typos, but when your whole story looks like a mentally retarded infant wrote have a problem. I was reading one particular story about Naruto and Sasuke being pimps and I couldn't even understand the whole first paragraph because it was so fucked up. I mean, even a two-year-old who can barely read would know that that was absolutely and completely ass-backwards. It looked like they hadn't even graduated from second grade. It was like Yoda threw up all over the page. Even my idiot little brother could have written it better. And then at the end of the page, the author, I forget who it was, was begging for reviews and complaining that no one ever reviewed her stories. Well, maybe if people could actually READ them first, they might review! I don't usually think of myself as a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and such, because I can't even pretend to know all there is to know about the subject, but I at least try to use the few skills I've learned in school to make it a little easier for people to understand my simple english. Is it too much to ask that others do it as well? I mean, really? sigh ~

Rant 2: I just started this new fic, it's called, "The Sly Fox, the Melancholy Scarecrow, and the Golden Sun God." Except, will not allow me to title it that. Now, I know it's a long title,'s still the title that I gave the thing! Apparently it's TOO long for though, so I had to change it something retarded that totally doesn't fit the story: "Fixing the Fox and the Scarecrow." I don't even know why I decided on that, because it really just doesn't represent the story at all. Maybe fixing the scarecrow...but the fox needs no fixing. But the point is: is a bitch. Why the hell can't my title be as long as I want it to be, dammit!? Yeah, even the original title is pretty stupid, but that is BESIDE the POINT! This is why I like the Y!Gallery better than this place. My titles can be as long as I damn well please there...


1. "I'm a girl as I find myself severely lacking a significant part of male anatomy." XDDDD Nao Shizuma from her profile. I died laughing!

2. "Hardcore Santa? That sounds like a Christmas themed porno flick..." Mrs. O' Donnell, my fifty-three-year-old English teacher said this! I don't remember how we got on this subject, but it doesn't matter, it's funny anyway!

3. "In a seedy karaoke bar by the banks of the mighty Bosphorus is a Japanese man in a business suit singing 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes." And the muscular, cyborg, German dudes dance with sexy, French Canadians while the overweight Americans wear their patriotic jumpsuits." from "Wheels" by Cake. Um...I just thought this was funny for some reason...XD

4. “Of course he has a lot of issues! He’s Sasuke. If you fixed everything that’s wrong with him, you’d have to change his name to ‘the individual formerly known as Sasuke’..." "Birthday Wishes" by kamikazexxx, from livejournal. Here's the link if you wanna read it!

5. "Iruka had known something was terribly wrong when he woke up without the clothes he was supposed to be wearing, bounded spread eagle with chakra infused chains on his bed and gagged." Agent Provocateur by Ally Plz Yeah, that's a pretty clear sign something's not the norm...XD

6. "...a prankster would give you a wedgy by firmly grasping the back of your panties/tighty whities (this action has no gender prejudice, although it has the potential to be more painful for the male than the female) and pulling up swiftly until said undergarment is firmly and uncomfortably seated in the crevice therein. Until one can then engage in the remedy (commonly know as "picking your seat") it is a bit unsettling. A more forceful application of the same movement will nearly destroy the garment and apply great pain to the wearer and is termed a "Melvin". I can only surmise that thongwearers have overcome the natural human aversion to the feeling of wedgyness. I haven't seen any definitive research on that, however..." KareNeko, in a PM. Heh-heh...nice.

7. "'Oh, oh, you’re Sasuke-sama!' Something in the girl’s high-pitched squeal put Naruto on alert. Something told him this girl wasn’t just any normal, slightly drunk fan. 'Um Sasuke, I think we need to back up and leave. Do it slowly and don’t make any sudden movements- we don’t want to set her off.' 'What are you talking about; it’s just a harmless girl.' 'She’s not a harmless girl. That is a fangirl, and they are a dangerous species. We should leave now before she signals the other members of the pack.'" Another one by kamikazexxx, go read! God, I love her writing and I don't even particularly LIKE SasuNaru.

8. "'So, you get high and then you put other people who smoke weed in jail?' 'Duh!' 'That's so hypocritical.' 'Oh yeah? Well let me ask you something, Kumar. Do you like giving handjobs?' 'No, sir.' 'Do you like GETTING handjobs?' 'Yeah.' 'Alright, well that makes you a fuckin' hypocriticisor too, so shut the fuck up! Let's smoke my weed.'" George Bush and Kuumar from Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Haha! FUCK YEAH!XD

9. "'LEE! WHERE HAS YOUR FOREST GREEN SUIT OF BLOSSOMING SPRINGTIME YOUTH GONE?'" Watch Out Sasuke! by Nao Shizuma. I fucking love them! They are the best! LEE! GAI-SENSEI!

10. "'So if I ejacualte, humanity's destroyed?!'" from a manga I just started reading. It's called "My Balls" So far, it's fucking hilarious. About a dude who has the devil that's supposed to destroy the world sealed in his balls, and there's some lesser devil who's supposed to make him cum and free her! It's AWESOME!XD

11. '"You wanna wear the big ninja panties then you’re going to have to earn them."' Kakashi said with a grin, leading the group towards the assignments office." Father Figure by Cassandra Incognito, Teehee...I'm a big ninja now!

12. "The ancient bed began protesting and made ominous, ‘I’m about to collapse, I wasn’t designed for this much gay sex,’ noises but they ignored it." Fakers by BittenKitten check it out here>

13. "When you say "they are are all gay", you are implying that it is possible to be a straight male in manga. And that's just ridiculous. :" XDDD So true, so true...comment on lj by pictash

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You taste metallic.' I taste like blood." Shinobi are all bought and paid for with blood; the better they are the more they cost. Over time, the blood adds up. Is it worth it in the end? YonKaka yaoi darkfic
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